brag.jpg Total Subscribed Parson Russell Terriers: 124
American Champion Attract Attentions She'zz On Fire Yes
BIS BISS GCH CAN CH Foxbend Call My Agent Yes
BIS GRCH Snow Winds Masked Bandit Yes
BIS MBISS GCH Posey Canyon No Brainer! No.
BISS Ch Posey Canyon Here's Stu You! SE, RN, CGC, VDX Yes
BISS GCH Ardsley Run Heaven Sent Yes
BISS GCH. Cobblestones Pale Rider Yes
BISS GCH Posey Canyon Classic Stun Gun Yes
BISS Gch Bayshore King Midas Yes
BISS Silver GCH Premiere Gossip Girl @ Sunrock Yes
Bayjink Lonely Tear Drop Yes
Blue Ridge's Seismic Rayleigh Yes
Brywood Just Gettin' Started Yes
Ch. Bayjink She's A Hella Bella,JE Yes
Ch Bayshore's Girls Nite Out Yes
Ch Bayshore's It's All About Her Yes
Ch Bayshore's Lethal Habit JE Yes
Ch Blue Ridge's Off The Richter Scale Yes
Ch Bowery Queen Of Swords JE ROM Yes
Ch Brillwood Don't Fence Me In Yes
Ch. Broken Ridge King Of Hearts No.
Ch. Cobblestones Chosen One Yes
Ch. Cobblestones Pin Up Girl Yes
Ch Eastlake Shiver Me Timbers Yes
Ch Edison's California Gypsy, CGC,JE Yes
Ch. Fox Valley Cover Girl Yes
Ch. Fox Valley Glowing Ember Yes
CH Foxcombevale Smartie,ROM,JE,CA Yes
CH Foxwarren Ballerian,CA Yes
CH Foxwarren Finder,CGC Yes
CH Foxwarren Traveller, CGC,CA Yes
Ch Heart -Songs Hallelujah Chorus,JE,CGC Yes
CH Heart-Songs Celebration Of Light Yes
Ch Heart-Songs Cello Concerto SE Yes
CH Heart-Songs Come Fly With Me Of Foxwarren Yes
Ch Heart-Songs Great Marks,VDX,ME,RN,CA,CGC Yes
CH Heart-Songs King of Cool,CGC,CA,JE Yes
CH Heart-Songs King of the Road of Foxwarren Yes
CH Heart-Songs Last Dance,JE,CA,CGC Yes
CH Heart-Songs Little Miss Smartie Pants,CGC,CA Yes
CH Heart-Songs Off To The Races,CA Yes
CH Heart-Songs Trend Setter - YaYa Chique Yes
CH Heart-Songs You've Got My Number,CGC,CA Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Call Me Maybe Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Fallen Angel Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Paparazzi Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Plain White Teez Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Shock Value Yes
Ch Laurel Oak Shockwave Yes
Ch Laurel Oak's Rock Star @ Questan Yes
Ch. Parson Puck Fair Yes
CH Pocket Rocket Jez"E"Bel Yes
CH. Pocket Rocket Shot Thru The Heart Yes
CH Pocket Rocket Tornadic Activity Yes
CH Posey Canyon Classic Hijinx Yes
Ch Posey Canyon U Wont Regret Her! SE, RN, CGC, VDA Yes
CH. Riverside Lymerick Yes
Ch Rustlers Boozy Wench SE Yes
Ch Rustlers Princess Ecko SE CGC Yes
Ch Shasta N Mystifying Reflection Yes
Ch Snow Winds Batteries Not Included Yes
CH Sundowner Jack's Dandy Legs,JE,CA,CGC Yes
CH Sundowner What's In A Name? Juliet Of Heart-Songs, ME,CA,CGC Yes
CH Sundowners ChiAnn's Social Club,JE,CA,CGC Yes
CH Sunrock's Born To Be Wild @ Kari-On Yes
CH. Sunrock's Make My Day ROM Yes
CH Sunrock's Mustang Sally Yes
CH Sunrock's Pieces of Eight Yes
CH. Sunrock's Princess Zoe Yes
CH Sunrock's Spot On Yes
CH Sunrock's Unplanned Parley Yes
CH Sunrock's Violets Are Blue By Rosewood Yes
CH. Sunrock's What Lola Wants, Lola Gets Yes
CH. Sunrock's When Harry Met Zelda Yes
CH. Sunrock's You Made My Day JE Yes
CH Sunrocks Diamondstud Yes
Ch Thunder Hill Soul Journey Yes
Ch Thunder Hill Soul Passion Yes
CH Willowbank Catchmeifucan Yes
Ch.Cobblestone Gunslinger Yes
Cobblestone 'N Hideaway's Caramel Kisses Yes
Cobblestones Right Hand Man Yes
Foxbend Celebrity Status No.
Foxbend Colour Me First Of Thunder Hill No.
Foxwarren Traveller Yes
GCH CAN CH HeartSongs Be My Little Baby,CGC Yes
GCH CH Heart-Songs Breath Of Heaven,SE,CA,CGC Yes
GCH CH Sundowner Simon Sez Let's Dance, CA,CGC Yes
GCH CH Thunder Hill Over The Moon CHIC Yes
GCH CH Thunder Hill Rumer Has It CHIC Yes
GCH Cobblestones Six Million Dollar Man Yes
GCH Ratrace Surfer Girl Rosewood Yes
GCH Windy Valley Little Bit Of Luck,ROM,CGC Yes
GR CH Brillwood A Designer Original Yes
GR CH Pocket Rocket New Year's Promise Yes
Gch Blue Ridge's TNT Pandemonium Yes
Gch Edison's TNT Aftershock Yes
Gch Laurel Oak Bella Gloria SeptiemeCiel Yes
Gch Laurel Oak Brywood Legal Tender Yes
Heart-Songs Elementary My Dear Yes
Heart-Songs I'm Miss Bea Haven,JE Yes
Heart-Songs Late For The Honeymoon Of Foxwarren Yes
Heart-Songs You Put A Spell On Me Of Foxwarren No.
Laurel Oak Madalar Meant To Be Yes
Laurel Oak Pull My Tag Yes
Loyalville's Splash And Dash No.
MBISS CH Fox Valley Causin A Commotion Yes
MBISS GCH CH Dream Hi's Lil' Surfer Dude Yes
Maple Run Spumante With A Spike Yes
Parson Hill Twice As Nice At Laurel Oak Yes
Parsonpatch Who's A Swinger No.
Pocket Rocket Blonde Bombshell Yes
Pocket Rocket Song Of Ice And Fire No.
Rednock Handsdown Yes
Rustler's Lone Star Cosmo JE CGC Yes
Sundowner Notorious Secret Of Heart-Songs SE,CA,CGC Yes
Sundowner Talk of the Town-Gabbie of Heart-Song, CGC,CA,BN,RN Yes
Sunrock's On Point at Thunder Hill No.
Thunder Moon Shadows No.
U-GRCH,Ratrace Anghus MacBayley,CDX,CGC,JE,RTD,SE No.
Ukc Ch Pocket Rocket Emma-80 No.
Willowbrook I Heard A Rumor Yes

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