brag.jpg Total Subscribed St Bernards: 24
Amazing Saints Mi Alma Latina La Reina Delilah Yes
Beech Hill's Arlington No.
CH Heimer's U.S. Army No.
CH. SkyDancer Mr. Universe RN Yes
Ch Szajda's Neverending Story Yes
CH Westhaven Bee-yond Reproach Yes
Cache Retreat Col Hrt Hanah Yes
Copper Mtn's Chien De Monastere No.
GCH Belle Isle's Cookie V Cretan Yes
GCH Danka's Pretty Woman No.
GCH Jamelle's Aristocrat V Elba, CGC, RN Yes
GCH Lasquite's Denver V Lucas Yes
GCH SkyDancer Zenyatta V Szajda No.
Giffords Calamity Jane Of Royalty No.
Godsgift Casandra Di V Black River No.
Godsgift Leah Louise No.
Godsgift Malachi V Black River Yes
Mann's Precious Sabrina Yes
Mann's Wild Pebbles Yes
Mann's Wild Rose Yes
Rock And Roll's Pinball Wizard Yes
SkyDancer Kiss Me Im Irish No.
Slaton's Step Aside Boys No.
Who Dat's Baron La Croix No.

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