brag.jpg Total Subscribed German Shepherd Dogs: 96
2X Sel. Ex. GCh. Kysarah's Cauz'n Trouble Yes
Autumn's Encore V Brickwood Yes
BIS GCh Autumn's Stone Ridge Mojo Yes
BISS Kysarah's Whiskey In The Jar Yes
Black Watch Of Briarwood Yes
Breal's Flying Tiger V Gank OFA ( H&E) Yes
CH. Farmils Paris Von Darste TC, OFA Yes
CH. Aramists Strike Apose Bodega OFA H & E Yes
Ch Culzeans The Highlander Macleod Yes
Ch D'Cans Thunder Road V Jo-Wins TC Yes
Ch Faithrock Can I Trust U With My Heart RN CGC Yes
CH Hessen's Cyd Charisse Of Mariner Yes
CH. Imp-Cen's National Treasure Yes
Ch. J-Lyn Windy Acres Trouble Follows Me Yes
Ch Kaleef's Angel Eyes TC No.
CH Kimberlites Nighthawk Invasion Of Windsong RN PT CA CGC Yes
Ch Oakhaven's Stonewall Yes
CH. Seneca Imp-Cen's Based On A True Story Yes
Ch Stone Ridge Thunder Island No.
Ch Stone Ridge Whol Stop T Rain Yes
CH Stuttgart's Single Action Army v Hammersmith OFA Yes
Ch. Windy Acres' All In The Family Yes
Ch. Windy Acres' All My Luvin' Yes
Ch. Windy Acres' Hunka Burnin' Luv V J-Lyn HIC Yes
Ch Windy Acres' My Oh My Yes
CH. Windy Acres' Sweet Justice V Dirigo Yes
Ch Windy Acres' Winner Takes All Yes
Ch Windy Acres'- Dirigo Lookin' For Trouble Yes
Ca Ch Timberline's Runnin' Wild Yes
Coastline Lealynn Sugar Baby Yes
Colbyhaus' Hearts Desire No.
Connor's Lady Hannah V Ap'l Hill Yes
Covy Tucker Hill's Bearly Legal No.
Culzeans RonstheReason Yes
GCH. Amber's Chanel No. 5 Yes
GCH. Amber's Material Girl V Carma Yes
GCH Autumn's Bamm Bamm Yes
GCH CH Hessen's Myrina of Mariner Yes
GCH CH Mariner's Akaya RN HSAs CGC Yes
GCH ColbyHaus' Dancin' In The Willows Yes
GCH Love Is All You Need Of Sugarcrk Edan, OFA Yes
GCh. Rohan's Reward TC,CGC,HT,RE,CDX,CHIC Yes
GCH Shadyrock's Dancing Doll Yes
GENLEE's Sharp Dressed Man No.
GENLEE's Wild Wild Angel Yes
Greifzu's A Beautiful Mind Yes
Greifzu's Blast From The Past Yes
Greifzu's If You Only Knew Yes
Greifzu's Now And Forever Yes
Hessen's Mandalore Of Mariner Yes
Hessen's Mielikki of Mariner Yes
Hidden Valley's Bellagio Yes
Hidden Valley's Peek-A-Boo Yes
Imp-Cen GenLee's On Angel's Wings Yes
It's A Small World Of Edan CGC HIC Yes
J L Legacy's Gift Of The Magi Gaspar Yes
J L Legacy's Gift Of The Magi Melchior Yes
Karizma's Dragon Rider Of Limited Edition Yes
Khana's From This Moment Yes
Khana's Quite Frankly Yes
Khana's Risky Business Yes
Khana's Who's Yer Daddy? Yes
Kysarah's Secret Agent Man Of Toris Yes
Laxfield's Amazing Grace Yes
Little-Bit-This-N-That-N-Then-Some-Mazy No.
Lorien Schatzmar Matinee Yes
Marcato's Fire Inside Yes
Mello's Karma No.
MillerTime's American Angel No.
MillerTime's Boston USA No.
Millertime's Sophisticate Style Yes
Quenn Aus Dem Haus Zygadto Yes
Schneiderhof Avalon V Windsong Yes
Schneiderhof Sir Galahad V Windsong Yes
Seadale Guardian V Von Charisma OFA No.
Seneca Imp-Cen's Treasured Moments Yes
Seneca's Autumn Night On The Greenbrier No.
Shadow Yes
Sholan Coastlien Boston Hooligan Yes
Sholan Coastline Celtic Knot Yes
Sholan Coastline Hanky Panky Yes
Showboat's Wizard of Scherzar Yes
Survival's Quik Decision No.
Tash Val's Four-Forty Yes
UCD RO3 UCH Obart Vom Kistha Haus CGC CD RE CA Yes
UKC CH Valcrest McGwire OFA, HIC Yes
V Bruker's-Windy Acres' Y Not Me Yes
Von Charisma's Kami V Sarava Crisda-Edan Yes
Von Darste's Walk The Plank Yes
Windy Acres' All By Myself No.
Windy Acres' I Did It My Way Yes
Windy Acres' Life Is Good Yes
Windy Acres' My Fair Lady Of Sirius Park Yes
WindyAcres' Captital Gains V J-Lyn Yes

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