brag.jpg Total Subscribed Chinese Cresteds: 183
AM GR CH CAN GR CH Colliwood's Echoes The Clouds AOM Yes
AM.CAN.CHSunberry's Breaking My Heart Yes
Am GrCh / Can Ch Down To The Last Detail N'CO Yes
Am.GCh.Can.GCh BIS BISS Altair's Live Like Horses CGN Yes
Avalon Victoria Secret Yes
BISS GCH Belews Les Bons Temps Rouler AOM Yes
Belews Johnny On The Spot Yes
Belews You Tell Em Yes
Blanch-O's Seabiscuit Yes
Blanch-O's Simply Irresistable Yes
Blanch-o's Catch Me If You Can Yes
Blanch-o's Dazzling Charmed One No.
Blanchos DZLG Warrior Princess No.
Bronze GCH Colliwood's Scandalous Levi J Yes
CH Absolutely N'Co Yes
Ch Ankhu-Chars Oh Mon Dieu CA Yes
Ch Avalon Peril's Of Penelope Pitstop Yes
CH Belews A Change Of Heart Yes
CH Belews Braveheart Yes
CH Belews Straight Thru The Heart Yes
CH Blackthorn It Wasn't Me Yes
Ch Chars Don't Tell My Mother Yes
CH Creekside's Chinsia Yes
CH Creekside's Carmel Cluster Yes
CH Creekside's Coco Chanel Yes
CH Creekside's Party Girl Yes
CH Crest'd Label Miss Gingerbread Yes
CH Crest'd Label Miss Gingerbread No.
CH Crestar's Jelaine Fabio HL Yes
Ch. Cristalls Getting Tipsy With Stillmeadow Yes
Ch. Cristalls Keeper Of Hearts Yes
Ch Crystal Blue Persuasion N' Co Yes
CH Diva Spun Sugar Of Dickerson Yes
CH Diva's Blue is the New Black Yes
Ch Diva's Jokers Wild Yes
CH Diva's Spotted Bai Xiong Yes
CH Diva's Tiny Outlaw Yes
Ch DralionIG Lily Of The Valley No.
CH Dreams Slice Of Life No.
CH Gingery's Wolverine Yes
CH Habiba For Your Eyes Only No.
CH Habiba Shake It Up No.
CH Hear The Cheers N'CO No.
Ch Ikon One Note Yes
CH Improv Out On Bond at Six Gems No.
CH Improv Prison Break Out at Six Gems No.
Ch JO-Bar's Breaking Dawn Yes
Ch Jorivans Golden Sun Oden Yes
Ch. Kamaji Warrior King At RoseWood Yes
CH Kameo's Montana at Creekside Yes
CH Kamikazi's Biba Italian Job Yes
Ch. Kaylen's Aces And Kings Yes
Ch Kaylen's Cosmopolitan Yes
Ch Koridawn N Zhen Forever N Blue Jeans Yes
CH Koridawns If Wishes Were Horses Yes
Ch Koridawns In Your Wildest Dreams Yes
CH Krishna Makara's Puffin Stuf Yes
Ch Les-Lee's N'Pentastar's Grind'N Gears Yes
CH Make Mine A Double N'CO Yes
CH McDreamy N'Co Yes
Ch. MyAngel-Cristall Energy, Grace & Power Yes
CH Myrtans Money Money Money Yes
Ch Pahlavi Make Belivin No.
Ch Phoenix's Sexy And I Know It Yes
Ch Puffin Rare Edition Yes
CH Royal Evening Out With N'Co Yes
CH Shadowfox Wicked Cool Of Diva Yes
CH Six Gems Fast N Furious At Improv No.
CH Six Gems Girls Night Out No.
CH Six Gems Nude With Attitude Yes
Ch. Six Gems Oscar De Lorenzo Yes
CH Six Gems Split Image Yes
CH Six Gems Take Me As I Am Yes
CH Six Gems You Don't Know Jack No.
CH Spiritual Highly Flammable No.
Ch. Stillmeadow-Myangel I'm The One Yes
CH Such A Rush N'Co Yes
CH Sun-Hee's Rock Precious Gold Yes
CH To Be Envied N'CO No.
CH Zydeco's Divine Comedy Yes
Cedarfrost Viennese Waltz No.
Colliwood's Rain Is A Good Thing No.
Creekside's Black Gold Yes
Creekside's Dancing Domino Yes
Creekside's Follow the Code Yes
Creekside's I Caught Fire Yes
Creekside's Let Me Entertain You No.
Creekside's The Show Must Go On Yes
Creekside's Worth the Wait Yes
Crest-Vue Can't Have Just One Yes
Cristall Bambi Rocks The Wood @ Chloe Yes
Cristall-MyAngel N Chloe Forever Mia Yes
Cristall-MyAngel N Chloe Un Diable Deguise Yes
Dakota Rose Mambo Italiano Yes
Deekays Sugar-n-spice No.
Delende 4-Reil Kiss Me Again Yes
Delende 4-Reil's You Crack Me Up Yes
Diva's Hear Me Roar No.
Diva's Napoleon Complex Yes
Diva's One In A Million THL Yes
Diva's Sweet Revenge Yes
Electrified Mr Swagger At Six Gems N'CO No.
Evercrest's Pure Panda-Monium At JRF Yes
Experience Of Pleasure Von Shinbashi Yes
Exquisitely Yours N'CO No.
FaeryDreamer's Dancing Through Life Del Rey Yes
Faerydreamer N' Les-Lee's Starry Starry Night Yes
Fairway's Sabba Teeny Yes
GCH Belews Natural Heartbreaker RN Yes
GCH Bella Luna Elettrificata N'Co Yes
GCH CH Belews Sooner Or Later CA Yes
GCH Ch Blanch-o's Nitrous Oxide Yes
GCH CH Frozen Star Winston Yes
GCH CH Omegaville Back To Base Yes
GCH CH Peggy Sue N'CO Yes
GCH CH Six Gems Let's Go Girls Yes
GCH CH Slightly OverDressed N'CO Yes
GCH Ch Stop 'N Look: Royal Vincenzo N'Co Yes
GCH Cinondra N Gemstone's Good Girls Go To Heaven CGC Yes
GCH Fenomeno Elettrificato N'Co Yes
GCH Gemstone's Wudnshu Talladega RE AX MXJ NJP NF CGC Yes
GCH Gingery's Chai Latte Yes
GCH Gingery's Rhubarb Yes
GCH JRF-Evercrest Stop! Look & Listen Yes
GCH Kaylen's Kahlua Yes
GCH Kulana's Sh-Boom Yes
GCH Maji Mighty Thor of Chikita Yes
GCH. Palmetto's Flying Dutchman Yes
GCH Pang Pen's Little Trickster Yes
GCh Six Gems A MidNight Fling No.
GCH WynJade's Uptown Girl Yes
GCH WynJade's Uptown Girl Yes
GCH Zhen's Three Ring Circus Yes
Grand CH Creekside's About Town Yes
Grand CH Creekside's Fancipantz Yes
Hot To Trot N'Co Yes
Illuminated Creekside No.
JRF'S Dragon In My Wagon No.
JRF-Evercrest Slip Me Some Skin Yes
Kamikazi's BiBa's Queen Of Diamonds Yes
Mosaic Dark Side Of The Moon @ Lotus No.
MyAngel-Chloe N Cristall's Drunk In Love Yes
MyAngel-Cristall Flash To The Finish @ Chloe Yes
MyAngel-Cristall's Journey Of The Imagination Yes
Natural's All In A Day's Work Yes
Obie's Diva On Arrival No.
Olivera's Got Swag HL Yes
Olivera's She Dances On The Sand Yes
Phoenix Jaladeck The Siren Yes
Phoenix's Black Magic Woman Yes
Phoenix's Captain Morgan Yes
Phoenix's Johnny Walker Red Yes
Phoenix's Mr Wizard Yes
Practical Hero Jaguar In Sute Yes
RCrested Call Me Donna Bella @ Chloe Yes
RISUMO's Heavenly Journeyer Yes
SassyTails Forever Faithful Yes
Sassytails Tempting Fate Yes
Shadowfox Blu Taboo Of Diva Yes
Shadowfox Ju Jitsu Jax Of Diva Yes
Six Gems Chasing A Dream Yes
Six Gems It's All About Me No.
Six Gems Luna Baloona No.
Six Gems Mr. Big "D" Denali Yes
Six Gems Oh La La Chanel No.
Six Gems Spotlight On Dallas No.
Six Gems Steal Your Heart No.
Six Gems Sweet Dream Baby at Creekside No.
Six Gems The Great Spirit Of Dakota No.
Six Gems Tickle Me Pink No.
Six Gems White Horse No.
Six Gems You Light Up my Life No.
Solino's Juicy Couture Yes
Stacking The Deck At Vegas N'CO No.
Stillmeadow Cristall Mayhem Like Me Yes
The Wardrobe Malfunction N'CO No.
UKC Ch./AKC GCh. Clas Haus Storyteller The Dragon Yes
WesAnn's Starlight Dreamer No.
Wickhaven-MTO Addicted To Love Yes
Woodlyn Cedarfrost Phandango No.
WynJade Wrapped in Lace Yes
dee-kay's lucy lou No.

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