brag.jpg Total Subscribed Samoyeds: 198
AKC & Can. Ch Linrosa's Painted Lady T'Echo Yes
AKC & INT CH Bravo's at Lhotse Summit , WSX, RN, THD, CGC, TDIA Yes
AKC & INT GCH Orkdomain's Ascent Of Denali, RN,WSX, HCT, TDI, CGC Yes
AKC & UKC CH Rapture's Moustan Of Kenway TD,CGC Yes
AKC CH / multi BIS UKC CH Mighty Wizard Iz Moskovskoy Metely Yes
AKC Ch. Sunfire's Amethyst, WSX, CGC-A, THD, TDI, HCT Yes
AKC GCh. Ch. Lhotse's Sunfire On Kara Sea, WS, CGC,TDI Yes
AKC GCH. Firecloud's You Must Bee Joe Kin, RN, CAX, CGCA, WS, HCT Yes
AKC GCh Mystiwind's Sunfire 'N Ice, WS,CGC-A,TDI,HCT Yes
AKC GCh/Can/UKC Ch Ala-Kasam's Spirit Of The Snow BISS Yes
AKC GCh/UKC Ch Ala-Kasam's Making Spirits Bright WS Yes
AKC GCH/UKC Grch Danica's Punk Rocker Yes
AKC/INT/NAT Ch Rapture's It's A Wonderful Life Yes
AKC/Int Ch White Gold's Captain Courageous Yes
AKC/Int Ch. Castle's Rasia Of White Gold Yes
AKC/Int CH. White Gold All Dogs Go T' Heaven HCT Yes
AKC/Int GCh White Gold's Bit O' The Bubbly Yes
AKC/Int GCh White Gold's Heaven Sent Yes
AKC/Int/Nat CH White Gold Leah Of White Eagle's Yes
AKC/Int/Nat/UKC CH Samkotas Sabre Of White Gold HIC Yes
AKC/Int/UKC CH. White Gold's Bluestorm Breeze Yes
AKC/Int/UKC CH White Gold's Distant Thunder Yes
AKC/Int/UKC Ch WhiteGold's Belle Of Bluestorm HIC Yes
AKC/Int/UKC GR CH White Gold's Salty Dawg Yes
AKC/UKC CH Lhotse's Sierra - Range of Light, Thd, WSX, JHD-g, CGC Yes
AKC/UKC/Int CH White Gold's Destined To Dazzle Yes
Ala-kasam's Let's Make A Deal Yes
Am / Aust CH Lunasea My Oz Delight O Klaska Yes
Am Ch Novel S'mist All About Snezhynka CD RA CGC/TDI No.
Am GCH/ Can CH Celticfrost Ranger N West Free Yes
Am. Can. Ch. Ala-Kasam's Catch The Spirit Yes
Am/Can CH. Cascade 'N Starstruck's Surfin' Sahalie CA Yes
Am/Can Ch Gilara's Court Jester Yes
Am/Can Ch. Wintersong's Lucky Charm NJP, HCT, CGC Yes
Am/Int Ch Echo's Estanya Glasya Dux CGC/TDI Yes
Am/Int CH. White Gold's Ice with Spice Yes
Am/Intl.CH. Firecloud's Heaven Forbid, WSX,CGC,TDI,HCT Yes
Am/UKC Ch Ala-Kasam's Spirit Of Fire WS Yes
Articcross N SFX Le Neveu De L'Argile Yes
BGCh Mystic Oz's Lights Camera Action Yes
BIS Am/Can Ch Dasha Lucerne's Solo Act No.
BIS GCH Polar Mist N Bark Bark's Built Tough Yes
BIS MBISS PGCH Glacier's N Rowdy's Czargent Trouble Yes
BISS Am/Can/UKC Ch Ala-Kasam's Spirit Of The Wind, ROMX Yes
BISS GCH Samtasia's Shiloh The Perfect Storm Yes
BISS GCH White Gold's Kick'N Ice Of DJ Yes
BISS GCH White Magic's Little Rock Yes
Bark Bark's Red Light District Yes
Baywolf's Dancing in the Morning Mist No.
Baywolf's White Turtle Dove Standing Yes
CH CelticFrost Touch of WhiteGold Yes
Ch Cimmerron's Dixie Chick No.
Ch Ala-Kasam's Making Mischief Yes
Ch Ala-Kasam's Making Spirits Soar Yes
CH Ala-Kasam's Mystikal Spirit Yes
Ch Ala-Kasam's When T'Wind Blows WSX Yes
CH Ala-kasam's Spirit Of NASCAR Yes
CH Asher's Polar Mist Christmas No.
Ch Bark Bark's Freedom Isn't Free Yes
CH Bark Bark's Walking In Memphis Yes
CH. Cascade 'N Starstruck's Surfin' The Breeze Yes
CH Cot'N'Pic'N Polar Mist Magic Cruiser Yes
Ch Donnereign Gentlemans Choice Yes
Ch Donnereign Reve Du Jour Yes
Ch. Doubletake's She's Got It OA, OAJ, RN, AD, NAC, NJC, TN-N Yes
Ch Doubletake's When You Got It, Flaunt It RN, PT, CA, JHD-d Yes
Ch Echo's Unchained At Rapture Yes
CH. Fireclouds Heavenly Stargazer,CGC,TDI,HIC Yes
Ch Hoof' N Paws Snoshu Knight Yes
Ch KallieCo's Bruno Bel Canto Yes
CH. Kallieco's In The Pink Yes
CH Omega Leading Man Of Rapture HCT-s Yes
Ch Orkdomain's Arctic Phantom RN WSX No.
CH Polar Mist Blue Rdg Mtn Ice No.
CH Polar Mist Here Comes Lil'Goody Two Shoes Yes
CH Polar Mist Sir Winston Yes
CH Rapture 'N Snopack Friends For Life Yes
CH Rapture's Indiana Jones At Vancroft 'N Bullet Yes
CH Rapture's Jones New York Yes
CH Rapture's Lucy I'm Home Yes
Ch Rapture's Me and Mrs Jones Yes
Ch Rapture's Miss Priss Yes
CH Rapture's Packman Jones At RBD Yes
Ch Rapture's Sneak Preview Yes
CH Rapture's Stuck On You Yes
Ch Rapture's Visual Excitement Yes
Ch Rexann's Blonde Bombshell Yes
Ch SFX Northern Arctic Blast CD WSX No.
CH Samtasia's Code Breaker Yes
CH Samtasia's Mighty Quinn Yes
CH Samtasia's Serendipity Yes
CH Samtasia's Sorceress Yes
CH Sattu's Bewitching Samtasia Yes
Ch. Skilo Bear's Corbyn Bleu, THD, RN, CGC Yes
CH Snopack's Life Is A Cabernet With Rapture Yes
CH Snopack's Mr Big Shot Yes
Ch Snopack's Sneak Attack BISS, ROMC Yes
Ch SnowSongs Bell Bottom Blues Yes
CH Sweet Rock Adorable Valentine Yes
CH Sweet Rock Comin Around Again Yes
Ch Sweet Rock Radical Nikolai Levin Yes
Ch SweetRock When You're Hot You're Hot Yes
Ch Tega's Black Jack Yes
Ch Tobil's Total Eclipse Of The Sun Yes
CH White Gold LadyHawke of the Castle Yes
CH White Gold Rainbow's End Yes
CH White Gold's Wind Chill Effect Yes
Ch White Magic's Shakira O'Silver C No.
Ch Windyridge Everlasting Delight Yes
Ch Wintersong Heart Stopper No.
Ch Wintersong's Temptress HCT No.
Ch Zima's Cheszka Of White Magic Yes
Cascade 'N Starstruck's Canela No.
Cascade 'N Starstruck's Heavenly Breeze No.
Cascade 'N Starstruck's Into The Wind No.
Doubletake's Mighty Fine Wine No.
Doubletake's Silly Little Bear No.
Dux Wild At Heart No.
Echo's Dreaming of the Past Yes
Echo's Sweeet Dream Baby at Rapture Yes
Echo's True Lies Of Rapture Yes
Evenstar's Aragorn No.
GCh Ala-Kasam's Spirit Of Adventure Yes
GCH. Arctic Fox & Baywolf More Power 2U Yes
GCH. CH. Polar Mist Lucca Bianca Larosa Yes
GCH CH Samtasia's Sweet And Sassy Susie Yes
GCH Kallieco's On The Hunt Yes
GCH Lhotse's Chamonix-Mont Blanc, WSX, CAA, RN, JHD,HCT, CGC,TDI Yes
GCH McMagic's Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice Yes
GCh Moonmagics Total Eclipse Of The Moon CAX Yes
GCH Rocker's Down Payment Blues Yes
GCH Skilo Bear's Lady Tessa Of Downton Yes
GCh Spun Sugar's My Blue Heaven Yes
GCH Stolichnaya No.
GCh Tobil's Storm Warning At Sunrise Yes
GCH White Magic's Court Jester Yes
GCH Zima's Porosha Of White Magic No.
GRCH Skilo Bear's Major League Yes
Int Ch Dux Mechtatyela Echo CGC/TDI No.
Int. Ch. Alpine Blu's Simply Marvelous Yes
Int/UKC CH White Gold's Crystal Raven Yes
Int/UKC CH White Gold's Stocking Stuffer Yes
IntCH, NatCH, CGC Snowball's Chance 'N Hel White Onyx Yes
IntCH, White Sapphire's Walking On Sunshine Yes
Kabeara's Kusca Of Keeshamoya Yes
Lunasea Fantastic Baby Yes
Lunasea N Safyr Walk The Walk Yes
Merrilee's Avalanche Grimba Of KB CD RN WSX No.
Orkdomain's Aurora Glorialis Yes
Pearl's Jewel Of Skilo Bear Yes
Polar Mist Call My Pager Hachiko Yes
Polar Mist N Mishka's Winter Soldier At Diamond Yes
RBIS UKC CH (IABCA) Int BA-CH Dushanbe's Safyr Down The Road Yes
Rapture's 'Cause She's Worth It Yes
Rapture's Black Eyed Pea Yes
Rapture's Livin' The Good Life Yes
Rapture's Special Agent N.C.I.S. Yes
Reignmaker Joy Ride No.
Samtasia's Bragging News No.
Samtasia's Brody The White Mountain Man No.
Samtasia's Eminent Deity Yes
Samtasia's Penny Lane Yes
Samtasia's Poetry In Motion Yes
Samtasia's Tatiana The Dream Weaver No.
Skilo Bear's She's Out Of Your League Yes
SnoFox's First Moon Rising Yes
Snoshu's White Rose HNP No.
Snowater N Bark Bark's No No Nanette Yes
Sunfire's Clouds Over Denali Yes
Sunfire's Mist On Kara Sea, CGCA, TDI, HCTs Yes
Sunfire's Nordic Star,CGC Yes
Sweet Rock Beginners Luck No.
Sweet Rock Dancing With The Stars Yes
Sweet Rock I'm Adorable Too Yes
Sweet Rock Magical Mystery Tour No.
White Eagle's Blue Skyy Smilin' At Me No.
White Gold's B'Dazzled Yes
White Gold's Castle Prince Of Thieves Yes
White Gold's Game Over Yes
White Gold's Walkin' On Sunshine No.
White Gold's Wizard of Winter Yes
White Magic's Soaring New Heights No.
White Sapphire Samoyed's The Wonderful Blizzard Of Ox Yes
White Sapphire's Little Miss Adventure No.
Windyridge All That Glitters Yes
Wintersong Stormy Knight, CGC Yes
Wintersong's Blue Moon Rising Yes
Wintersong's Tracing Silhouette Yes

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