brag.jpg Total Subscribed Bulldogs: 189
BIS, Natl Spc BIS, MBISS GCH Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City Yes
BIS/BISS GCH Hetherbull TopLine O-O Yes
BISS Ch. Lyerly's Spellbinder Yes
BISS Ch Hetherbull Topline Bully Joel Yes
BISS GCH Low Rider Gimme Back My Bullets Yes
BISS GCh Low Rider Jer-Ne's Cocked Locked & Ready To Rock Yes
Backstretch Racheal No.
Biss GCH Ch Lyerly's Lex Luther At Showtime Yes
Bodhi's Rock N' Roll Rosie of Majestic Yes
Bomber Girls Up 'N Coming Yes
Bosn Bullies Captain Jack Yes
Bosn Bullies R U Tuff Enuf Bruno No.
Bredt's Lil Yummo Of Carandons Yes
Butcher's Dancin Ruby No.
Butcher's Limited Edition No.
Byrum's Amazin Grace Of Saint Brides Yes
Byrum's CMT Double Deuce Yes
Byrum's Miss Kay "Squirrel Brains Make U Smart" Yes
Byrum's Ultimate Piece Of Pumpkin Pi Yes
CAN./UKC CH. Do-Bees Big Ben Of J-B-G No.
Ch Arcadia Sochabull You Are My Sunshine Yes
CH Backstretch Hot Walker No.
Ch Beefeater's Sir Ivanhoe Of Rosecliff Yes
Ch Benchmark Bulldogs Cowboy Casanova No.
CH Bomber's Amelia Earhart Yes
CH Bosn Bullies First Mate Zoe Yes
CH Bosn Bullies Master Chief Spike Yes
CH Bulldacious Fast N Furious RN CGC Yes
Ch Bulldacious La Dee Da CGC Yes
Ch Cherokee Legend Rock Yes
CH CMT'S Dominator The Intimidator Yes
CH CMT'S Outlaw The Intimidator Yes
CH CMT'S Roxanne The Intimidator Yes
CH CMT'S Wynonna The Intimidator Yes
CH CMT's Marilyn Monroe's Return The Intimidator Yes
Ch Cash's Kiss This Yes
CH Cash's Something To Talk About Yes
CH Cash's Still In The Game Yes
Ch. Cupid's What About Me Of Lyerly Yes
Ch Exact Classic Hoosier Daddy Yes
Ch Exact Classic Mosaic Wyatt's Josie Yes
Ch Hetherbull Lemon Drop Yes
CH Hetherbull TopLine Ice Cream Sunday Yes
Ch Hetherbull TopLine Maya Yes
Ch Hetherbull TopLine Party Like A Rock Star Yes
Ch Hetherbull TopLine Talk About Me Yes
Ch Hetherbull Topline I'm Just Say'n Yes
Ch Hetherbull Topline Mary Yes
CH Hetherbull Topline Westminster Abbey Yes
Ch Imperious HamItUp Southern Bell Yes
Ch. Jaylou's Plum Jersey Girl Yes
CH Jer-ne's Chilled To The Bone My Freckled Star No.
Ch. Kastlerock's Magic Slippers Yes
Ch Lakewinds Invictus Yes
Ch Legacy Only Calvin Klein Yes
CH Leugers-Dearmans Cruzn Bruzn Bouncer No.
Ch Lyerly's Chief Nemesis Yes
Ch. Lyerly's Diva Yes
Ch. Lyerly's Encore Yes
Ch. Lyerly's Showtime Debutante Yes
CH. Lyerlys Leather N Lace Yes
CH. Majestic Dexter Yes
Ch. Rambling Fever Mama Tried Yes
CH. Rambling Fever Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound Yes
Ch Rascal's Brixalot Bulldacious Izn't She A Shiner Yes
Ch Rascal's Brixalot Family Guy Yes
CH Skyline's Amber Rose Yes
Ch Sugarbulls My Heart Belongs To Daddy Yes
Ch Sureshot's Straight Between The Eyes Yes
CH Sureshot's a LiL Personal Yes
CH TopLine Monte Redondo Pi Yes
Ch Trimbull Git-R-Done Yes
CH Walkin' Blues Matt "Guitar" Murphy Yes
CH Wild West Bomber Boys Fly'n Under The Radar Yes
Ch Wild West's Doc Holliday Yes
Ch Wild West's LiL Miss Sure Shot Yes
Ch.Lyerly's Chief Philosophy Yes
Ch.Lyerlys Mercedes Benze Yes
Ch.Rambling Fever Shotgun Willie Yes
Ch.Rambling Fever Your Cheating Heart Yes
Ch.Showtime Good To Go Yes
Champion Bailley's English Muffin Yes
Champion Dixie's Cherokee Rose Yes
Champion Jager's Gypsy Soul Yes
CMT's It's All About Me The Intimidator Yes
CMT's My Momma Loves Tequila The Intimidator Yes
CMT's Wright's Legend The Intimidator No.
Carandons Bow Chicka Wow Wow Yes
Carmar Butcher's Holy Moly Ally No.
Carmar Butcher's Talk Of The Town No.
Casablanca's Irresist-a-bull Cashmere Yes
Cash's Anything Goes Yes
Cash's Contending To Win Yes
Cash's Game On Yes
Cash's Its Time To Play The Game Yes
Cash's To Hard To Handle Yes
Cash's Trinity Untamed Spirit Yes
Dearman's Majestik Majesty Madelyn No.
Dearmans Just For You Popseepoo No.
Dooley Woods You Talking To Me No.
Dulin Tango A Precious Present No.
Fiona's Chasen' Jack Frost Yes
Fiona's Chasen' The Angel No.
Firedog King George of Danville Yes
Firedog Remy LeBeau Yes
Firedog Tiny Dancer Yes
Firedog Walkin' Blues Son Of A Gun Yes
GCH Backstretch Ruffian No.
GCH Bomber's B52 Yes
GCH Boudica's I Am The Bandit JesseJames Yes
GCh Bulldacious Sharp Shooter RN BN CGC Yes
GCH. Cherokee Legend Jezebel Yes
GCH. Cherokee Origin Just Johnny Yes
GCH Cash's What Makes You Beautiful Yes
GCH Dulin's Lord Of The Rings No.
GCH Hetherbull Topline Perfect Storm Yes
GCH Ironclad Roxanne Of Majoray Yes
GCH Magic Valleys Purple Rain Yes
GCH My God Is A Rock Yes
GCH Rocyn's New Orleans Bikini Belini Yes
GCH Tango's A Perfect Present For The Dulins No.
GCh Wilson-Dixon's WD- 40 Yes
Grafitti's Three Pound Mick No.
Hammer Of Thor God Of Thunder Yes
Harwells A J Yes
Hetherbull TopLine Hole In One Yes
Hetherbull Topline JRZ Girl Yes
Hetherbull Topline Lady Gaga Yes
Hetherbull Topline My Girl Yes
Hurricane's Bulldacious Barbie No.
Jager's Ironton Express Yes
Jaylou's Copper Penny Yes
Jaylou's Plum Spectator Yes
Juggernaut Dark Phoenix CGC Yes
Just Lonestar Bright Lights Bada Bling Yes
Kaigan's 38 Special Grubbly Bubbly No.
Kaigan's Cooperz Welcome 2 The Jungle Yes
Kaigan's Jack Big Bad Rowdy Riggo No.
Kibo's Arrest And Arraignment No.
Lazytown Boom Boom Pow Of Carandons Yes
Little Pond Rolex The Intimidator No.
Low Rider Squire Of Chartwell CGC Yes
Lyerly's Romeo Yes
MBIS, BISS, GCH Majestic I'm Her Man! Yes
MBISS, GCh Ch Cash's Bringin' Sexy Back Yes
Majestic This Girl Is On Fire Yes
Majestic Willy McKee Yes
Major League Bright Lights Glitterati Yes
Marybelle's Norma Jean Of Lyerly Yes
Marybelle's Olivia De Havilland Of Lyerly No.
Mozart's Mambo Magic RE CGC Yes
Mythic-Zen's Silverspoon's Wild About Harry Yes
Napikwan Sweeneys Select Cookies And Cream Yes
Nichols Yes
Nonnies Captain Sully Yes
O'HOT Only If For A Night Yes
P Twenty-three's Pickles 'N' Chips Yes
Pelee Bulldacious The X Factor CGC Yes
Phenix's Roxy The Intimidator No.
Princess Maggie Mae Ogles No.
Rambling Fever Born This Way Yes
Rambling Fever Pretty Fly For A White Guy Yes
Ramsey's The Lad Is Spot On Of Samsted Yes
Ramsey's Ticket To Ride Of Samsted Yes
Ramseys ICE Princess Of Samsted Yes
Rockeetop Honalee's Almost Heaven WV No.
Showtime Major-League-Slugger Yes
Sir Winston Union Jack Churchill No.
Snow Angel III No.
South Pacific Itsaddicted 2 Rubie Yes
Spivey's Wonderful Wizard Yes
Sureshot's Shady Lady Yes
Tango Dulin Picture Perfect No.
Three Pound Charlie No.
Tmars Look My Way Yes
TopLine Bailey's Caramel Appletini Yes
TopLine's Have Mercy Yes
Topline Doves What's Up Doc Yes
Topline King Leonidas The Spartan 300 Yes
Topline Valiant Godiva Delight Yes
Topline's Vanilla Puddin' Yes
Valiant Monarch Madison En Vogue Yes
Weslins What A Suprise! Yes

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