brag.jpg Total Subscribed Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: 145
Aegis Fritzi Of Faneuil Hall No.
Aegis Home Grown Yes
Aegis Waiting For Godot Yes
BISS AM/CAN GCH Shadetree's Madura CGC, TDI, RN Yes
BISS CH Beowulf Jotunheim Bello Chomo, CGC,ROM Yes
BISS Ch Rippling Waters Havelock Key CDX NAP AJP Yes
BISS Ch Stone Lea Get Off My Cloud Yes
BISS GCh Fallen Oak Arapahoe Bruno Yes
BISS GCH Swiss Run's Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, WWD, DD, CGC, VGS Yes
CH Aegis Bronx Bomber Yes
CH Aegis Coney Island Baby Yes
CH Aegis Does She Or Doesn't She? Yes
CH Aegis Don't Need To Be Coy, Roy Yes
CH Aegis Ellis Island Special Yes
CH Aegis Everywhere You Want To Be Yes
CH Aegis If You've Got It Flaunt It Yes
CH Aegis Maybe She's Born With It Yes
CH Aegis Spuyten Duyvil Yes
CH Aegis Stronger Than Dirt Yes
CH Almrausch Harmony In Green V. Aegis CGC NDD Yes
CH Crown's Axellent Adventure CGC HCT NWPD Yes
CH Derby Kall Me Kramer's Moxie ROM Yes
CH Jotunheim Noka von Aegis Yes
CH Aegis Moving Mountains Yes
CH Applewood Valentino Of KatKen No.
CH Basler Brunsli von Johmanda Yes
CH Beowulf Jotunheim Bella Frida, ROM, HCT Yes
CH Bermuda High's Curtain Call Yes
Ch. Blossom Hill's Royal Palm Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Blauburgunder Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Das Lieben Bringt Gross Freud Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Der Schafhirt Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Gros Rhin Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Im Wald Und Auf Der Heide Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Marsanne Blanche Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Valaisanne Blonde Yes
CH Breezy Ridge Williamine Von Aegis Yes
CH CRCRS Ruby Tuesday WSwiss Run Yes
CH Dahlgren's Patriotic Heart Yes
CH Dahlgren's United We Stand No.
CH Derby Jotunheim Absolut Riot, HCT Yes
CH Derby's Paint the Town CD GN RE NDD NWPD VGS Yes
Ch. Derby's Simply Enchanting TT Yes
Ch Frecajo's Ace Of Base RN, WWD, NWPD, JHD, NDD Yes
CH Jotunheim Deck The Halls Yes
Ch Jotunheim Last Call BN Yes
CH Jotunheim Let It Snow Yes
CH Jotunheim Merry Gentleman Yes
CH Jotunheim Santa Baby Yes
CH Jotunheim With Bells On Yes
Ch Land's End Gotta Get It Yes
Ch Land's End Still Got It Yes
Ch Macalphine's Blackberi Brandi CGC,JHD,RN,CD,NWPD,VGS,ROM Yes
Ch Markee's Green With Envy CD RE NAP WPDX DD ThD TT WWD VGS ROM Yes
Ch Matterhorn Prism Catch Me Yes
Ch Matterhorn Prism Under The Radar WPD, WWD, TT Yes
Ch Matterhorn Whispering Palms Pleiades CD RA JHD DD VGS Yes
Ch Matterhorn Whsplms Canes Venatici RN,CD Yes
CH Matterhorn Whspplms Jewel of The Nile Yes
CH Matterhorn's As The Crow Flies, JHD,RN,NWPD,PT,NDD,DD,CD,VGS Yes
CH Matterhorn's Big Hunk O' Love No.
CH Matterhorn's Bullet The Blue Sky Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Cotton Candy RN Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Cronus Heart O'Glenamaddy WPD, TT Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Hole in One CGC Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Hyperion Yes
CH Matterhorn's Last Hoo-Rah,NDD,NWPD,RN,PT,JHD,CD,VGS Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Mr. Goodbar NWPD Yes
CH Matterhorn's Oceanus Yes
CH Matterhorn's Seamus Sullivan No.
Ch Matterhorn's Stealth Bomber RN, NWPD, NDD Yes
Ch Matterhorn's Twist Of Fate Yes
CH Matterhorn's Von Koch Yes
CH Nox's Black And Tan Six Pack Yes
CH Nox's I Wish I Had A Six Pack WWD WWDX WWDS ACE Yes
CH Nox's Kiss Me I'm Irish Yes
CH Nox's Summer Rain For Sunny Yes
CH Patimac's Houligan Of Matterhorn CGC,JHD,RN,ThD,NWPD,CD,RA,VGS Yes
Ch RamsGate's Full Moon Rising Yes
Ch Riverwalk's Rivendell No.
CH S'Rendi's Nothing Else Matters At Dahlgren Yes
CH Shadetree Keep Dancin With Swiss Run, RN Yes
CH Shadetree's Oswunta Ohkwali Yes
Ch Shadetree's Sr Dream Catcher Yes
CH Shamrock Sennenbold v Schatz Yes
CH Snowy Mountain's Deep Space Wookie RN CGC Yes
CH Snowy Mountain's Hit The Mark Yes
Ch Stone Lea Something Royal Yes
CH Swiss Run Derby's Dauntless Star Yes
CH Swiss Run God Of Sky Rain & Thunder Yes
CH Swiss Run's Black Bear Yes
CH Swiss Run's Cold Beer And A Fishing Pole Yes
CH Swiss Run's I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed Yes
CH Swiss Run's I'Ll Be Your Wingman Anytime Yes
CH. Swiss Run's Miss Scarlett Yes
CH. Swiss Run's Moove Over Milkman Yes
CH Swiss Run's Off With Her Head Yes
Ch Twinpeaks Meet Me In Madaket Yes
CH Whispering Palm's HappyEndingCGC,JHD,RN,NWPD,RA,CD,VGS,NDD,ROM Yes
CH Whispering Palm's Heaven Can Wait,NWPD,JHD,PT,CD,VGS,ROM,DD Yes
CH Whispering Palm's Ten Gallon Hat V MatterhornRN,JHD,NDD,PT Yes
Dahlgren's Always Reliable Witten Yes
Dahlgren's Coach Woody Hayes No.
Dahlgren's Unnecessary Roughness Yes
Fire Dance Sudden Impact Yes
Fireside's Sailing Into The Mystic V. Aegis Yes
GCH Alpenglow Remember The Riot ROM Yes
GCH Aegis Say No More Yes
GCH Breezy Ridge Alpzyt Yes
GCH Breezy Ridge Kamerade Von Aegis Yes
GCH CH Dahlgren's April Lily of the Valley WWD WWDX WWDS ACE Yes
GCH CH Matterhorn's Burning Down The House, RN, NWPD Yes
GCH CH Matterhorn's Mnemosyne, NWPD,TT,WPD,NDD,RN Yes
GCH CH S'Rendi's Purple Passion At Dahlgren Yes
GCH CH Shadetree's Ezekiel Strengthens CGC NWPD HCT WWDS ACE Yes
GCH CH Suma-Shadetree's Come Dance With Me CGC Yes
GCH Fireside's Pick Me Out A Winner, CD, OAP, AJP Yes
GCH Kismet's Once Upon A Time Yes
GCH Painted Mtn Oliver Twist Of Fate Yes
GCH Seneca's Collective Soul Yes
GCH Seneca's Knight in Shining Armor CGC Yes
GCH. Swiss Run's Horsin Around Yes
GCH. Swiss Run's Over The Legal Limit, CGC, IT Yes
GCH. Swiss Run's SD Denali, CGC, NWPD Yes
GCH Twinpeaks Blarney Yes
MBISS GCH Swiss Run's SD Patriot CGC, NWPD Yes
Matterhorn's Drifting Sand RN,PT Yes
Matterhorn's Dublin Diva Yes
Matterhorn's Get On Your Boots,RN,NDD,PT Yes
Matterhorn's High Wind Advisory Yes
Matterhorn's Kalm Yes
Matterhorn's Last Dance,RN,JHD,NWPD Yes
Matterhorn's Magistrate Yes
Matterhorn's Queen Of Hearts Yes
Matterhorn's Stormy Weather No.
NBISS GCH Breezy Ridge Maximus Yes
RODEO's All About North Rim Nostalgia Yes
Riverwalk's Lady On The Moor No.
S'Rendi's Carpe Diem Baby Yes
S'Rendi's For Whom The Bell Tolls Yes
Swiss Run's Rastaman Vibration Yes
Whispering Palm's Chases Butterflly Yes
Whispering Palm's The Royal Mint Yes

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