brag.jpg Total Subscribed Xoloitzcuintli: 33
BGCH CH Blancho-O's Carolina Herrera Yes
BGCH CH Blanchos Rosita Fernandez No.
Bayshore Stonehaven SeƱora de las Sombras Sambuca No.
Blanch-O's Aztec Gold No.
Blanch-O's Prada Yes
Blanch-o'S Red Hot Ferrari Yes
Blanch-o's Full Metal Jacket Yes
CH Bayshore Peachy Keen Yes
CH Bayshore Stonehaven Cuchi-Cuchi Yes
CH Bayshore Stonehaven Just A Kiss No.
CH Bayshore Stonehaven Ouida Yes
Ch Blanch-O's Life Is A Cabaret No.
Ch Brigadunes Flor Mejicana Salvaje No.
CH Espiritu Bayshore Stonehaven's Full Throttle Yes
CH Mirasol's Jungle Contender Yes
CH.Blanch-O'S Above The Law Yes
CH.Blanch-O's Standing Ovation Yes
CH.Blancho High Voltage No.
CH.Blanchos Lasting Impression Yes
Espiritu Bayshore Stonehaven's She's All That No.
GCh CH Group Winning Besitos Mintsitani Yes
GCh Tecoman Avalos Yes
GR CH Mirasol's Wild Orchid Yes
Mex,P.R.C.R.XCA BISS. AKC GCH. CH Serranisimo Caliente Yes
Mirasol's Blackberry Yes
Mirasol's Dancing Queen To Blancho Yes
Mirasol's El Jugador Yes
Mirasol's Florera No.
Mirasol's Macarena Yes
Mirasol's Rumor Has It Yes
Mirasol's What U See Is What U Get No.
Multi BIS GCH/CH Bayshore Georgio Armani Yes
Shae's Poetry In Motion V Stoney-Brooks Yes

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