brag.jpg Total Subscribed West Highland White Terriers: 71
Alborada Villancico No.
Am Can BIS BISS Ch Donnybrooks Connor, CGC Yes
Brimars Southern Belle D'Borgo Yes
CH Altrincham Allons-Y Urwiska Szkocji Yes
CH Altrincham Daphinitive Answer CGC Yes
CH Altrincham Foalchu Bheag Bhan RN CGC TDI Yes
Ch Ashgate U.S. Great Expectations Yes
Ch Ashgate U.S. Late Nite Ginger Snap Yes
Ch Ashgate U.S. Strike A Pose Yes
Ch. Bellisa Buck Adoxa Yes
CH Charosmack Crispy Creme Yes
CH Country Boy Al Becha Dancin' Too RN CGC TDI Yes
CH Country Girl Altrincham Line Dancer RN CGC TDI Yes
Ch Donnybrooks Stella Of Stargate, CGC Yes
CH Elsinore Grand Cuvee, CGC Yes
Ch Elsinore Love That Dirty Water Yes
Ch Elsinore Veuve Clicquot Yes
Ch. Elsinore We Believe Yes
Ch Glennhaven's Danny Boy O' Donnybrook Yes
Ch Loch Nelle's Miss Behaving O'Windhill CA No.
Ch Mac-Ken-Char's Patriot Dream No.
Ch. Mac-Ken-Char's Sapphire Sadie No.
CH Moon Honey Urwiska Szkocji RN Yes
CH Napoleonka Urwiska Szkocji RN Yes
Ch Orions Distant Horizon O'er Brimar Yes
CH Richmont Coach Insignia Yes
CH Richmont Dancin With the Stars No.
Ch Richmont Grande Marque, CGC Yes
CH Richmont Jaxon O Wanrich Yes
Ch Richmont Margaux Elsinore, RN, CD Yes
CH Rospout Adamant Yes
CH Rospout Strike Up The Band Yes
CH Rospout's Made To Order Yes
Ch Rotella-Bay's I Wish You Love At McElroy Yes
Ch. Rotella-Bay's Pocketful Of Miracles Yes
CH Serendipity's Causing Trouble at Rospout Yes
Ch The Boss De New Gryffindor Yes
CH White Sands Mid-Night Express O'Lochnelle Windhill Yes
Ch Whitesprite's Most Happy Fella Of Glenmaw No.
Ch Wyndbrae's Copacabana Coquette No.
CH Wyndbrae's Tartan Tillie No.
Ch.Elsinore Elixir No.
Champion Wee Winsome Strikes A Pose Yes
Can/AmGCh Blythefell Fergus No.
Elsinore Elixir No.
Elsinore Elixir No.
Elsinore Elixir No.
Elsinore Payoff Pitch Yes
GCH White Witch Pai Vertragus Yes
GCH CH Altrincham Camelot's Foil Highland Glen Yes
GCH. Ch. Rotella-Bay's I'm a Son of a Gun Yes
GCh Churchwarden's Beatrix At Donnybrook Yes
GCH. Deerhaven Hez Justin Kredible At Orion Yes
GCh Holyrood's Here Comes The Son @ Briarton Yes
GCH Wyndbrae's Maclaren No.
Highlands Gingersnap No.
Highlands Pretty Pretty Please For Hollow Oaks No.
Love Me Tender Wesley of Richmont, CDX, RA Yes
Lucky Boy From Vixan Yes
Nutmeg's Monarch Of The Lake Yes
Richmont Hot To Trot No.
Rospout's Ramblin Rose Yes
Rotella-Bay's Kiss Me Kate Yes
Skyehigh's MKC Bonaparte Yes
Touch Of Magic Sugar Star Yes
Wildwoods Coconut Cravings Yes
Wyndbrae's Argyle Annie No.
Wyndbrae's Simon Templar The Saint No.

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