brag.jpg Total Subscribed Newfoundlands: 139
AKC CH. Bigdogfarm's Ami Spécial Chamonix Yes
AKC GCH. BigDogFarm Oh My Baby Huey Yes
AKC GCH. BigDogFarm's Intenso Azzurro Yes
AKC. CH. King of Helluland Clamity Jane No.
AM CH Bydands A Fyne Wee Nip At North Pier Yes
AM. CH. Bonhomme De La Terre Aux Loups Yes
Allison Acres Eastcoast Traveler No.
Allison Acres Maxine BN RN No.
Allison Acres Riley No.
Am.Ch. Bigdogfarms Aragon King of Aragon Sijo's Boy No.
Atocha's Today's The Day No.
Avalon Bey's Backstreet Consortium Yes
Avalon Bey's Dancing In The Dark Yes
Avalon Bey's Flamingo Rose Yes
Avalon Bey's Gone Platinum No.
Avalon Bey's Haute Couture Rosso Yes
Avalon Bey's I'll Love You Till I Die No.
Avalon Bey's LS Aladdin's Echo Yes
Avalon Bey's Queen Of The Fleet Yes
Avalon Bey's So What...I'm Still A Rock Star Yes
Avalon Bey's Strike A Pose Yes
Avalon Bey's The Tide Is High Yes
Avalon Bey's Wing Commander Yes
Avalon Beys Boone Yes
Avalon's Bey's Just Flicka Yes
BIS MBISS GCH Cypress Bay JL Snazzy Story At Avalon Bey Yes
BISS Ch Seacrest's First Born Son Yes
BISS GCH. Avalon Bey's Little Bit Of Thunder Yes
Beach Bears Forget Me Not Yes
Beach Bears Grrrls Rule No.
Beach Bears In The Beginning... No.
Beach Bears Moor From Sangar Yes
Beach Bears Third Harley No.
Beach Bears Troy Built No.
Belle Harbour's Who Ya Gonna Call Yes
Belle Harbours Lily On Seas Of Dark Yes
Belle Harbours Locker Room Distraction No.
Belle Harbours Rose Of The Sea Yes
Belle Harbours Vipers Choice Yes
BigDogFarm's Choc Et Effroi Yes
BigDogFarm's Le Noir Magnifique No.
BigDogFarm's Toujours Pre's D'ici Yes
BigLuv's Confre're Via BigDogFarm No.
Briarwood Marooned @ Beachbear Yes
Briarwoods Angie The Dickens No.
Briarwoods Evangeline No.
Briarwoods Mariah No.
CH. & GCH. Dreamcatcher Amber's Rox and Roll Yes
CH Allegiance Harp On This Top Shelf Yes
CH Annisquam Light's Perfect Gentleman No.
Ch Avalon Bey's Chairman Of The Board Yes
Ch Avalon Bey's Dante's Rainbow Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Harley Earl, RN, CGC Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Hocus Pocus Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Just Splendor In The Grass Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Key Largo Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Lake of the Lake Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Little Glass Slipper No.
CH. Avalon Bey's Park Avenue Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Sharp Dressed Man Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Silver Seas Of Kenai Yes
Ch Avalon Bey's Southern Belle Yes
Ch Avalon Bey's Stand By Your Man Yes
CH. Avalon Bey's Zailing In The Moonlight Yes
Ch. Beach Bear's As You Like It Yes
CH Belle Harbour's Chattanooga Chew Shoes Yes
CH. Belle Harbour's Razzle Dazzle Yes
CH BigDogFarm Hannibals MR Moses Yes
CH. Casa Loma Liberty's Amber Angel Yes
CH Cobar's Moving Violation At Top Shelf Yes
CH. Dreamcatcher You Can Leave Your Hat On Yes
CH Fairweather's National Treasure Yes
Ch Kloofbears Most Wanted Yes
Ch Longship N Forever Dancing In The Dark Yes
CH Seacliffs Confederate Ladi No.
Ch Southwind's Pouch Cove Sunshine Yes
Ch SunValley's Letter To Elise @ Mystic Ridge Yes
CH Top Shelf Brandy Alejanda Yes
CH Top Shelf Break Out The Bubbly Yes
CH Top Shelfs Brewed To Perfection Yes
CH Top Shelfs French Kiss Yes
CH Una De La Terre Aux Loups Yes
CH Uxo De La Terre Aux Loups Yes
Ch Waterbear's The Real Thing No.
Ch Windhaven's Born In The USA No.
Chekrdflags Favorite Treat From Belle Harbour Yes
Cypress Bays Frozen From Mtn-To-Sea To Belle Harbour Yes
Dreamcatcher Baylee's Stuck On You Yes
GCH. Avalon Bey's Are The Stars Out Tonight Yes
GCH Avalon Bey's Chairman of the Board Yes
GCH. Avalon Bey's Steel Design Yes
GCh Beach Bears Hellion Of Troy Yes
GCH Belle Harbour's Sweet Sensation via Chekrdflags Yes
GCH CH Tempests Trident Yes
GCH Chekrd Flags I Told You So! Yes
GCH. Chekrdflag's French Kiss For Belle Harbour Yes
GCH Emalani Of Old Bay Yes
GCH Fearless Bears In The Red RN Yes
GCh Joyride Yes
GCH Kloofbear's Mischief Managed Yes
GCH Longship's New England Patriot Yes
GCh Mermaids Pride First Time Offender CD, RN Yes
GCH Old Bay's Cool Hand Luke At Belle Harbour Yes
GCH Seabrooks Bettina Bracco Of Pouch Cove CGC Yes
GCH ThreePond's Zambuca On The Rocks Yes
GCH Top Shelf Spiced With Old Bay NJP RN Yes
GCH Top Shelf's Fearless Run for Independence Yes
GCH Top Shelfs Love Drunk Yes
GCH Voldemort At Chekrd Des Oursons Du Vent Yes
GCH Windhaven She's The Real Cruz-Penelope Yes
King Of Helluland Georgeus Girl Yes
Kloofbear's Beginner's Luck Yes
Kloofbear's Heir To The Throne Yes
Kloofbear's Sophisticated Rascal Yes
MBISS GCH Shadrack's My Heart's Darling CGC No.
MBISS/MBIS Am/Can Silver GCH Heartsease King Of The Jungle Yes
Majestic Trail's Hercules Of Briarwood Yes
Nuvo TopShelf's Oh Fudge! Yes
Nuvo TopShelf's On The Sauce Yes
Nuvo TopShelf's Out On Bail Yes
Old Bay Because I Can No.
Old Bay's Dash Of Spice Yes
Old Bay's Lead Me To Temptation Yes
Old Bay's Oahu Astaire N At Yes
Old Bay's Please Don't Squeeze The Charm'n Yes
Old Bay's Raven Evermore Yes
Sent-Djons Hero For Kloofbear Yes
Sent-Djons One And Only Yes
Sunvalleys Hazy Shade Of Winter @ Mystic Ridge Yes
ThreePonds Those Were The Days Yes
Threeponds Time And Time Again Yes
Timberknolls You Be The Judge No.
Top Shelfs Knock Your Socks Off Yes
Top Shelfs Love Hangover Yes
Top Shelfs Party Plates Yes
Turftides Breezing Up At Bear N Mind CD CGC Yes

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