brag.jpg Total Subscribed Maltese: 62
Alexis' Saved By Kronos Yes
Angels Rumour Has It He's A Storybook Gigolo Yes
Bellarata's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Yes
Best In Show Am. Thai. Ch Funny Ladies Beach Girl Yes
CH Angels Unforgettable Enchanted Dream Yes
Ch. Bellarata's I Want To Believe Yes
CH. Coquet's Diamonds N Pearls Yes
CH. Coquet's Jeweled Trinket Yes
CH Marcris Smarty Pants ROM Yes
Ch. Midis Queen Of The Nile Yes
CH. Naysmith Electrique Remington Steele Yes
CH. Pashes Absolute Justice Yes
CH Rhapsody's Remarkable Yes
Ch Rhapsody's Too Many Remarks Yes
Ch Richelieu Valentino Yes
CH. Sands Kissed By The Wind Yes
Ch. Sands Magical Sonofagun Yes
CH. Sands Magical Tonka Toy Yes
CH. Sands Magical Tuxedo Man No.
CH Shinemore's Distraction Yes
CH Shinemore's High Voltage Yes
CH. TNT'S Flying Solo Yes
CH. TNT'S Followed By A Moonshadow Yes
CH. TNT'S Good News In Mark Yes
CH. TNT'S Queen Of Hearts Yes
CH. TNT's American Dream Yes
CH. TNT's Caribbean Cool Yes
CH. TNT's On The Wings Of A Dove Yes
CH. TNT's Twist Of Fate Yes
CH Unforgettables Ambrose Building Block Yes
Chaca's Drama Driven Deedee Yes
Chrisman's Controlled Chaos Yes
Donryn Sweet Deal No.
Donryn Sweet Sensation No.
Dreams Of Sunnydale Illusen Yes
GCH Ch. Bellarata's Glee By Design Yes
GCH Ch Million Dollar Question Of Marquess Yes
GCH CH Vellavica's Fabulous Dior Yes
GCH Foursome's Quite A Guy Yes
GCH Musial's Too Hot To Handle Yes
GCH Richelieu's Here Comes Trouble Again Yes
GCH Shinemore's Sub Zero Yes
MBIS/BISS GCh Chrisman's Shiny Toy Gun Yes
MMW'S Ritzy's Tali Pjacir Yes
Marcris Reach For The Stars No.
Marcris Sweet Success No.
Marcris Too Hot To Handle No.
McDottie Million To One No.
Midis Ritzy's Cadillac Style Yes
O'Hara McDottie Shredder Magee Yes
Precious Pups Molly McDottie Yes
Richelieu Unforgetable Angel Yes
Richelieu's Sugar Lace Yes
Rijes Rambling Rose Yes
Thluka-Cinecitta My Precious Gem No.
Tnt's Speak Easy Yes
Unforgettables Gossip Girl Yes
Unforgettables Honey Jack Yes
Unforgettables License To Love Yes
Unforgettables LuLu's Back In Town Yes
Unforgettables Miss Me Yes
Unforgettables Radiant Crystal Yes

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