brag.jpg Total Subscribed Havanese: 168
AKC Ch CAN CH Sonrisas Hijo Del Conquistador No.
AKC Ch. That's A Chunk O Burnin Love Yes
AM CAN Ch Sunberry's 911 In Manhattan Yes
AM CH.Sunberry's Nuff Said EH Yes
AM GCH CAN CH Adorabull That's Better Than Sex Yes
AM GCH CAN CH Mendota's Adorabull Greek Legend Yes
AM, MEX, BAH, PORT, 2001 World Ch Bonneterre's Summer Breeze, ROM Yes
AM. CH.That's Burn'n Up Atlanta Yes
AMCAN CH Sineade's Yankee Yes
AMCANCH.Sunberry's Pandora's Box Yes
AMER / CAN Ch Sonrisas' Chica Enmascarada Yes
AMER/CAN Ch Sonrisas Hijo del Conquistador Yes
Am, Braz, 2004 World Ch Moonrise La Brisa Alegre Yes
Artwyrks Little Miss Dangerous Yes
BIS BISS GCH CH Yup's Malibu Dream Yes
BIS G.Ch. Oeste's Stealing the Starlight Yes
BIS MBISS AM GCH CAN CH Gingerbred Yukon Jack Desiderio Yes
BISS GCH Harbor's Mad About You Yes
Bella D's I'm Bringin Sexy Back No.
Bella D's MS. Eartha Quake No.
Braz Justamere Dreamcatcher Yes
Brylees Hello Dolly Yes
CAN Ch Sonrisas Blaze of Glory No.
CAN Ch Sonrisas Tiny's Gem Ruby No.
Ch Artwyrks Justa Bit Of Elegance Yes
CH Artwyrks Masterpiece In Motion Yes
Ch Ashbrook's Cinco At Mt Breeze Yes
Ch Belamour Moonrise Magic Yes
Ch. Belamour-Moonrise Rumbadancer Yes
CH. Blancho Dazzling BK Diamond Yes
CH Clover's Summer Mist Of Moonrise Yes
CH. Havanasilk RicoSuave De La Montaņa Yes
CH. Havanique's Flashy Fiona Of Zivari Yes
CH. Havanique's Simply Azorable Yes
CH. Karma's Puppet On A Havanique String Yes
CH Karvil''s Havanese Indigo Yes
CH LaMontana LaPerlita de Havanasilk Yes
Ch. Lil Pawz Looking For Adventure Yes
CH Los Perritos Got 2 Xist Yes
Ch Luv Bug Bedrock Babe Wa Smile Yes
Ch Luv Bug's Diablo Winds Yes
CH Massivus Angel's Emilio Yes
Ch Moonrise Autumn Breeze Yes
Ch Moonrise Solo To The Nines Yes
Ch Moonrise Stella By Starlight Yes
CH Moonrise Top Hat And Tails Yes
Ch Moonrize At Tijeras Yes
Ch Moorea's Hav T' Love R Boy No.
Ch. Moorea's Rodeo Cowboy Yes
CH. Moorea's Rodeo Sweetheart Yes
CH. Moorea's Sunny Side Of Life Yes
Ch Prairiwind's Ice Chips Yes
Ch Prairiwind's Limited Edition Yes
Ch Prairiwind's Velvet N Lace Yes
Ch Prairiwinds N Lordocs Marco Island Yes
CH Prairiwnds N LORDOCS Caramello Koala Yes
Ch Quickstep's Lindy Hop Yes
Ch. Rlynn's Hug A Bear By Zujero Yes
Ch Salemi Jupiter Of Zujero Yes
CH Sanshin Fine Artwyrks Yes
CH SherRex's Brady Of The O'Briens Yes
CH SherRex's I Am Coreopsis Yes
CH SherRex's I'll Talia I'm The One Yes
CH SherRex's Taggart - I'm It!! No.
CH SherRex's Teagan With All The Trimmings No.
Ch Sir Walter Raleigh Of The Seven Seas Yes
CH TMist Belle Of The Ball Yes
CH Tapscott's Singular Sensation At Angelheart Yes
Ch Tapscott's The X-Factor Yes
CH Tapscott's Total Knock Out Yes
Ch That's In Search Of The Truth No.
Ch That's Rayzun Eyebrows Yes
CH. Velocity's Sashay This Way Yes
Ch Viva's Burlesque Yes
Ch Webe A Shi Thead Of Forsgate Yes
CH Yup's You Can Count On Me No.
Ch. ZujerO Carmal Candy Apple Yes
Ch. ZujerO Refund For Torza Yes
Ch.Havanique Mucho Gusto At Gristmill Yes
Ch.Prairiwind's n LORDOC'S Caramello Koala Yes
Ch.ZujerO's Ready Set Go Yes
Christa's Jumpy Clown Corvette Yes
Delta Dawn's Macho Chico No.
Fernandos PIXC Ultimo Legado Yes
GCH CH Bonneterre Saltwater Taffy Yes
GCH Ambler SherRex's Contagious Attitude Yes
GCH Ambler SherRex's In A Cloud Of GLORY Yes
GCH Artwyrks Quite A Scandalous Affair Yes
GCH Bellatak McDreamy Yes
GCH Bellatak Vallee's Maximum Dream Yes
GCH Beseme's Crystal Countdown ChaCha de LaMontana Yes
GCH CH Amblers A Legend Is Born-Here's Johnny Carson Yes
GCH CH Amblers Watching The Girls Go By Yes
GCH CH Artwyrks Even The Stars Fall For You Yes
GCH CH El Divo's Native New Yorker Yes
GCH CH Heartland Elegant Artwyrks Yes
GCH CH LaMontana Pilar De Mi Vida Always Yes
GCH Ch. Moonrise N Clover's Irish Cream Yes
GCH CH Yup's Life Is A Mystery Yes
GCH CH Yup's Sip Happens! CGCA RATO Yes
GCH D'Va's BreZee Legacy Spellbound Yes
GCH DeVita's Breaking All The Rules At MeadowView Yes
GCH Harbor SherRex's The Road Not Taken No.
GCH JanJems Party Animal Yes
GCH Los Puntos Knock Three Times Yes
GCH Love's Havaheart Los Goodfellas Yes
GCH Luv Bug's Permanent Impression Yes
GCH Marcosa's Juniper Breeze Yes
GCH Marcosa's Takin It All In Yes
GCH Prairiwind's N LORDOC'S Expresso Yes
GCH Prairiwind's Spice It Up Yes
GCH Prairiwinds N LORDOCS Expresso Yes
GCH SherRex's IAN Means God Is Gracious! Yes
GCH SherRex's Moment Of Mercy Yes
GCH Socialite's EN GARDE! Yes
GCH Socialite's EN GARDE! Yes
GCH SurLuv Lickin Larrgo De Grace Yes
GCH That's Adorabull's Dreaming Of You Yes
GCh Viva's Erotica Yes
GCh Viva's Tonka Tuff Yes
GrCh Artwyrks Elegant Legacy Yes
GrCh Ch Artwyrks In Your Wildest Dreams Yes
GrCh Ch Heartland Kiss N Tell At Artwyrks Yes
Havanique Expresso With Zip Yes
Havanique Shades Of Gray Yes
Havanique's Fresh Brewed Coffee for Glory B Yes
Hilltop Bringing Sexy Back At Havanique Yes
Honor Paige - Care 4 U At Luffeyland Yes
Janjems Party All Night Long No.
Janjems Party Doll No.
Justamere Native Spirit's Little Deer Yes
Justamere Native Spirit's Usdi Waya Yes
Karvil's Havanese Jasmine Yes
Kimbriel's He's A Game Changer Yes
LaMontana Crusero Del Nuevo Horizante Yes
LaMontana Nina Gloriosa Yes
LaMontana Paz En Suenos No.
Liberty's Pocket Full O'Sugar No.
Liberty's Sweet Confection No.
MBIS BISS GCH Peluito's Papi Chulo Yes
Marcosa's Bachelor Button Yes
Mojito's Dressed to Kill Yes
Moonrise Polished Sunset Yes
Mt Breeze "Lets Roll" No.
NYC's Sofia Ay Mami Yes
Prairiwind's Captiva Island Yes
Prairiwind's Hershe Kisses Yes
Prairiwind's N LORDOC's Marco Island Yes
Premiere My Kinda Parti Yes
Seven Seas Dancing The Electric Tango No.
SherRex's Prima Ballerina - TUTU No.
Silver GCH El Divo's Oh No You Didn't Yes
Skylines Blanche At Mt Breeze No.
Sunsation Milagrosa No.
Tapscott's Joy To The World Yes
Tapscott's Justamere Native Spirit Yes
Tapscott's Local Hero At Wayfarer No.
Tapsott's Stargazer Of Justamere Yes
That's A Real Lady Killer @ Evertop Yes
That's All That Glitters @ Bejeweled Yes
That's Truly Scrumptious At Mendota Yes
Viva's Friends 4Ever Yes
Viva's Trading Tycoon Yes
WORLD MEX CH AM CAN GCH Sonrisas' Tiny ThomasCGN Yes
Yup's Wear Pink And Make The Boys Wink No.
ZujerO Keep You In Stitches Yes

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