brag.jpg Total Subscribed Poodles (Toy): 76
A Carmine Honeysuckle Rose Of Lorwin Yes
Artep Poetic Justice Yes
Artep The Pied Piper Yes
Artep Winter Rose Yes
Barclay Lyca Justa Illusion No.
Ch. A Carmine Fire Opal From Lorwin Yes
Ch. A Carmine Red Alert Yes
Ch. A Carmine Redd Flare Yes
Ch. AG's Baron Redd Dawg Yes
Ch. Ag's Carmine Justice Yes
Ch. Bradlene's Big Tease At Nalani Yes
CH Caprice Brighter Bolder Better Yes
Ch. Carmine N Paperbirch Apple Of My Eye No.
CH. Grayco Plum Perfect Parfait No.
Ch Kaylen's Oh Really Yes
Ch LiRits' My Baby Does The Hanky Panky Yes
Ch Lirit's Lady Bunny Yes
Ch. Lorwin Carmine The Boss At Lynwin No.
Ch. Lynwin's Carmine Redd Rocket Yes
CH Newmont Kali Quintessence Yes
Ch Paperbirch Pistols 'N' Petticoats No.
CH Parfait Presence No.
Ch RFS Legaleaze Yes
Ch. Rochars Martin Yes
Ch. Rochars The Prowler Yes
Ch Rodells A Little More Than Dixie Yes
Ch Rodells All About Eve Yes
Ch Rodells Chantilly Lace Yes
Ch Rodells Divinely So Yes
Ch Rodells Flaming Amber No.
Ch Rodells Flying Solo Yes
Ch Rodells Hello Gorgeous Yes
Ch Rodells Lady on The Prowl Yes
Ch Rodells Livin in the Fast Lane Yes
Ch Rodells Quite The Merry Yes
Ch Rodells Ray Of Sunshine Yes
Ch Rodells Tell It To Tucker Yes
Ch Silkwind La Dulce Vita Yes
Ch Silkwind Proud To Be Armani Yes
Ch Silkwind Proud To Be Fabio No.
Ch Silkwind Proud To Be Me TP Yes
Ch Silkwind Proud To Be Prada Yes
CH Simmetry Do You Believe In Magic Yes
CH Simmetry Single N Lovin It Yes
CH Simmetry Taking The Skies Yes
CH Simmetry's Chance Of A Lifetime Yes
CH Simmetry's High Flying Angel Yes
CH Simmetry's Trill Of A Lifetime Yes
Ch. Soignes Abba's Fair Maiden By The Sea Yes
Champion Artep N' Rochars Tina Marie Yes
Champion Rochars Simply Smashing Yes
Caprice's Mighty Fine Design No.
GCh Rodells Checkin Out Chester Yes
GCH Sharbelle Greg-Mar Days Of Memories Yes
Lorwin Gabriel At Damingo Yes
Newmont Fine Design No.
Newmont Man On A Mission Yes
Paperbirch Chiquita Yes
Paperbirch Call Me Foxy Roxy Yes
Paperbirch Dbara Oh! Susanna Yes
Paperbirch El Mariachi Yes
Paperbirch I'm A Riot Yes
Paperbirch Roulette, Rules! Yes
Parfait Presents No.
Pasimmons Yankee Lady Corvette No.
Rodells Almighty Trixie Yes
Rodells One Of The Bunch Yes
Silkwind Moonlight At Zahir Yes
Silkwind Tia Marie No.
Simmetry's Calypso Magic Yes
Simmetry's Sierra Denali Yes
Snovali Renegade No.
Tinkilees Magic Momentum No.

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