brag.jpg Total Subscribed Pugs: 368
AM & AU MBIS CH Caper's Snap To It Yes
AM & CAN CH. Liberty's Attracted To You Yes
AM BIS CH Caper's Just Be Sirius! Yes
AM Bronze GCH CH Genesis Bonnie Bluebelle Yes
AM Bronze GCH CH Genesis Charlie Brown Yes
AM Bronze GCH CH Genesis Dawns Early Morn With Jetta Yes
AM CH Caper's Circuit Breaker Yes
AM CH Caper's Diamond In The Ruff Yes
AM CH Caper's Heartbreaker ROM Yes
AM CH Caper's Highland Kendoric She's A Hot Ticket No.
AM CH Caper's Joyous Endeavor Yes
AM CH Caper's Live It Up "ROM" Yes
AM CH Caper's Livin' In The Moment Yes
AM CH Caper's Living It Up @ Autumn Breeze Yes
AM CH Caper's Sirius 10 Across The Board Yes
AM CH Caper's Sirius Bit Of Mischief " ROM" Yes
AM CH Caper's Sirius Class Act Yes
AM CH Caper's Sirius Heartbreak Kid Yes
AM CH Caper's Sirius Thrilla In Manila Yes
AM CH Caper's Siriusly This Girl's On Fire! Yes
AM CH Caper's Stealing Your Joy Yes
AM Ch Caper's Woodland Cool Hand Luke No.
AM Ch Clark's Star Of Hot Comet Yes
AM CH GCH Caper's Sirius Legacy Yes
AM CH Habenero De Javu Kristian Dior Yes
AM GCH CH Jetta's Zoey Of Genesis No.
Aljac Calendar Girl Yes
Am. & Int'l. Ch. CoryRex's American Dream, RN Yes
BIS & BISS CH. Rowells Risky Business Yes
BIS GCh (Silver) Valleybrook's Sweet Dreams Yes
BIS GCh.Storybook's Perfectly Sirius Yes
BIS Gr.Ch. Jetta Enchanteds Digitally Remastered Yes
BISS GCH CH Honeypugs Sweet Baboo O'Mianda Yes
BISS GCH Prima Lucca Wishing on a Shoboat Tu Yes
BISS GCH Tamri's Suite Life Cody at Casey's Yes
BISS Gr. Ch. Jetta's Pocket Maker By Boss, ROM Yes
BRZ GCH CH HoneyPugs Oh Little Rock Yes
Bookmark & Jetta's Money To Burn No.
Bookmark & Jetta's Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Oh My No.
Bowtie's Brand Equity, ROM Yes
Brigadoon's Flying Dragon From Jetta Yes
CH. Exquisite's Front N' Center No.
Ch Aljac Optimus Prime Yes
Ch Aljac Scarlet Pimpernell Yes
Ch Ancoda's Valentia Pay Now - Pay Later Yes
Ch. Arvay's Firehouse Hooligan Yes
Ch Bayvue's Hot To Trot RN Yes
Ch Birchwood's Candle To A Flame No.
CH. Bousfield's Engaging Liberty No.
CH. Bousfields Thats Just Wright No.
CH Bre-Z Manor's Sherfame Samite Yes
Ch Brendy's Smooth Talkin Fantasy Yes
CH C-Ray's Wild Butterfly of Crumpet Yes
Ch. CandyLand's Creme Bruelee Yes
Ch. CandyLand's OH Henry RTD Yes
Ch Candyland's BLKHawk Of Arvay Yes
Ch Candyland's M Azing Caper Yes
Ch. Candyland's Snicker's Fudge Bar Yes
CH Caper's Scarlet And Gray NAP NJP Yes
Ch Celestial Grand Finale Yes
Ch Celestial Neu Star Premiere Yes
Ch Celestial Storybook Hokule'a Yes
CH Cinmar's Cover Girl RN NJP RA NAJ CGC Yes
CH Cinmar's Paint Me A Star Yes
CH Cinmar's Painted Performer RN CGC Yes
Ch. Daenen Twisted Sister No.
CH Dillpepah's Amigo No.
Ch. Dillpepah's Life Of Riley No.
Ch. Dillpepah's Life Of The Party Yes
Ch Double D's Andy No.
Ch Double D's Cadbury Cream Yes
CH Fairway's Sweet Spot Of Majoray Yes
Ch. Fairy Tale Bellacerra Yes
Ch Fairytale Boldface Venture Yes
CH Firehouse Evidence of Arson Yes
CH. Foursquare Diamond Jim No.
Ch Foursquare Hometown Prophet No.
Ch Foursquare The Student Prince Yes
Ch Foursquare Worship Dancer No.
Ch. Foursquare Your Fired No.
Ch Frisco's Castlerock Dreamdancer RA NAP OJP Yes
Ch Gas Hollow's Marbuck Hot Topic Yes
Ch. Gas Hollow's Two Minutes To Win It No.
CH GasHollow Make Me Smile Marbuc Yes
CH Genesis California Dreamin' Yes
CH Genesis Lil Shop Of Horrors Seymour Yes
CH Genesis Our Gang's Rascal No.
CH Genesis Peppermint Patty Yes
CH Genesis Schroeder Yes
CH Genesis Thomas T Yes
Ch Giffords Groovin' Grover Yes
Ch Giffords Take A Chance Yes
Ch. Hannah's Song No.
CH Heuberg's Lucky Seven Sampson No.
Ch. Heubergs City Of New Orleans No.
CH. Heubergs Gilbey Gin NA NAJ NAP OJP Yes
Ch. Highland Kendoric Masterpiece No.
CH HoneyPugs Aha Moment O'Tamri Yes
CH HoneyPugs Long Walk To Freedom O'Tamri Yes
CH Honeypugs 'Hey Stella!' Yes
CH Horizon's Especially For Pugbully Yes
CH Horizon's Rise And Shine Yes
CH Horizon's Virtue Rewarded Yes
CH Horizon's Wind Chimes Yes
CH Hugapug Toibox Bettor's Delight No.
CH Hunsruecks Sirius Mozart - ROM Yes
CH Hunsruecks Sweet Koukla - ROM Yes
Ch. Jetta Girls Just Wanna Have Funds No.
Ch. Jetta's A Peso For Your Thoughts No.
Ch. Jetta's Emperor Tao of Boss Yes
Ch. Jetta's Empire Queen Miki At Windblown Yes
CH Jetta's Genesis Miss Moneypennie Yes
Ch. Jetta's Pocket Change Yes
Ch. Jetta's Shot In The Dark Yes
Ch Jetta's Wilma's Kubla Kahn Yes
Ch Jetta's Zendra Ginger Lilly Yes
Ch Kelz For Gold And Glory Yes
CH. Kelz The Devine Miss M Yes
CH Kendoric's Riversong Dreams Yes
CH Kinetta Midnite Casanova Yes
CH Kinetta's Black Orchid Yes
CH Kinetta's Proven Theory No.
CH LNL's Tugboat Annie, RN Yes
CH LNL's Wishing on a Star Yes
Ch Ledgewoods Ricochet Rabbit RN NAP OJP Yes
CH. Liberty's Harlem Blues Yes
Ch Lordship Ledgewood Jak N' The Box No.
Ch. Lordships Plain To See Yes
Ch. Lordships Sixth Sense Yes
Ch Magi Westin Stirrin' It Up No.
Ch Magnum's Hu Xiao Xiong Yes
Ch Magnums Hu Xiao Thunder No.
CH Majoray's Love Me Tender No.
CH Majoray's Mr. Marco Polo No.
CH Majoray's Star Crazy Yes
CH Majoray's Star Hunka Hunka Burning Luv Yes
CH Majoray's Star Valli Girl No.
CH. Mar-J's Picaboo Street Super G Yes
Ch. Markann-N-KK's Cisco Kid Yes
CH. Markann-N-KK's Smokin' Gun Yes
Ch. Markann-N-KK's Stalking Moon Yes
Ch Maskarade's Heart Of The Dragon Yes
CH. Millpond Dressed To The Nines Yes
Ch. Millpond's Little Bo Peep Yes
CH. Millpond's Paddycake Paddycake Yes
CH. Millpond's Seven Deadly Zins Yes
CH Moonlite Xyla Of Majoray Yes
CH. Moonstruck's Boom Chicka Boom Boom! Yes
Ch Nabuco's Memphis Belle Yes
Ch Pineland's Just Jake Yes
Ch. Pocket's Flying Jetta At Whispering River Yes
Ch. Pocket's Simple Solution Yes
Ch. Pocket's Tinker Belle, ROM Yes
Ch Riversong's Ava Grace Of Curlique Yes
CH Rose's Grand Lady of Riverview Yes
CH. Rowells All Jacked Up Yes
CH. Rowells Bare Naked Lady Yes
CH. Rowells Bring It On Yes
Ch Rowells Chairman Of The Board Yes
Ch Rowells Coyote Moon Yes
CH. Rowells Flashback Yes
Ch. Rowells Hutch Yes
CH. Rowells I'm Here For The Party Yes
CH. Rowells Just The Guy To Do It Yes
Ch Rowells Let It Go Louie Yes
CH. Rowells Lone Ranger Yes
CH. Rowells Michelob Ultra Yes
CH. Rowells Midnight Rendezvous Yes
CH. Rowells Miley E Coyote Yes
Ch Rowells Moonbeam Yes
Ch Rowells Moonstruck Yes
CH. Rowells Moussad Agent Ziva Yes
Ch Rowells Olympic Moon Yes
CH. Rowells One Bud Wiser Yes
CH. Rowells Red Neck Girl Yes
CH. Rowells Red Ryder Yes
Ch. Rowells Savannah Moon Yes
CH. Rowells Somebody Yes
CH. Rowells Special Agent DiNozzo Yes
CH. Rowells Status Symbol Yes
CH Sir Duke of Camelot Yes
CH Snugglepugs Proud As A Peacock, ROM Yes
Ch Solna's All The Right Moves No.
CH Starvue Celestial Return By Pegasus Yes
Ch. Storybook's Cherish the Thought ROM Yes
Ch. Storybook's Foxy Roxy Yes
Ch. Storybook's Love Me Tender Yes
Ch. Storybook's Once Upon A Thyme Yes
Ch. Storybook's Stitch 'N Thyme Yes
Ch. Storybooks Legends Of The Fall Yes
Ch Sycamores American Beauty Yes
Ch Tinker Tailor Pocket Maker Yes
Ch Trafalgar's Heart Of Gold No.
Ch Tupelo P'Nash Razzle Dazzle M No.
Ch. Valleybrook's As Good As It Get's Yes
Ch. Valleybrook's Heaven Sent Yes
CH. Wendy's Pure Bella Sterling Of Kelz Yes
CH. Westin's Taken 'Em By Storm No.
Ch Whispering River's Crown Prince William No.
Ch Winsome's Blaque Rainmaker Yes
Ch Wrightaways Broccolie No.
Ch Yellow Frame's Magical Megan Yes
Ch.Double D's Risn' Son No.
CH.Foursquare Elite Adventure No.
CH.Locklan Star Spangled Rocket NAP,NJP Yes
Ch.Rowells Untouchable E-Ness Yes
Ch.Topaz Omega,s Star Spangled Banner No.
Ch.Topaz's Starry Starry Night No.
Ch.Trafalgar's Broken Promises Yes
Ch.Trafalgars Loose Morals Yes
Cherish 'N Storybook's Perfect Pinup Girl Yes
Cherish My Storybook Leading Man Yes
Cherish N Storybook's Trouble With Angels Yes
Cherish's Amazing Grace With Storybook Yes
ChezPug's I Wanna Be Your Man At Marbuck No.
Can.Am. Ch. Danaan's I Walk The Line Yes
Caper's Breaking News Yes
Caper's Curly Sue " ROM" Yes
Caper's Sirius Sugar Rush Yes
Caper's Special Endeavor Yes
Caper's Sugar Pop Yes
Caper's Why So Sirius? No.
Cassius Passion Juanita Banana No.
Celestial I AM The Danger Yes
Celestial I'm In The Empire Business Yes
Celestial Maui Rain No.
Celestial Storybook Hoku-Pele, RN Yes
Cinmar's Close Enough To Perfect No.
Cinmar's Field Of Dreams No.
Cinmar's She's Got It All No.
Crumpet's Cheiron Of Garnet Yes
Crumpet's Ophelia Rose Yes
DMC Prima Venture Tu LNL Yes
Daenen's Dreamcatcher Yes
Danaan's As You Desire Me Yes
Danaan's Enigma Of Ja-Li Yes
Dillpepah's Hot Wire No.
Dillpepah's Never Ending Story No.
Double D'S Rockets Red Flare No.
Double D's INC. No.
Double D's Phinneus Fire of Phoenix No.
Double D's Topaz In The News No.
Double D's Wesyng Snap Dragon No.
Double D's Winchester Shotgun No.
El-Fayum Dzimmu Yes
Emerald's Strawberry Shortcake No.
Firehouse Bad Company No.
Firehouse Freeway Incident No.
Firehouse Johnny Gage No.
Firehouse Resq N U At Merlotte'S No.
Foursquare Change My Heart No.
Foursquare Lily Of The Valley No.
GCH CHMajoray's Allstar Yes
GCH (Bronze) Valleybrook's Li'l Miss Peeper's ROM Yes
GCH Azalea'N Applewood's Take Me There Yes
GCH CH Ancoda Castlerock Stock Option RE CGC Yes
GCH CH Cherish's Bourne Ultimatum Yes
GCH Ch Castlerock Pine Cone Mountain Rain Yes
GCH CH Dillpepah's Magic Moment Yes
GCH CH Genesis Sweet Tater Yes
GCH Ch Pine Cone's Green Mountain Boy Yes
GCH CH Sutton's Born to Fly Yes
GCH Cherish N' Storybook's Marys Emerald In Trouble, CD BN RA Yes
GCH Firehouse's Shayna Lahava No.
GCH. Foursquare I'll Be A Shostopa Tu No.
GCH Genesis Long Nights Journey W Jetta Yes
GCH Highland Kendoric Summer Storm Yes
GCH Horizon's Fire Storm Yes
GCH. Jetta's CoryRex Riders On The Storm Yes
GCh. Jetta's Lucy Liu Yes
GCH Karon's Moonlite Phantom CGC BN OAP AJP Yes
GCH Kinetta Drusy Hunsruecks Yes
GCH Kinetta's Cream-Of-The-Crop No.
GCH. Kirby's Just Say The Word Yes
GCH Prima Carmen Bizet CGC RN Yes
GCH Pugbully Especially Horizon Yes
GCH Sheffield's Top Dollar No.
GCh. Storybook's HellBent For Leather Yes
GCh. Storybook's Legacy To Cherish At Coral Bay Yes
GCh. Storybook's Perfect Alibi Yes
GCh. Storybook's Perfect Endeavor Yes
GCH Surewins Celestial How Do Ya Like Me Now Yes
GCH Sutton's Gabriella at Lordship Yes
GCh. Valleybrook's Li'l Henrietta Yes
GCh.Valleybrook's Mighty Mr Bossman Jr Yes
Gas Hollow's Federal Offense Yes
Genesis Our Gang's Darla No.
Genesis Picture Perfect No.
Genesis Pride N Joy No.
Genesis Pride N Joy No.
Genesis Puddin' Of Maize Yes
Genesis Sally Brown Yes
Heuberg's Fleur-de-lis No.
Heubergs Nine To Five No.
HoneyPugs I Wanna Be The Reason Behind Your Smile Yes
Honeypugs Sing It Again Mianda No.
Horizon's Smokin' Hot Yes
Hunsruecks It Was Meant To Be Yes
Jetta's Daisy Petals Serendipity Yes
Jetta's Empress Wu ROM Yes
Jetta's Ka-Ching No.
Jetta's Lil' Peseta Yes
Jetta's She's Got The Look No.
Jetta's Silver Legacy Yes
Jetta's Sushi Bar No.
Jetta's Sweet Smart & Sassy No.
Jetta's Tinker Toy ROM Yes
Keledor Majoray Mercutio BLK No.
Kelz Next Top Model No.
Kelz Tatanka Yes
Kinetta Midnite Champagne Toast No.
Kinetta's Aurora Borealis No.
Kinetta's Hot-And-Spicy No.
LNL's Sunni's Smarty Pants Yes
Little Jesse James III No.
Locklan Liberty NA NAJ No.
Lordships Beauty Of The Orchid Yes
Lordships Fairytale Yes
Lordships No Doubt Yes
Lucky Lady Lucy II , BN Yes
Mahjong Marbuck Dreamboat Annie No.
Mahjong's Marigold Of Pineland Yes
Majoray Star Abbey Rose No.
Majoray's Black Orchid Yes
Majoray's Sunset Star No.
Marbuck's Another Pretty Smile Yes
Marbuck's Straight From Paradise No.
Marbuck's Sumthing To Smile About No.
Mianda's Jetta Rose No.
Mianda's Undercover Boss At Kelz No.
Miss Jetta's Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay No.
Moonstruck's On The Katwalk! No.
Omega's Knack For Capers ROM Yes
Palace's From Rags To Ritz Yes
Prima Tosca is a Shostar Tu Yes
Primo's Michaelangelo Yes
Pugbully El Noruego No.
Pugbully Starstrucked In Horizon No.
Ritter's Caramel Candii, R.O.M. Yes
Riverview's Mr. Rocket J. Squirrel Yes
Rowell's Amaranta Ursula Leigh Yes
Rowells California Girl No.
Rowells Flashfire No.
Rowells Miracles Do Happen No.
Rowells Mr Alfred Leigh Yes
Rowells Ms Susan Leigh Yes
Rowells Mysterious Liason Yes
Rowells Remedios La Bella Leigh No.
Rowells Seminole Sun No.
Rowells Shame On The Moon No.
Rowells Sirius Business No.
Rowells Soul Survivor No.
Sheffield's Repaint Me For Cinmar RN NJP CGC Yes
SnugglePugs Lil Surfer Girl of Genesis Yes
Surewins Celestial Moonlyt Hollyberi Yes
Sutton's Bozz Lightyear Yes
Tiffany's Blue Box China Yes
Tiffany's Blue Topaz For Winsome Yes
Tiffany's Cobalt Crystal CGC Yes
Tiffany's Sapphire & Diamonds BN RN CGC Yes
Valentia's Fortunate Son Yes
Valleybrook's Oh Montague Yes
Valleybrook's Precious Memories Yes

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