brag.jpg Total Subscribed Norfolk Terriers: 46
Abella's Hell's A Poppin' No.
Arroyo's Biscuit 'N' Gravy No.
Arroyo's Cat Ballou No.
Arroyo's Fallen Angel No.
Arroyo's Jewel Of The Nile No.
Arroyo's Jingle All The Way No.
Arroyo's Late Night Chatter No.
Arroyo's Potato Bread No.
Arroyo's Punkin Seed Yes
Arroyo's Summersault Yes
Arroyo's Vanity No.
Arroyo's Vaquerita No.
BIS GCH. Bigwig's Mack the Knife Yes
CH Argyle Prince Harry Yes
Ch Arroyo's Devil Or Angel No.
Ch Arroyo's Diablita No.
Ch Franaro Fancy Free RN CGC TDI TT No.
Ch Huntsman Woodland Camper Yes
CH Martone All That Jazz No.
Ch Martone Amethyst At Locklan, RN Yes
CH Martone Eden's A Star Is Born No.
Ch Martone Eden's Future Hope Yes
Ch Martone Eden's Justice For All No.
CH Martone Eden's Luke No.
Ch Martone Eden's Pure Zen CA No.
Ch Martone Eden's Solid As A Rock Yes
Ch Martone Eden's Treasure Box No.
Ch Martone Precious Emerald Yes
CH Martone Precious Saphire Yes
Ch Martone Precious Silver, JE No.
Ch Rightly So Bear With Me, NA, NAJ, TT No.
CH Rightly So In Response II Yes
Ch. Tenterra Dance Man Yes
Ch. Tenterra Lord of the Dance Yes
G CH Chantilly's Black Bella Rose Yes
G CH Rightly So Just In Time No.
GCH Martone Eden's A League Of His Own, CA, CAA Yes
GRCH Some Buddy Llwydd Eric The Red Yes
Havic's Autumn Gold At Huntsman Yes
Locklan Amber Lynn Sweany, RN, CGC, TDI, TT No.
Locklan Director's Cut Yes
Locklan School Days Yes
Martone Eden's High Voltage CA Yes
Martone Eden's Storm Surge CA No.
Martone Eden's The Wind In Our Sails, RN Yes
Martone Precious Onyx Yes

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