brag.jpg Total Subscribed Pomeranians: 210
AM CAN CH Daystar Life's Little Pleasure Yes
AM CAN CH Pomhaven's IL Divo ROM Yes
AM CAN CH Sugarlamb's The Apprentice Yes
AM GCH CAN CH Chillin Like A Villain At Sugarlamb Yes
Accolade's Absolut Khaos Yes
Am Can CH SugarLamb's Rules Of Engagement Yes
Am/Can CH SugarLamb's Marionette Of Ansaro Yes
Astarz Kissami Dream A Little Dream Yes
BIS AM CAN CH Jolvin Hot On Your Heels Yes
BIS AM CAN CH Jolvin Hot On Your Heels Yes
BIS AM CAN CH SugarLambs First Rule Have Fun Yes
BIS GCh Am/Can Ch Mythical Traveling In Style GC, HOF Yes
BISS GCh HollilyNTeraleeRWildAboutWillie Yes
BRONZE GCH. Lynnwrights Mob Boss Yes
BlueRock's Talk Of The Town Yes
Bluerock's Jazz Talk No.
Born To Love Of Pomeranian World No.
CAN CH Sugarlamb's Next Top Model Yes
CH Animation's Jeckle No.
CH Animation's Snidely Whiplash No.
Ch Babbi's Captain Of The Ship Of Mtn Crest Yes
Ch. BlueRock's Talk About Me Yes
CH. Bynows Royal Legacy Yes
CH Chriscendo Communicado Yes
CH CR Sleeping Beauty No.
CH CR Spin The Bottle No.
CH Carleez Cops & Robbers No.
CH Carleez Crowd Pleaser, MXJ No.
CH Carleez Defies All Logic No.
CH Carleez Do Your Ears Hang Low? No.
CH Carleez Dr Zeuss Yes
Ch Carleez Echo In The Wind No.
CH Carleez Ever Wonder Why? No.
CH Carleez Fuel My Fire Of Lenette Yes
CH Carleez Holly Jolly Christmas No.
CH Carleez Hot Damm Here I Am No.
CH Carleez Jingle Bell Rock No.
CH Carleez Kaleidoscope No.
CH Carleez Let There Be Peace On Earth No.
CH Carleez N Gar-V's Magic Dragon Yes
CH Carleez Sky's The Limit No.
CH Carleez Sundown Conspiracy No.
CH Carleez Surprise Package No.
CH Carleez Treasure Hunt No.
CH Carleez Tri-Fecta Parti Yes
CH DLT's Bringing It Home To Dallas Yes
CH DLT's Saved By The Bell Yes
CH Dee Little Baby Daddy Yes
CH Dee Little Daddy Issues Yes
CH Dee Little Sleeping Beauty Yes
Ch. Dimonde's Gem Covered Joker Yes
Ch. Dimonde's Silver And Gold Yes
Ch. Dimonde's Twice Enticed Yes
CH Dreamweaver CR Little Tommy Tucker No.
CH Elusive Spirit Let Freedom Ring Yes
CH Elusive Spirit Soaring On Borrowed Wings Yes
CH Gar-V's Boo Boo Kitty Yes
CH Gar-V's Zeek-A-Boo Yes
CH Heartland's Knight N Day No.
CH Horizon's Bippiti Boppiti Boo! No.
CH Horizon's Talk Of The Town No.
CH Janesa's Block The Quaffle Yes
CH Janesa's Carleez Hocus Pocus No.
CH Janesa's Cast A Spell Yes
CH Janesa's Don't Kiss And Tell Yes
CH Janesa's Tag You Are It Yes
CH Janesas Southern Sundown Yes
CH Janesas The Golden Snitch Yes
CH Janesas This Bud Is For You AJ Yes
CH Janesas Whoisit Yes
CH Karizma's Tiny Timmy Yes
CH Kegler's Wanna Be A Flintstone No.
CH Kegler's You Beau Me Over Yes
CH Kilei's Isomorphic Algorithm No.
Ch. Kissami's Astarz Freedom Attraction Yes
CH Lesfleurs Phabulous Walker Rollz The Dice Yes
CH Lil Behrs Cinnamon Toast Yes
CH MACH12 Carleez Boom Boom Boom Yes
CH MACH9 Carleez Front Page News No.
CH Mountaincrestelusivefreespirit Yes
Ch. Mtn Views Autumn Promise Yes
CH Mythical Princess Diaries Yes
CH Nottingham's Old Glory Yes
CH Oakrose Burnt Sienna Yes
CH Palisadesphoenixrisingoflarajus Yes
CH Pomstyle Sweet Dream Yes
CH Randy's Turn-n the Heat Up 4 Fujitsu Yes
CH Razzle Dazzle Hat Dance Yes
CH Razzle Dazzle Panic at the Disco Yes
CH Silhouette Says Hear Me Roar Yes
CH Silhouette Spy In The House Of Love Yes
CH Silhouette's Set The Stage Yes
CH Silhouette's Shadow Of A Dragon Yes
CH Silhouette's Shadowkiller Yes
CH Silhouette's Sittin' Pretty Yes
CH Silhouette's Sixth Sense Yes
CH Silhouette's Sleepin With The Boss Yes
CH Silhouette's Slow Dance Yes
CH Silhouette's Smartphone Yes
CH Silhouette's Sojourner Yes
CH Silhouette's Speakeasy Yes
CH Silhouette's Stormborn Yes
CH Silhouette's Stormin The Castle Yes
CH Silhouette's Suburban Legend Yes
CH Silhouette's Surreal Yes
CH Silhouette's Swan Lake Yes
CH Silhouette's Swan Princess Yes
Ch Silver Meadows T Js Charisma Yes
Ch Silver Meadows T.Js Puppet Yes
CH Stealurheart's Simply Shocking Yes
CH Sundown On Fowlers' Mountain Yes
CH Sundowns Bets On Janesa Yes
CH Sundowns Come Fly With Me Yes
Ch Teralee's Deliciously Wicked N Black Yes
Ch TeraleeNHollily's Liv'N A Dream Yes
Champion Danco Penny Lane At Sirius Yes
Champion Palisades Do You Believe In Magic Yes
CR Mercedes Benz No.
Can CH SugarLamb's Uptown Girl Yes
Cannon Bluff's Where'sMyRubySlippers No.
Carleez Lips Are Movin No.
Carleez Opportunity Knocks No.
Carleez Run For The Rosettes No.
Cascade's Sunkist Oo La La Yes
Dimonde Flynn's Fling, CD No.
Dimonde's Caramel Charisma Sundae Yes
Dimonde's Genuine Jazz Flare No.
Dimonde's Gin Jazz Flare No.
Dimonde's Jazz Flare At SunGlo Yes
Dimonde's Joker Joy Yes
Dimonde's Jumpin' Jazz Flare No.
Dimonde's Magic Sky Resurrection No.
Dimonde's Red Hot Chili Pepper Jam No.
Dimonde's Solar Flare Yes
Dimonde's Twice Jeweled Crown Yes
Dimonde's Twice Painted Crown Yes
Dimonde's Twice The Lady No.
Dimonde's Twice The Pizazz No.
Dimonde's Twilight Talker No.
Dimondes Sparklin Solitaire, CDX,NAJ Yes
Elusive Spirit On The Wings Of A Dream No.
Fujitsu's Rocketman Yes
GCH Abbapoola's Mr. Slice of Life Yes
GCH CH CR A Whole New World No.
GCH CH CR Abby Cadabby Yes
GCH CH CR Reach For The Sky Yes
GCH CH Carleez Against All Odds No.
GCH CH Carleez She's A Brick House No.
GCH CH Horizon Carleez Raise The Bar No.
GCH CH Horizon's A Fly On The Wall No.
GCH CH Horizon's Can You Believe It? No.
GCH CH Nottingham's Angelic Thunder Yes
GCH CH Sundowns Hide N Zeke CD Yes
GCH CR I'm The Only One No.
GCH DLT's Cody - Heritage Of LaBeau Yes
GCH Dimonde's Jammin' Jazz Flare Yes
GCH Hitimes What The Inferno Yes
GCH Kegler's Sparkling Sensation Yes
GCH Kegler's Sweet Polly Purebred Yes
GCH. Lynnwrights The Following Yes
GCH Mythical Easy As Heck Yes
GCH Pomhaven's U Gotta Have Fun Yes
GCH Silhouette Surrender To Chriscendo Yes
GCH Silhouette's Secret Weapon Yes
GCH Silhouette's Ser Jorah Yes
GCH Silhouette's Shadowboxer Yes
GCH Silhouette's Song Of Ice And Fire Yes
GCH Silhouette's Stop The Presses Yes
GCH. Teralee's Ornge U Synfully Wicked Yes
GCH ToonTown You Like Totally Rock Dude Yes
Gucci Powderpuff La Maybelline Yes
Honeykist Wicked Attraction Yes
Kartellas Ella The Enchanted Yes
Kegler's Meet The Flintstones Yes
Kegler's Peppermint Patty Yes
Lynnwrights Black Swan Yes
Lynnwrights Girl Gone Wild MDNA Yes
Lynnwrights Guardian Of The Galaxy Yes
Lynnwrights Kinky Boots Yes
Lynnwrights Life Of Pi Yes
Lynnwrights Penny Dreadful Yes
Mountain View's This Sweet Dream No.
Nottingham's Cannon At Arms Yes
Nottingham's Ciara Of Onalee Yes
Nottingham's Maid Marian Yes
Nottingham's Prince Edward Yes
Omega's Little Tin Soldier At Topaz No.
Onalee's Bringing It Home To Nottingham Yes
Palisades Townsend First Edition Yes
Patriot's Candy Man Yes
Patriot's On Cloud Nine Yes
Pixie's Memorabilia At Panache Yes
Randy Don't 4Get The Pie Yes
Silhouette Says Thanks To Honeykist Yes
Silhouette's Ser Barristan Yes
Silhouette's Ser Barristan No.
Silhouette's Ser Barristan No.
Silhouette's Seraphim Yes
Silhouette's Serenata Yes
Silhouette's Spitfire Yes
Silhouette's Sweet Nothings Yes
Silhouette's Sweet Summer Child Yes
Sirius's Too Late To Turn Back Now No.
Teralee's Just B'Cuz I'm All That Yes
Teralee's Unlike Any Other Yes
Trudy's Spirit Of The Night At Elusive No.
Wyndlor Tisha Darla Doright Yes

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