brag.jpg Total Subscribed Great Pyrenees: 39
AKC GCH Belle'sPlace How Do You Like Me Now? Yes
Belle's Place One And Only From Limberlost No.
Ch Oneida's Braveheart CGC TD No.
Ch. Pyragon Angel's Ringo Star Yes
Ch. Pyragon Angel's Star Attraction Yes
Ch Pyragon Gaylor Eternal Angel Yes
Ch. Pyragon's A Star Is Born Yes
Ch. Pyragon's Angel's Big Boy Stuff Yes
CH. Pyragon's Angels Relic Hunter Yes
Ch. Pyragon's Halo Of A Starry Night Yes
Ch Pyragon's Reliquary Angel Yes
Ch. Pyragon's Starry Night Skye Yes
Ch. Pyragon's Stars And Stripes Yes
Ch Pyragon's Touched By Angel Stuff Yes
Ch Pyragons Atlas of Gaylor Yes
Ch Pyragons Eternal Destiny Yes
Ch Pyragons Eternal Image Yes
Ch. Pyragons Eternal Portrait, CD, CGC, TDI, VX, HOF Yes
CH. Pyrless She's Nobody's Fool Yes
CH Pyrless-Brynjulf Don't You Love Her Madly Yes
Ch Thimble Farm Dieudonne Agent 86 Yes
Champion Patorama's Lay Down the Boogie Yes
Elridges Dreamweaver At Copper Meadows CGC TD No.
GCH Abstrax Premier Edition Yes
GCH Pyrless Brynjulf Don't Dare Me Yes
GCH. Pyrless Razzle Dazzle Yes
GCH Rivergroves Chateau De Castelnau Yes
GCH White Rose Chase What Matters CGCA Yes
J & R Rancho First Edition Yes
J & R Rancho Max-A-Million Yes
Karolaska-Brynjulf Don't Stop Believin' Yes
Pyradigms Lethal Weapon At Bigthunder Yes
Pyragon's Chosen Angel Yes
Pyragon's Patou Of Beau Brae Yes
Pyrless & Ashby She's All That! Yes
Thornhill's White Tie Affair Yes

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