brag.jpg Total Subscribed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: 157
AKC CH. Crystalkane Aubinwood Jazz Yes
AKC CH Liane's Over The Top Lizmere Yes
AKC/Can CH Keje Jack O'Lantern, RE, CGC Yes
Am/Can CH. Gray Stone Karlee's Ambrose Yes
Am/Can CH. Peglen Romance Dance At Karlee Yes
Aubinwood Jiminy Cricket No.
Aubinwood Latte At Crystalkane Yes
Aubinwood Miss Marley No.
Aubinwood Mocha At Crystalkane No.
BISS AKC & CKCSC Ch Dreamvale Motley Crue, JW Yes
BISS CKCSC, USA/ MBISS GCH Grandville Butterscotch Kiss Yes
BISS GCH, CKCSC USA CH Clarmarian Kiss and Cry Yes
Bella Couer De Leon Yes
Bella Rosa Caramel Yes
Berkeley's I Only Have Eyes For You No.
Berkeley's Night And Day No.
Briarcrest At First Blush Yes
Brookhaven Bella Kisses Yes
Brookhaven Enchanted Quest For TruElegance No.
Brookhaven Sinbad Yes
CH. Angelina De Bella Yes
CH Athercroft Goody Two Chews Yes
CH Athercroft James Blonde Yes
CH Berkeley's Broadway Serenade Yes
Ch Burbrook Storm Chaser Yes
Ch Chadwick Midnight Sun At Hudsonview Yes
Ch. ChewCreek Three Amigos Dusty Bottoms Yes
CH Catans Dream Yes
Ch. Darane Boys Dont Cry Yes
Ch. Darane Casablanca At ChewCreek Yes
CH Deer Runs Wye's That No.
CH Dreamvale Ceremonious Yes
Ch Dreamvale Hands Down, CA Yes
Ch Dreamvale Ollivander No.
Ch Dreamvale Poppy Pomfrey Yes
CH Dreamvale Smart As The Dickens Yes
CH Foxwyn A Likely Story Yes
Ch. Gray Stone Dream Lover Of Karlee Yes
CH Greyhawk Remembrance at Del Sol Yes
Ch Hillwood Tin Star Yes
Ch. Infinidad Grandville Te Amo Yes
CH KaBaret's Destiny Child Yes
CH KaBaret's Halo Yes
CH Keje Christmas Stockings Yes
Ch. Keje Harold Hill Of Landseer Yes
CH Keje Nor'Easter Yes
CH Keje Red Sky At Morning Yes
Ch. Keje Snowden, RA, CGC Yes
CH Keje Victorian Christmas No.
Ch. Keje Winter Wonderland Yes
Ch. Landseer Satin Doll Yes
Ch. Landseer Waverly Yes
CH Lastarz Double Take In Red Yes
CH Marshelle Hot Child N The City Yes
CH Paper Roses At Rosscrea Yes
CH Pinnacle's Butterscotch Disk Yes
CH Pinnacle's Cartier Declaration Yes
Ch Sheeba All That Jazz At Ceja Yes
Ch. Sophia's Majestic Serenity Yes
Ch Timsar Jackson No.
CH Torlundy Allegria Billabong Yes
CH Westview Rock'N Rochester RN Yes
CH Westview's Lolita's Dream RN Yes
CH Westview's Miss Maggie, RN, RA, RE, CD Yes
CH Westview's Moonlit Molly RN, NA, NAJ Yes
CH Wye Cross A Border At Westview Yes
Ch.Chanctonbury Diva Darling No.
Ch.Little Drummer Boy De Bella Yes
Chadwick Cheers At Hudsonview Yes
Castlekeep Clooney Brown Yes
Castlekeep Paloma Sugar Daddy Yes
Clarmarian Here Comes The Sun Yes
Coverdale Diamond Galleria Yes
Crizwood Party Crasher Yes
CrystalKane Annie Yes
Crystalkane Cody Of The Shire Yes
Crystalkane Dream Maker Yes
Crystalkane Famous Amos No.
Dancasa High Society No.
Dancasa Joshua At Triple Crown Yes
Darane My Darling Clementine Yes
Deer Runs Kaitlin At Westview No.
Del Sol Look Me Up Yes
Del Sol One More Night No.
Elvenhome Bridesmaid No.
Evanlake Veronica Valentine Yes
Folklore Derbyrun Hennessy At Summit View Yes
Forestcreek Sugar Biscuit Yes
GCh Allegria Made You Look Yes
GCH Athercroft Love My Jimmy Chews CGC No.
GCH B&B's Sir Tobias Bragg Toby Yes
GCH Bonitos Companeros Kaleo Yes
GCH Bozi V.H. Lamslag of Piccadil, BN,CD,RE,CGC Yes
GCH CH Sonesta Sweet William RN CGC Yes
GCH Chadwick Scotch On The Rocks At Hudsonview Yes
GCH Castle Peak Diamond In The Ruff Yes
GCH Clarmarian Classic by Design Yes
GCH Clarmarian Covertly Wicked Yes
GCH Coverdale Fade Into Sunset Yes
GCH Crizwood's Dream A Little Dream Yes
GCH Dreamvale Tri Your Luck At Parkbury Yes
GCH Hillwood Candid Expression Yes
GCH Huntland Coco Chanel Yes
GCH Lacanina Fratello Sole CAA Yes
GCH Mcytation Irish Blessing Yes
GCH Middlemarsh Rhett Butler At B&B Yes
GCH Piccadil's Twist And Shout Yes
GCH Pinnacle's Bit O Honey CA Yes
GCH Tudorose All That Jazz At Pinnacle Yes
GCH Tudorose Rembrandt Yes
Grandville Petrouchka Yes
Harrington Haute Stuff Yes
Hillwood Front Page Story Yes
JP's Buster Brown No.
Kabaret Take That Red Yes
Karlee's Funny Hunny at Peglen Yes
Karlee's Somebody To Love No.
Keje Harley Davidson Phat Boy No.
Kenmillen Passion Fruit RN, RA, RE, CD, NA, NAJ Yes
KingsCourt Valentina De Bella No.
LaCanina Fairhaven Under The Tuscan Sun No.
Landseer Delilah, RA, CGC No.
Laurelwind Tiger Lilee Yes
Lexwin Castle In The Clouds At Summit View Yes
Loranka's Lord Branwell No.
Mayo Maxillian CD No.
Milhaven I Luv Paris At TruElegance No.
Milhaven's Legend Of Panama Hattie No.
Mysticknight's Frankie B Steppin' Out Yes
O'Skot's Hot To Trot Yes
Orchard Hill Double Tough Yes
Pavorotti De Bella Yes
Peglen Gray Stone Sunday Best No.
Pinnacle's Midnight Magic Yes
Rohan Dela Roi D' Riverside No.
Serafina De Bella No.
Sherah Sunshine Spice Dream Yes
Sonesta Patience Yes
Stagecoach's Lady Seeing Polka Dots, BN Yes
Triple Crown's Avatar Yes
Vanderburn Gossip Girl @ Pinnacle Yes
Westview's Carmel Swirl RN, RA, RE, CD Yes
Westview's The Bruce Legend RN Yes
Windham Lost Sailor At Cennebec No.
Winterhaven Catch The Wind No.
Wye We Be Jammin'@ Athercroft No.
Wyldtree Redwood Rambler No.

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