brag.jpg Total Subscribed Norwich Terriers: 39
CH Camio's Educated Enchantress Yes
CH. Camio's Educated Guess, NJP Yes
CH Camio's Educated In Vegas Yes
CH Debe's Rain Drop Of Foxlea Yes
Ch Fairfield Frankly My Dear Yes
CH Fishback Prom Queen Yes
CH Foxlea K-Town Troublemaker Yes
Ch Foxwood Chasing A Dream Yes
Ch Foxwood Noble Ninja No.
CH Janoras Simple Indulgence Yes
CH Janoras Word Play Yes
CH Ji-Ros Hotspur - Call Me Nigel Yes
CH. Romany's Admiral Lord Nelson No.
Ch Romany's Phoebe Of Wit's End Yes
CH Shoebutton's Beau Burnside NA, NAJ Yes
CH. Shoebutton's Osbert Unger Yes
CH. Shoebutton's Pegeen Ryan Yes
Ch So BB's 'Geechee Gater Bait No.
Ch. Synerwich Wooly Bully Yes
Dunbar's Kensington Square Yes
Fishback Goody Goody Gumdrops Yes
GCH Apollo Yes
GCH CK Dexter Haven Of Oakley Yes
GCH Camio's Educated Aviator Yes
GCh. Camio's Educated Exemplar Yes
GCH Highwood's Whirling Dun Yes
GCH Oak Wood's Starburst Yes
GCH Shorttales The Secret Of The Mansion Of K-Town Yes
GCH Skyscot's Texas Hold 'Em Yes
Janoras I'm Sexy Stuff Yes
Janoras Luck Of The Draw Yes
Janoras Strut My Stuff Yes
K-Town's Best Kept Secret Yes
K-Town's Secret Treasure No.
Littlefield Tesoro Prezioso Yes
Shoebutton's Forest Tucker Yes
Shoebutton's Peggy Cass Yes
Shoebutton's Scalawag Cowboy Yes
Verdant's Go Go Diego No.

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