brag.jpg Total Subscribed Lhasa Apsos: 46
Am, Mex, (FCI) and UKC CH. R & R's Curious VanDyke Yes
Amer, Mex, FCI, UKC CH. BIS, BISS R&R's Two Steppin Dixie Chick Yes
BIS GCH Xeralane's Rock Around The Clock Yes
BISS Ch. Baywatch The Navigator No.
BISS Group Winning ALAC Select Ch. MistiAcresBaywatch OVERBOARD Yes
Baywatch Bone A Petite No.
Best in Show Ch Hylan ShoTru Windwick Shameless Yes
CH. AM, MEX, Intl' CH. Maijo Toot Toot Tootsie Yes
Ch. Baywatch Jon Bone Jovi No.
Ch. Baywatch Smarty Bones No.
Ch. Baywind Baywatch High Five No.
CH. Hi Tide Beach Rebel Yes
Ch Hi Tide Floral Hill Fantasea Yes
Ch Hi Tide Hob Nob Knot For Sail Yes
CH. Hi Tide Pleasure Cruise Yes
CH. Hi Tide R U Shore No.
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Rumtek Rosette Yes
Ch Karakal Kona's Silver Dreamer No.
Ch. KinderlandTaSenBaywatch DOVE Yes
Ch. KinderlandTaSenBaywatch GEM Yes
CH Magic's Suck It UP CGC Yes
Ch. MistiAcresBaywatch Surfr Girl No.
CH Shoyu I'M Sexy And I Know It Yes
Ch Talimer Hi Tide Adore The Shore Yes
Ch Talimer Hi Tide Luna-Sea Yes
CH Teri Luv's Chocolate Mousse Yes
CH Teri Luv's Mississippi Mudd Pie Yes
CH Teri Luvs Red Velvet Cupcakes Yes
GCh. Baywatch Singular Bliss Yes
GCh. Baywind Baywatch Broadway High No.
GCH CH Suntory Que Sera Yes
GCH Hi Tide Adore the Sea Yes
GCh. Hi Tide Catch the Summer Wind Yes
GCH Phuff's & Kimik's Nothing But Trouble Yes
GCH Ta Sen My Thai Amaretto Almondcrunch Yes
GCH Teri Luv's Chocolate Creme Brulee Yes
GCH Teri Luv's Velvet Chocolate Torte Yes
GrCh Kai-La-Sha-Legacy Yes
Multi BIS BISS GCH Xeralane's Kid Rock Yes
Multi BISS & Multi Group Winning Ch. Ta Sen Baywatch Natural High Yes
Suntory Duskra Moon Shadow Yes

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