brag.jpg Total Subscribed Japanese Chin: 73
Bronze GCH CH Touche Tyra Takara Of WestView Yes
Bronze GCH CH We-Syng Pem Royal Rover At WestView Yes
Ch Cherbo's Choobacha Yes
Ch Cherbo's Dante's Revenge No.
Ch Cherbo's He's Back In The Game No.
Ch Cherbo's Little Miss Mime Yes
CH Here 'Tiz Yanni Yes
CH Hin Satori Russkiy Snezhok Ivan Yes
CH Joshaidas Uffepuff Yes
CH Legenda Koroley Parker Yes
CH Mystike's Dangerous Charmer At Six Gems Yes
Ch Ni Kokoro Imeji Sugata Yes
CH Odessas Contessa Yes
CH Randalets Jin Blossom Yes
Ch. Shadowland’s Delta Ladybug at Magique No.
CH Six Gems Best Bet Yet By Chindale Yes
CH Six Gems The Wicked One No.
CH Six Gems Tickle My Tummy Itz So Yummy Yes
CH Six Gems Wicked Willow Yes
CH Touche Taki's Tribute At Six Gems Yes
CH Touche Tried and True at Six Gems No.
CH Touche's Fancy Anime At Six Gems No.
CH Touche's Live In The Moment No.
CH Touche's Magic Is Coming To WestView Yes
CH Touche's Snap Dragon At Six Gems Yes
CH Touche's Sonic Sondbird Tri-Synphony No.
CH Tsunami's Sharing the Love Yes
CH We-Syng Tanzen Chiffon Yes
CH Willowoods Oh No Yoko Yes
Cherbo's Benji Dancin Star Yes
Cherbo's He's Back In The Game No.
Cherbo's Logan On The Run No.
Cherbo's Princess Fiona No.
Cherobo's Diamond In The Rough No.
Castle Valley Dancing With Dragons At Six Gems No.
Dizzy Desperate From The Heat Yes
Dizzy Worth The Wait Yes
GCH Blue Willow Cherbo's Lil Bit Rocknroll Yes
GCH CH Chindale's KLS Fashion Yes
GCH CH Six Gems Mr. Armani To You Yes
GCH CH Touche Hot Saki At Six Gems Yes
GCH CH Touche Hot Saki At Six Gems No.
GCH CH Touche Running With The Bulls Yes
GCH CH Touche Songbird Marvel At Six Gems Yes
GCH CH Touche's Timeless Design of WestView Yes
GCH CH Touche's Top Contender Of WestView Yes
GCH CH We-Syng OneSon Yes
GCH CH WestView's Wynchester Of Sinshar Yes
GCH Cin-Don On The Road Again Yes
GCh Dizzy & Hapichin So Minty Fresh Yes
GCH Randalets Lets Go Dutch Yes
GCH Victory Spencer Yes
Hitomi Igriviy Luchik No.
Hitomi Igrivty Luchik Yes
Ni Kokoro Yousei Tyoukou Dragon Gate Yes
Odessa's Nuuyra At Ni Kokoro Yes
Shadowland's Stop the Chaos at Magique No.
Six Gems Cherry Blossom No.
Six Gems Camille La Vie No.
Six Gems Fly Like A Dragon No.
Six Gems Fu Manchu Yes
Six Gems Madame Butterfly No.
Six Gems Maki Sukiyaki No.
Six Gems Rockin' Rio Of Beken No.
Six Gems This Angel Wears Prada No.
Tokubetsu Reckless Yes
Touche Raise Your Glass At Six Gems No.
Touche Reach For The Stars WestView Yes
Touche Star Command At WestView Yes
Touche You Had Me At Hello No.
We-Syng Ginger Snap At WestView No.
WestView's Royal Dreamer Of We-Syng No.

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