brag.jpg Total Subscribed Leonbergers: 34
Ch Bee Lion Leos A Hollywood Star DN CGC CGCA Yes
Ch Bludrift's Champagne Magnum CGC CGCA Yes
Ch Leokings Take A Chance On Me Yes
Ch Leos By The Sea Gaius No.
Ch Starhavens Irresistible American Idol CGC Yes
CH Zir Ozzy's Rogue Shadow Yes
Conquest's Genesis RN No.
GCH (Bronze) Ch Cherrywood's Slam Dunk Yes
GCH (Silver) CH Cherrywood's Viceroy Yes
GCH Bluebonnet's Fricis Is On Fire Of Acorn BN RN CGC Yes
GCH Ch A.Feiner Eros No.
GCH CH Brubecks Take 5 Di Sforzando Yes
GCH CH Copeland's American Attitude Di Sforzando Yes
GCH Ch Starhavens All I Want For Christmas Yes
GCH Corleone's Hidden Agenda Yes
GCH Koosa Van Leodipako RN Yes
GCH Lady Derika Of High Alps BN RN CGC Yes
GCH Luna Vom Thornbeck RN Yes
GCH Mountain Lake's Apache Chief Yes
GCH Mr Simply A Mason RN NDD Yes
GCH Renaissance Future V. MTNLAKE Yes
GCH Sforzando's Fioritura Yes
GCH Starhavens Gone With The Wind Yes
Leos By The Sea Kristofer Yes
Ludwick's Belle Von Drea No.
Ludwick's Bianca Von Drea No.
Masonhaus Angels Among Us No.
Sentez Smoke On The Water CGC No.
Super Sailor V Sanften Loewen No.
Tsavo's Far Niente No.
Tsavo's Heroic Voyager Yes
Yara Vom Kaniberg Yes
Yoks Vom Kaniberg Yes

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