brag.jpg Total Subscribed Tibetan Terriers: 130
AM, Brazilian, 2004 World CH Moonrise Carolina Stardust, ROM Yes
AM, MEX, BAH, 1999 World Ch Kha-Ling's Dirty Dancing, ROM Yes
Am Can Ch Chance's Gunsmoke Yes
Ashlyn 2 Ivyglenn Do You Copy No.
Atisha Euphoria's Kissd By Black Diamonds N Pearls Yes
Bluvali Brouhaha No.
CH Arkeden's Lexus of TriSong CGC RN Yes
CH Atisha's Blanc De Noir Yes
CH Atisha's Cast Your Fate To The Winds At Euphoria Yes
CH Atisha's Hidden Treasure At Rivendell Yes
Ch Atishas Tini Time At Regalia Yes
CH Coshan Mothers little helper No.
CH Coshan's Grand Carousel Yes
CH Coshan's Mister Mario At Maorga Yes
Ch Coshan's Shooting Star Yes
CH Domani's Morning Mist of Lyrac Yes
CH Euphoria's Chase The Wind Yes
CH Euphoria's Moonbeams And Magic Yes
CH Euphoria's On a Roll From Atisha Yes
Ch. Excaliburs Lady Of The Lake Yes
Ch Geribob Salishan Hot Pizzazz Yes
CH Geribob Salishan Mischief Maker Yes
CH Ivyglenn Goin' Full Throttle Yes
CH Ivyglenn TriSong Dari Ferrari Yes
CH Ivyglenn TriSong Ja'Maica My Day Yes
Ch Ivyglenn TriSong Rock 'Da House No.
Ch Kha-Ling's ItsyBitsy Spider At Dkyar No.
Ch Kiara Harlem Song Yes
Ch Lukilu Everything's Coming Up Roses At Kiara Yes
Ch Lyrac Winter's Black Crystal Yes
Ch Lyrac's Calypso Essence of Channel Yes
Ch Lyrac's Calypso Gleeming Twilight Yes
CH Lyrac's Guardian Angel Yes
Ch Lyrac's Magical Calypso Melody Yes
Ch Lyrac's Sweet Meadow Breeze Yes
CH Maitri's Dreamweaver Little Heart's Desire No.
CH Maitri's Platinum Dreams No.
Ch Mandala Sengge Yes
Ch Moonrise California Valley Girl Yes
Ch Moonrise Desert Flower Yes
Ch Moonrise Desert Jewel Yes
Ch Moonrise Golden Solleil Yes
CH Moonrise Lady Margaret Yes
Ch Moonrise Lord Of The Rings Yes
Ch Moonrise Sobre Mi Casa Yes
Ch Moonrise Tashi Delek Yes
CH Moonrise Tashi Kona Yes
Ch Moonrise Theodore Bearington Yes
Ch Moonrise Zydeco Rockin' The Desert Brees Yes
Ch Moonrize Over Fighting Irish Yes
Ch Regalia Angels Song Of The Coast Wind Yes
Ch Rinchen's Blazing Illusion By Dzine Yes
Ch. Riverviews Cosmopolitan Lad Yes
Ch Salishan Lady Zippy D Yes
Ch Salishan Max A Million Yes
Ch Salishan Vegas Showgirl Yes
CH Salishan's My Special Angel Yes
Ch Samaya I Love Rocky Road No.
Ch Samaya Master of Mischief Yes
CH Shalimar Coshan's Kodi Yes
Ch Tashi's Roxy Yes
CH. Teasia's Goddess Of Darkness Yes
CH. Teasia's Weekend Warrior Yes
Ch TriSong's Breakin' All The Rules Yes
CH TriSong's Causin' A Commotion No.
CH Tripitaka So Coco Chanel of Atisha Yes
Chance's Bee Jeweled Yes
Chance's Jedi Spirit Yes
Chittoo, You're A Firework For Loree Yes
Coshan Mei Li Nu Hai Yes
Coshan's Contessa Yes
Coshan's Jumpin Jack Flash Yes
Coshan's Kamarama Ding Dong Yes
Coshans Golden Girl Sophia Yes
Dkyar's Luck Be A Lady No.
Domani Quietly Making Noise At Lyrac No.
Euphoria's Angels With Dirty Faces No.
Euphoria's Benegal Star No.
Euphoria's Big Ticket Item Yes
Euphoria's Shop 'til You Drop Yes
Euphoria's Treasure Hunter No.
GCH CH Moonrise Over Raleigh For Snowshoe Yes
GCH CH Moonrize Doubleshot Espresso, ROM, RN Yes
GCH Geribob Salishan To The Manor Born Yes
GCh Lyrac Winter's Monumentum Movement Yes
GCh Lyrac's Kissed By An Angel Yes
GCh Lyrac's Mild Winds Of Winter Yes
GCh Regalia Delta Breeze At Zoji-La Yes
GCH RinChen's Blazing Black Icon Yes
GCH Salishan Alilah Bandito Re Yes
GCh Samaya Light My Fire Zachariah Yes
GCH Samaya Whatever Shelby At Salishan No.
GCH Sashi's Love On The Run Yes
GCh Zoji-La Tiesun Yes
Geribob Salishan Cracklin Rosie Yes
Geribob Salishan Lhamo of Samaya No.
Lukilu Little Song Of Mine Yes
Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara Yes
Lyrac Birthday Surprise Yes
Lyrac Winter's Dark Knight No.
Lyrac's Calypso Peaceful Harmony Yes
Lyrac's Kissed By The Wind Yes
Lyrac's Sun Kissed Meadow Yes
Lyrac's, Frankly My Dear No.
Maitri Dreamy Delilah No.
Moonrise Carolina Magic Yes
Moonrise Diamond Is A Girl's Best Friend, RN Yes
Moonrise Live For The Moment Yes
Moonrise She's Like The Wind Yes
Moonrise Silver Oak Yes
Moonrise Sir Winston Yes
Moonrise The Sky's The Limit Yes
Moonrize Carolina Chung Lham Yes
Salishan Geribob Fleur De Lei No.
Salishan Geribob Golden Eagle No.
Salishan Geribob's Color My World Yes
Salishan's Heart Of Gold Yes
Samaya Dulcinea No.
Samaya Smooth Jazz No.
Samaya There You Are No.
Samaya Wherever You Go No.
Snowshoe's Abigail of Savannah Yes
Snowshoe's Southern Charm Yes
Snowshoe's Sweet Georgia Peach Bella Yes
Teasia's Dark Side Yes
The Sweetest Thing By Kiara Yes
Zoji-La Summit Yes
Zoji-La's Steamboat Willie Of Regalia Yes

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