brag.jpg Total Subscribed Mastiffs: 273
AKC CH/UKC GRCH/INT CH Epiphany's Next Big Thing CGC, TDI Yes
AKC/UKC CH Epiphany's One Step Closer Yes
AKC/UKC CH Epiphany's Overnight Sensation CGC, TDI Yes
AM/MEX CH Celtic's Sweet Sam Yes
Am/Can Ch. Landondale's Beyond Yankee Blu Yes
Am/Can Ch. Stony Point's Northern Tradition Yes
Am/Can/Int/UKC Ch. Moonhill Gatehse HavA Drnk OnMe,RN CGC TT TDIA Yes
Am/Can/UKC Ch. WileyWays Gatehouse Unstpbl Force, CGC Yes
Ashber's New Moon Over The Bayou No.
Audley Farms Look 'N' Good Darleen Yes
BIS UKC/Intl/Can/Am SGCH Rainy Days Eight Second Ride CGC TDI TT Yes
BISS Can CH/Am Bronze GCH Bendegeit's William The Brave, CGN, TT Yes
Bearhill's Pisgah to the Moon Alice No.
Beowulfs Sunrise Surprise No.
Big Paws Amazing Grace Yes
Bluegrass Deez Wild Liz Tayler Yes
Bronze Gch.Ch. Fireside's He's the Bomb Yes
CH Greesons Body Butter Yes
CH / UKC CH Friends One Bad Boy Yes
Ch Armor Trails Annabelle's Honor Way Yes
CH. Armor Trails With A Rebel Yell Yes
CH Beowulfs Grand Slam Yes
Ch. Beowulfs I'm Your Huckleberry No.
CH Beowulfs Mr Cool Guy Yes
CH Big Paws Louie V Has Nothin On Gucci Yes
CH Bluegrass Deez Myzdee Ridge Lady M'Kenzee Yes
Ch. Brija's Gunslinger, CGC Yes
Ch. Britestar BenzThere DoneThat Yes
Ch Celestial Bella Of Mt Cydonia Yes
Ch Celestial Castlerea St Patrick, CGC Yes
CH Celestial Dunkirk The Real McCoy Yes
CH Celestial Four Part Harmony Yes
CH Celestial Hummina Hummina Yes
Ch Celestial James Tiberius, CGC Yes
Ch Celestial Madonna Mia Yes
CH Celestial Ya Gotta Believe Yes
CH Coopers Audley Open All Nite Yes
CH Coopers Check, Please!! Yes
CH Coopers Kaigans Bachs Of Rocks Yes
CH Coopers Minkas Moonlight Yes
CH Coopers Pursuit To Kaigans High Speed Chase Yes
CH Coopers Right To Bear Arms Yes
CH Coopers Romancing The Stone Yes
CH Coopers The Spell Was Cast Yes
CH Coopers-Jfarms Centerfold Yes
Ch. Day Dream Acres Grt Xpectations, CGC Yes
CH Diesel Of Safe Haven Yes
Ch. Dohse Did It My Way At The Oasis No.
CH Dream Weaver Back To The Future, CGC Yes
Ch Eastwinds Comfortably Numb Yes
CH. Erieside Ivanna A New Hope Yes
Ch Erieside's Wookie Chewbacca Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Blaze of Glory Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Carbon Copy Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Denny Crane Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Everybodys Talkin Yes
Ch. Goldleaf's Hit The Jackpot Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Limited Tradition Yes
Ch. Goldleaf's Mighty Quinn Yes
Ch. Goldleaf's Skye's The Limit Yes
Ch Goldleaf's Sweet Ginger Yes
Ch. Goldleaf's Vegas Showgirl Yes
CH. Greesons Biggen Mo Betta No.
CH. Greesons Earth Angel Yes
CH Greesons Edward The Unready Yes
CH. Greesons Even Mo Betta Yes
CH Greesons Eye Candy Yes
CH. Greesons I'm No Angel Yes
CH. Greesons Ibe Soo Mo Betta Yes
CH Greesons MM41 Waaygood Claire No.
CH. Greesons MM41 Waaygood Lindsay No.
CH Greesons Sweet Irish Rose Yes
CH. Greesons Tar Rara Boom Dee Aye No.
CH. Greesons Waay Mo Betta Yes
Ch. Gunslinger's Scarlett O'Hara BN RN Yes
Ch His Majesty Mighty Joe Young Bearhill Yes
CH Honor Way's Lady Nzuri Sana Bingwa Yes
CH Hrothgars Island Spice Girl Yes
CH Jadems Musical Masterpiece No.
Ch Kaigan's El Shaddai's Faith Yes
Ch. Lakewood's Golden Boy Yes
Ch Lakewood's Maximus of Pisgah Yes
Ch. Lakewood's Midnight Star Yes
Ch Lakewood's Trixie By Twilight Yes
Ch. Lamars A Tout Le Monde at Nittany Yes
Ch Lamars Claudius Optimus Yes
Ch Lamars In It To Win It Yes
Ch Lamars Twist Of Fate Yes
Ch. Landondale's Indiana Jones Yes
Ch. Lazy D Ceremony Mtneers R Alwys Free No.
Ch. Lazy D Queen Anne's Revenge Yes
CH Lexington Major Gooch, CGC Yes
Ch. Lexington's Let The Wild Rumpus Start Yes
CH Lexington's Uncle Mugsy CGC Yes
Ch. Merovingian's Juggernaut Yes
CH Midknight's Hocus Pocus Yes
Ch Midknight's Notorious D.O.G. Biggie Paws Yes
CH. Midknight's The Die Is Cast Yes
CH Midknight's When I'm Bad I'm Better Yes
Ch. Moonhill Mohawk Kiss of the Gods, CGC Yes
Ch Mtn Oaks N Ringsides Leo Yes
Ch Mtn Oaks N Ringsides Rose Yes
Ch. Nacimiento Walking The Line Yes
Ch. Nacimientos Bright Star Yes
Ch. Nacimientos Lukin At The Stars Yes
CH Pallones Diamond In The Ruff Yes
Ch. Pallones Glorious Nacimiento Grace Yes
Ch. Pallones Nacimiento Danny Girl Yes
Ch. Peerless Rockee Top Talk To The Paw Yes
Ch. Pendragon's Puff of Honalee Yes
Ch Pisgah Forest LKwood Raisn' Cain Yes
Ch Pisgah Forest Reeking Havoc Yes
CH Prairie Buffalo Epiphany Star Yes
CH Redbarns Shehasta Have Everything Yes
Ch. Redclays Baudouin Le Roi Yes
Ch. Rockee Top Dream Rider Yes
Ch Rockport's Winter Rose Yes
CH Rocky Creeks In The Swamp Yes
CH Rosehill's Land Before Time Yes
Ch. Royal K Wild Card at Stonewall No.
CH Sandragons Majestic Dragon Yes
CH. Semper Fi Stella Of OVERLOOK Yes
CH Smok'N Lad'sPhoenixRisingAtSouthCreekCD,BN,RN,CGCA,CA,GN,NDD Yes
CH Sowega's Sir Chubbington Of Honor Way Yes
CH Stargazer's Walter Waylan Yes
CH. Stony Point's Head Of A Warrior, CGC, TDI Yes
CH. Stony Point's Kiss Me Deadly Yes
CH Sweet Wilamina Gem Of Jersey Yes
CH TR2C's Gorgeous Gary Yes
CH. Tusacny's Fireheart at EMTK Yes
CH Tuscany's Amanti Dei Acqua At EMTK No.
CH. Tuscany's Dolce Far Niente At EMTK Yes
Ch. Valleywood Fly Me To The Moon Dohse, CGC Yes
Ch. Valleywood Luck Be A Lady Dohse No.
Ch. Van D Bearmtn Stars 'N' Stripes, CGC, TT Yes
Ch. Van D's Tangled Up N'Blu, CGC Yes
Ch Woodhill's Kensington Yes
CH.Eastwinds Bronson Of Mtnview Yes
Ch.Eastwinds Dark Star Yes
Ch.Mountainview's Because I Can Yes
Ch.Mountainview's Don't Take Your Love To Town Yes
CH.Mtnview's Bronx Bomber Yes
Celestial Castlerea St Bridget Yes
Celestial Flintlock Beam Me Up Yes
Celestial Flintlock Fantasy Yes
Celestial Layla's Faery Tail Yes
Coopers & Audley Jewel Of The Nile Yes
Deez Irresistible Pink Lady Rizzo Yes
Dujon's Kiss Me Mister Yes
Eastwind's It's Time at Braveheart Yes
Epiphany's Major Rager Yes
Epiphany's Paint It Black RN, CGC, TDI Yes
Epiphany's Picture If You Will Yes
Eyota's Optimus Yes
Eyota's Smooth Like Butter Yes
Friends Lady In Red Yes
GCH Coopers Pride Of The Old Dominion AOM Yes
GCH /UKC CH Friends Sargeant Breakthough Yes
GCH Beowulfs A Spoonful Of Sugar Yes
GCH Big Paws Nala The Diamond Waay No.
GCH Big Paws Prada The Designer's Choice Yes
GCH CH Audley Farms Wrinkle In Time Yes
GCH CH Coopers & Audley Roger That Yes
GCH Ch Goldleafs Sherman Tank Yes
GCH CH/UKC CH Epiphany's I Know They're Watching Yes
GCH Caledonia's Brazenhead Big Easy Yes
GCH Coopers Spiced Peaches Yes
GCH Cooperz Kaigans Hot Tamale Yes
GCH. Excelsior's Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud, CGC Yes
GCH Fireside Cruisin' To Cricket's Music At Redbarn, CGC, TDI Yes
GCH Fireside Things Are Heating Up at Redbarn, CGC No.
GCH Friends Big Gun "Gunnar" Yes
GCH Genesis Jethro At Rydalmount Yes
GCH Honor Way's Lady Luck O' The Irish Yes
GCH Honor Way's Mystical Maggie Yes
GCh. Kaigans Matilda the Hun Yes
GCh. Merovingian Dagoberts Revenge of Lazy D Yes
GCH. Midknight's Coldstream Guard Yes
GCh Rasalas Sip'N Red Red Wine @ Dragonlord Yes
GCH Redbarns For Grits And Giggles, RN, CGC No.
GCH Riddermark's New Groove, CGC, TDI, THD Yes
GCH Silverado's Bijoux Precieux Skyfield Yes
GCH Stargazers Hillbilly Deluxe Yes
GCH TR2C's Lady Anna Bella CGC Yes
GCH TR2C's Miss Chloe CGC Yes
GCH Woodhill's Angelika Yes
GCh Wynwood Summer's RH Windsor Of Woodhill Yes
GCH/INTL/UKC Mighty Maverick Of H & H Acres, CGC, TDI, TT Yes
GCH/INTN'L/ UKC CH Genesis Friends Briezee Ann Yes
GChCh Dandylions Athena At Her Majesty's Request Yes
GChCh Lazy D's Spartacus At Her Majesty's Request Yes
GCH.Mountainview's Gotta Have Him Yes
GCh.Mountainviews Kissa My Face Contessa,CGC,TDI Yes
GCH.Mtnviews Peanut Didn't Do It Yes
Gary Schneider's Deez Rockin Zee Of Hess' Country Yes
Gatehouse VanD Dryvs Lyk A Dream, RN, CGC, TT, TDI No.
Goldleaf Emma Rules Yes
Goldleaf's Bundle Of Joy Yes
Goldleaf's Ever After Yes
Goldleaf's Gentle Ben Yes
Goldleaf's High Sierra No.
Goldleaf's Joy's Boy Toy Yes
Goldleaf's Limited Edition Yes
Goldleaf's Oakwood's Camille Von Finis Yes
Goldleaf's Oakwoods He's Got The Look Yes
Goldleaf's Perfect Fit For Redbarn, RN No.
Goldleaf's Raising Kane Yes
Goldleaf's Rumour Has It Yes
Goldleaf's She's A Head-Turner Yes
Green Meadow's Fangs Of Fury Yes
Greesons Adora Belle Yes
Greesons Bring It On No.
Greesons Doin It My Waay Yes
Greesons Drama Queen Yes
Greesons Earth Shakin Eddie Yes
Greesons Good Medicine Yes
Greesons Hoochie Mama No.
Greesons Moe Mo Betta Yes
Greesons Pure Bliss Yes
Greesons Rogue Angel Yes
Greesons Sandy Paws Yes
Greesons Sir Mooch Alot Tar Yes
Greesons Sweet Samantha Yes
Greesons Tar Tufo Yes
Greesons Texas Ranger Yes
Greesons Waltz Across Texas Yes
Greiner Hall Constable Tugswell No.
HLF'S Hogan's My Hero Yes
Harvest Haze's Bosco Newman The Second No.
His Majesty D'Ogi Bodacious The Bull No.
His Majesty Tessa No.
His Majesty's Lady Sage Of Dogi No.
Hrothgars Diamond In The Ruff Yes
Lacelle Celestial Vie En Rouge Yes
Lakewood Golden Midnight Caruso No.
Lakewood' Abbigale of Dalton No.
Lakewood's Athena of Pisgah Yes
Lakewood-Pisgah's Pride of Abby and Havoc No.
Lazy D's Da Vinci Yes
Lazy D's Glimmer Of Hope Yes
Midknight's Amazing Grace No.
Midknight's Collateral Damage Yes
Midknight's Earned Not Given Yes
Midknight's Magnussen No.
Midknight's Supreme Sacrifice Yes
Midknights Life's Too Short To Dance With Ugly Men Yes
Mountain Views All That Jazz Yes
Mountainview's I Put A Spell On You CGCA Yes
Mountainviews Shadow Yes
Owenspride Epiphany Orange Crush RN Yes
Palmetto's Pisgah Fierce Allegiance No.
Redbarns Ravishing Ripple, CGC No.
Redbarns We Aint Hossin Around, BN, RN, CGC No.
Riddermark's Everythings Jakey Yes
Rockee Top Gatehouse So I Ride... Yes
Rocky Creeks Gator Bait Yes
Sandragon Demolition Willow Yes
Sandragon's Leonidas Yes
Sandragons Black Onyx No.
Sandragons Danica The Ice Maden Yes
Semper Fi Goodrich's Boss Hugo Yes
Semper Fi Simply Paradise Yes
Semper Fi Warlords War Yes
Smok' N Lad's Sedona Sunset At Redbarn No.
South Creek's Cutting Edge Yes
St James Ldy Christabel HumV Yes
St Patricks On The Green Yes
TR2C's The Right Stuff No.
Tuscany's Fonte Gaia At EMTK No.
UKC/Intl./Can./Am. CH Priderock Saddle Up For R3 CGC Yes
Van D's Defining The Dream, RE, CGC, TT, TDI No.

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