brag.jpg Total Subscribed Boston Terriers: 298
AM & CAN & BAH CH Nipmuc's Yukon Jack Yes
Abba's she's a pistol No.
Achates Northern Exposure Yes
Achates Playing For Keeps Yes
Acri-Verdi's N Kigers Love Bug Yes
Al-Mar's Absolute Martini-Ole! Yes
Am GCH/Can CH ChriMaso's Dripping In Diamonds Yes
Am/Can CH ChriMaso's Doodlebug Kiss For Ipolani Yes
Am/Can CH ChriMaso's Obsidian Prince Of Togra Yes
Am/Can CH ChriMasos Lucky Copper Coin Yes
Am/Can MULTI CH ChriMaso's Midnight Mai Tai Yes
Am/Int'l CH Cool's Big Bang Theory Yes
Am/Int'l CH SV's Black Magic At Midnight Yes
Andridz Instant Caramuru No.
Andridz Instant Caramuru No.
BIS CH Kirkwood's Cosmo Knows Who DunIt Yes
BISS Ch Chickadee Gracie V Margrave Yes
BISS CH. Caramuru Believe In Yesterday Yes
BISS CH Kennedy's It Was Meant To Bee @ M & M Yes
BISS Ch Kigers Kiss And Tell Yes
BISS CH Martini's You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Yes
BISS CH T-Bo's Sweet Spirit Of Dixie Yes
BISS GCH CH Kennedy's Poetic Justice For Brickhouse CGC Yes
BISS GCH CH Martini's Jameson Nightcap Yes
BISS GCH CH. S-K Danson's With The Stars Yes
BISS GCH Martini's A Perfect Sip Or Two In Hi-Society Yes
BISS GCh Sunwoods Splendid Splinter RA Yes
BISS Gr CH Margrave Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Yes
BISS GrCh M & S-G Chickadee Bigelow V Margrave Yes
BISS SILVER GCH CH Kennedy's Noble Reign Of Good Will CGC Yes
Ch Kennedy's Nipmuc Just In Case Yes
CH. 4Ever-N-Gumbo's Sure Of Hope At ZaPa Yes
CH Achates Class Act Yes
Ch Achates Critics Choice Yes
Ch Achates D'Keeper Of The Spirit Yes
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper, CGC Yes
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper, CGC Yes
Ch Achates First Alert Storm Warning Yes
Ch Achates George The Investi-Gater Yes
Ch Achates Gorgeous Alli-Gater Yes
Ch Achates Gus, The Interro-Gater Yes
Ch Achates High Society Yes
Ch Achates Hometown Legend Yes
Ch Achates I Of The Storm Yes
Ch Achates Kendall-Jackson Grande Reserve Yes
Ch Achates Legend At Lambeau Field Yes
Ch Achates Puttin' On The Ritz Yes
Ch. Al-Mar's Hey-You Got A Minute Yes
Ch. Al-Mar's Material Girl Yes
Ch. Al-Mar's So Much More Yes
CH. Bama's Sassy Southern Belle Yes
CH Beau Of Tara Oaks Yes
Ch Bleugras Jolie Of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM Yes
Ch Bobin's Angel's Precious Touch Yes
Ch Bobin's Moonlight Magic Yes
Ch Bonnie Blue Of Tara Oaks Yes
Ch Brookwood's Hy Rising Light Yes
Ch Brymar's Reflextion V Perfxtion Yes
Ch Chaselands Sweet Surrender Yes
CH. Chickadee Earl Grey V Margrave Yes
CH ChriMaso & JeanE's Tried Gold Yes
CH ChriMaso's Are We There Yet? Yes
CH ChriMaso's Emperor's New Suit Yes
CH ChriMaso's Love On The Run Yes
Ch. CMC Quiet Riot Yes
CH. Campbell Clan's & Ayer Of Magic's Paws 4 Applause Yes
CH Cantrip's Mr. Pepper Pot Yes
Ch Cantrips Heritage, RN, CGC No.
Ch. Caramuru Across The Universe Yes
Ch Constellation's Kaila's Ayer Of Magic Yes
Ch. Crane's Elizabeth Browning Lizzy Yes
CH. Dab's Charming Lawbreaker Yes
CH Elite's Noble Ties That Bind BN RN CGC Yes
CH Fraternity Toga Party Yes
CH Ipolani & ChriMaso's Pretty Little Picture Yes
CH Jabos Melanie Of Tara Oaks Yes
Ch Jed's Special Edition Yes
Ch Katbird's Bet Im Bodacious ROM Yes
CH Kayas A Dance With Tom Jones Yes
CH. Ken's N T-Bo Been There Done That Yes
CH Kennedy & Brickhouse Live For The Moment Yes
CH. Kennedy N Wild GPS Enabled For Nipmuc Yes
CH. Kennedy's Adventures Of Finn, ROM Yes
CH Kennedy's It Was Meant To Bee @ M & M Yes
Ch Kennedy's Navigater of Stars V Achates Yes
Ch Kennedy's The Legend Gets Better At Achates Yes
CH Kennedy's Wild Klassic Dreamer Yes
CH Kennedy's Wild Night At The Roxy Yes
Ch Kigers Answered Prayer Yes
Ch Kigers Lover Boy Yes
Ch Kigers Timeless Treasure Yes
Ch Kigers Weywood Captain Morgan Yes
Ch Kimkev's Speaker Of The House Yes
Ch. Kiss Me My Bella Sophia Yes
Ch Margrave A Rave Review Yes
Ch. Margrave Belle De Brillet Yes
CH Margrave Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvee No.
CH Margrave Marquee Lights Yes
Ch. Martini's Designated Driver Yes
CH Martini's Glitter In The Air Yes
Ch. Martini's Slightly Dirty Yes
Ch Mauldin's A Little Shot Of Tequlia Yes
Ch Meadows Likitysplit Forgetmenot Foxy Yes
Ch Menotomy Stargait Dwiggins No.
Ch Mystic And Nipmuc's There's An App For That Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's All Riled Up Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's Any Port In A Storm Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's Dallying Delilah Yes
Ch Nipmuc's Just In Time Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's Muffin Mix Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's One More Storm At SaraNan Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's Picabo ICU Yes
Ch. Nipmuc's Smugglin' Rye Into Port Yes
Ch Philmars Dixie Devine Sweet T Yes
CH. Poseidia Bit Of Sugar-N-Spice Yes
CH. Poseidia Yes I Am Yes
CH. Poseidia's Amber Waves of Good Will Yes
CH. Poseidia's Cosmic Impact Yes
CH. Poseidia's Supreme Iron Man Yes
CH. Poseidia-Merrygold Lil' Heartbreaker Yes
Ch. Ri-Ja's Sum'R Hot Martini Yes
Ch Rivermist Hug-me Now Harley Yes
Ch S K's Byrmars Millenium Man Yes
CH. S-K Byrmars In Love With Amy Yes
CH. S-K Byrmar's Grand Edition Yes
Ch. S-K Ms Fanci Pants For Candar Yes
Ch S-K's Carry On Byrmar Yes
CH. S-K's Kiss Me I'm Naughty Yes
Ch. S-K's Simply Jennifer Yes
Ch. S-K's You Can Bet On Me Yes
Ch S-Ks Elegant Edition Yes
CH S-Ks First Lady Of Byrmar Yes
CH S-Ks Simply Magnificent Yes
CH S-Ks Top Contender Of Byrmar Yes
CH Sage Hill & ChriMaso's Road Less Traveled Yes
Ch Serenade's Little Bag of Tricks Yes
CH Sunglo's Rock 'N Rhythm & Blues Yes
CH Sunwood Not To Be Overlooked Yes
CH Sunwoods Irish Riviera Yes
CH Talavera's Taking Matters in Hand at Cocolamus Yes
Ch Tar Bay Can Do Tiger Tricks Yes
Ch Tara Oaks Georgia On My Mind Yes
Ch Tara Oaks Hit Me With Your Best Shot No.
Ch Tara Oaks Lil Miss Pitty-Pat No.
Ch Tara Oaks Shady Lady No.
CH Tara's Float Like A Butterfly Yes
CH Tara's Henry Takes A Bite Of The Big Apple Yes
CH Tequila Sunrise III Yes
Ch Weywood's Fortune Knocks Yes
CH Widget's Classy Chassis Yes
CH Widget's Rev'In My Engine Yes
CH Widget's What About Bob? Yes
Ch. Yendorbe's Kracker Jax Yes
Ch.Kigers Keepin It Classy Yes
Ch.S-K's Satine Queen of Candar Yes
Chickadee Chamomile V Margrave No.
Chickadee La Isla Bonita No.
ChriMaso's JingleBell Casino No.
ChriMaso's Love Is In The Air Yes
Cantrip's Carbon Copy No.
Cool First Class Travelin' Man Yes
Cool's Magic Mike No.
Distinguised Spirit's Irish Rose Of Zipper Yes
Distinguished Seamus Mcgee Of Zapa Yes
Distinguished Zippers Ziva The Diva Yes
Domino's All That And Then Some No.
Domino's Hit The Nail On The Head No.
GCH CH ChriMaso's Birthday Surprise For Tered Yes
GCH CH. Martini's Bar Fly Yes
GCH ChriMaso's A Midsummer Night's Dream Yes
GCH ChriMaso's Come On Baby, Light My Fire Yes
GCH Campbell Clan's Bad Reputation Yes
GCH Campbell Clan's Gun Powder & Lead V Grandview Yes
GCH Campbell Clan's Simply Scandalous Yes
GCH Caramuru's No More Lonely People At Brickhouse Yes
GCH Cocolamus N Grandview's Femme Fatale Yes
GCH. Desoto's Jump Start By Poseidia Yes
GCH Distinguished O'Leary Of Zipper Yes
GCh Hi-Society's My Sierra At Tara Oaks Yes
GCH Kennedy's N Barcomm's On The Catwalk Yes
GCH Loredo's Golden Ticket Yes
GCH Margrave Theodore of Grandview Yes
GCH Martini's Great Ball Of Fire At Tara Oaks Yes
GCH Martini's Hey Sugah! Yes
GCh Mauldin's Carolina Moon-Shine Yes
GCH N&R's Shooting Star from DABs OA OAJ NF Yes
GCH Nipmuc's Pathfinder Yes
GCh Philmars Listen to Your Heart O'Dixie Yes
GCH. Poseidia's Whittling Away the Competition Yes
GCh Shine's Tequila Sunrise Yes
GCh Sunglo's Just A Rock Star CGC Yes
GCh. Sunwoods Day At The Beach Yes
GCh Sunwoods Grandma's Love Yes
GCH Talavera's Magic Dance With Mar-Crest N Novella Yes
GCh Tara Oaks A Gift From Paris No.
GCh Tara Oaks Lil Miss India Yes
GCh Tara Oaks Vamp Of Sa-Vanna Yes
GCH Weywood's Wizard Of Menlo Park Yes
GCH Wirlwin's Singular Sensation Yes
GRCh. Campbell Clan's Defying Gravity Yes
Gch.Ch. Cottage's By Crane Live Long And Prosper RN CGCA Yes
GrCh PeJa's Captain America by Lumberjack Yes
Grandview's Have A Little Faith No.
Guardian's Greet The Brand New Day At Caramuru Yes
Heartbeats Anchor's Caramel Kiss No.
Hecuba California Calling For ChriMaso Yes
Int'l CH ChriMasos Palladium Chanteuse Yes
Int'l CH ChriMasos Ruth Ala Loretta Yes
KD's Distinguished Abby Of Bella & O'Leary Yes
Kandee's Here Comes Mr. Jordan Yes
Kennedy Caramuru's Last Laugh Yes
Kennedy's Attitude Is Everything For Quinlan Yes
Kennedy's Nipmuc's Keep'n Loose Yes
Kennedy's Wild Ticket To Ride At Caramuru Yes
Kigers Archangel Yes
Kigers Give Me All Your Lovin Yes
Kigers Lil Bit Of Heaven Yes
Lee's Belle Of The Ball Yes
Lighthouse's Crystal Blue Persuasion Yes
Luckystars Biela Yes
Lumberjack's Slice Of Life No.
M BISS Ch Fivefork's Geometry Matters At Kayas Yes
MBISS GCH CH Tara's Mango Madness Yes
MBISS GCH. Dab's Supersonic Boom Yes
MBISS GCh Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On Yes
Manarjj Making Mayhem With Nipmuc Yes
Margrave Drambuie An Dram Buidheach Yes
Martini's Figure It Out! Yes
Martini's Here For The Partee! Yes
Martini's Irish Eyes Are Smiling No.
Martini's Love On The Rocks No.
Martini's PJ Gift To Barra No.
Martini's Smooth as Silk No.
Martini's Ultimat Shake Yes
Multi BISS GrCH. CH. Hanson's Zack Daniels Yes
Naughty Norteno's Oracle@Delphi Yes
Nipmuc's Black Pearl No.
Nipmuc's Heck Of A Hailstorm Yes
Nipmuc's Mocha Latte Yes
Nipmuc's Stealin Your Wind Yes
Philmar's High Time in Dixie Yes
Philmars Flying Dixie Chick Yes
Poseidia Der Devil May Care No.
Poseidia Shine Bright Like A Diamond For N&R Yes
Poseidia's Given Ya Something To Talk About No.
Poseidia's I'm Wearing the Pants No.
Poseidia's Priceless Piece Of Peppermint Candy OA OAJ NF Yes
Poseidia's Siren of Prince William's Sound Yes
Poseidia's X-Cellent Agile Wolverine Yes
Posiedia Elijah's Truth Be Told No.
S-K Byrmar's Just In Time Yes
S-K Kimkev's Ain't She Sweet Yes
S-K' Kimkev's She's So Fine Yes
S-K's Image of Emma Yes
S-K's Bella Donna Byrmar NA, NAJ Yes
S-K's Byrmar's Amazing Grace Yes
S-K's Double Delicious Yes
S-K's Fanci As Can Be Yes
S-K's Ima Shining Star Yes
S-K's Lovely Lilly Yes
S-K's Que Syrah Syrah Yes
S-K's Simply Irresistible Yes
S-K's Simply Precious Yes
S-K's Special Edition Byrmar Yes
S-K's Sweet As Can Be Byrmar Yes
S-Ks Princess Sensation Yes
SV's Into The Fire Yes
San-D's Hi-Class Sweetheart Yes
San-Jo's & Philmar's Fast Eddie Yes
Sellano's Feel The Heat v. UA Yes
Serenades Wild Mamma Mia No.
Stoney Creek's Sonny-T-Rose No.
Sunglo's Moon River Serenade Yes
Sunwood Merrie Mary Yes
T-Bo Caramuru Jumping the Gun Yes
To-Sa's Rock It On Pink Yes
To-Sa's Too Cool For School No.
Togra's ChriMaso Crystal Yes
Widget & WeeBee's Daydream Believer Yes
Widget's Charmed Again Yes
Widget's Dinner And A Movie Yes
Widget's Emerald Edition Yes
Widget's Finding Nemo Yes
Widget's I'm A Believer Yes
Widget's Kandi Apple Kisses Yes
Widget's Little Deuce Coupe Yes
Widget's Love You To The Moon & Back Yes
Widget's Precious And Few Yes
Widget's Simply Scandalous Yes
Widget's Sweet Desire No.
Widget's Sweet Revenge Yes
Zapa And Ken's Set Fire To The Reign Yes
Zapa's Hometown Glory Yes
Zapas Distinguished Dyna In The Ruff Yes

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