brag.jpg Total Subscribed Keeshonden: 119
AKC/UKC Ch. Allante's Grand Larceny CD RA Yes
Am / Int. Ch. Darkenwald Cut To The Chase Yes
Am Ch Darkenwald Ice Chip Yes
Am/Can Ch Foxfair Puttin' On The Ritz RA Yes
Am/Can Ch Windrift's No Negotiations Yes
Am/Can GCH Darkenwald Flashpoint At SouthCar Yes
Ashwood Be My Valentine Lyric Yes
Ashwood's Chocolate Craving NA , OAJ Yes
Ashwood's Heartbreaker Yes
Astarz Lord Of The Rings, FX Yes
Astarz Lucky Charm NTD Yes
Astarz Once Upon A Dream Yes
Astarz Over The Rainbow No.
Astarz Silver Laughter Yes
BIS 2XAOM Am Int UCI U-Ch Ashwood's Keesara Nightly News,HOF,TDI Yes
BIS Am/Can/States Ch. Astarz Right Stuff CopyKee, HOF,AX,NAJ,ROM Yes
BIS/BISS Ch. Shakota's Shot In The Dark No.
BIS/BISS Can/Am GCh Darkenwald Cavalier O' SouthCar CGN CHOF HOF Yes
BIS/MBISS Am GCH. Sprookje Lunar Appellation, HOF Yes
BISS Am GrCh/Can Ch Wyndjamr's Winward Isle RN Yes
BISSw Am/Can CH Enchanted's All That Jazz Yes
BISSw x2 BOSS x2 CH Athena Enchanted Party Girl Yes
BOSS x2 CH Enchanted's Once Upon A Time Yes
BOSSw x2 Shainakees Enchanted All American Boy Yes
CH AStarz Defying Gravity Yes
Ch. Ashwood Catch The Rhythm,CGC Yes
Ch Ashwood Step Up To The Plate Yes
Ch Ashwood's Funny Face By Keeplay, CGC Yes
Ch Ashwood's Heart Throb Yes
Ch. Ashwood's I Spy For KeePlay Yes
Ch Ashwood's Silver Edition, CGC Yes
Ch. Ashwood's Silver Tiara Yes
Ch Ashwood's Sunday Morning Promise, CGC Yes
Ch Ashwood's Sure Shot Promise, CGC Yes
Ch Ashwoods Applause For Keeplay Yes
Ch. Ashwoods Flawless Gem, CGC Yes
Ch. Astarz All That Jazz At Kealoha Yes
Ch. Astarz Ashbrook Azure No.
Ch. Astarz Dream Catcher Yes
Ch. Astarz Dream Out Loud, NTD Yes
Ch. Astarz Exxxtasy Yes
Ch. Astarz Gold Digger, RN OA OAJ AXP AJP Yes
Ch. Astarz Possibly Impossible Yes
Ch. Astarz Pure Imagination, NJP NFP Yes
Ch. Astarz Runnin' Down A Dream Yes
Ch. Astarz The Best Is Yet To Come Yes
Ch. Astarz Twist Of Fate For Cadance Yes
Ch. BISS Astarz Special Effect, ROM Yes
Ch. BISS BOSn BOSS(x4) BIm Astarz All That Glitters, HOF Yes
Ch. BOSS BISw Astarz Once Upon A Time NAP, CGC Yes
Ch Enchanted's Making A Splash No.
CH Evolution's Pretty Little Liar Yes
Ch. GCH BISS(x2) Astarz On Your Mark (BISw) Yes
CH Keekichi's Klassic Irish Dancer CD RN BN Yes
Ch. Keesbrook N Windrift's Spencer Yes
Ch Keltic's Dream Come True Yes
Ch Keltic's Faerie Dancer Yes
Ch. MACH3 BOSS Paradise Kees' Alotta Colada, UD, MXC, MJC Yes
Ch Majikees Coven Enchantress Yes
Ch. Nightwatch Caressed By Astarz Yes
Ch. Paradise Kees' Pina Colada Yes
Ch Sun-Kiss Ivory A Chatawa Too (2000-2010) Yes
Ch Tara's Klassic Irish Bliss Yes
Ch. Windrift's Yes
Ch. Windrift's Mutual Funds, HOF, ROMX Yes
Ch. Windrift's Mutual Stars No.
Ch. Windrift's Rocket Man Yes
Ch. Windrift's Sound Track Yes
Ch Windrift's Sweet Life Samba Yes
Ch.Covenants Day Drm Blievr 4 Ashwood Yes
Ch.Windrift's Young Love Yes
Candray Constant Charisma Yes
Cascadia Bailey's Irish Cream No.
Covenant Dance Incognito At Ashwood Yes
Covenants Vindicator Yes
Darkenwald Joy Of The Chase No.
Darkenwald Lightning Strikes Thr-ICE at Evolution Yes
Darkenwald Playing My Song For Enchanted No.
Enchanted's American Girl No.
Enchanted's Emmy Award No.
Evolution's Hot Topic at Darkenwald Yes
GCH. Astarz Heart Of Gold Yes
GCH. Astarz Through The Looking Glass, NTD, CGC, HOF, NJP Yes
GCH CH Darkenwald Join The Chase, CGC Yes
GCH Dreamer's Merry Prankster Yes
GCH Trumpet's Gimme Back My Bullets Yes
GCH Trumpet's It's Good To Be King Yes
GCh Trumpet's We Will Rock You Yes
GCh Windrift's Moon Over Wall Street Yes
Gr. Ch. Windrift's Dance To The Music HOF Yes
Gr. Ch Windrift's Money Talks Yes
Gr. Ch. Windrift's Non-Negotiable Asset, HOF Yes
Gr. Ch. Windrift's Outback Up Front Yes
Gr. Ch. Windrift's Rock Star Yes
Gr. Ch. Windrift's Southern Star Yes
Gr.Ch. Windrift's Native Dancer Yes
Keltic's Living The Dream Yes
Klassic's Play With Fire CDX RE Yes
MBISS / MBISSw GCH. Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy Yes
MBISS GCH Windrift's Follow The Money Yes
Markwright Making History for Sonnet Yes
Shainakees Feats Don't Fail Me Now No.
Sherwood's Affair To Remember No.
Spirit of Grobanites Who Believe in the Dream Yes
Swankee Ashwood's Leave The Night On Yes
VolsDal's PE Silverado No.
Windrift's Cashing Out RN No.
Wolfers Down The Road A Piece Yes
Wyndjamr's Lady Corsair Yes

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