brag.jpg Total Subscribed Giant Schnauzers: 60
Absolute Enjoy The Journey Of Ramahill No.
Am/Intl Ch Ruster's This Magic Momentumm Yes
BIS BISS GCH KenRo's Fleeting Moment Yes
Baxter V Schwarzen Kobold CGC Yes
CH CoolHand's Diamond Dust Yes
CH GCH Happy Trails Dancin' The Knight Away At SpiceRack Yes
Ch HiStyle's Midnight Special Yes
Ch. Kodars Baroness V Balgair No.
CH Magna's Allure Yes
CH Magna's Andriola De Barracchi Yes
CH Magna's Born To Perform Yes
CH Magna's Butterfly Kisses Yes
CH Magna's Denzel On The Hill Yes
CH Magna's Foreign Correspondent Yes
CH Magna's Kaetye Mia Carlyn Yes
CH Magna's Kaetye Patrizio Dante Yes
CH Magna's Karma Allure Yes
CH Magna's Let Freedom Ring Yes
CH Magna's Mia-Mi Glow RA Yes
CH Magna's Out-Rhea-Geous Yes
CH Magna's Raise The Flag Yes
CH Magna's Sola Mia Yes
CH Magna's Special Rhea-Quest of MMT Yes
CH Magna's Sure Momentumm Yes
CH Magna's Surely Rhea Zin Elle Yes
CH Magna's Town Crier UD, RN Yes
CH Magna's Uninhibited Yes
CH Magna's Unusual Suspect Yes
Ch. Momentumm Top Gun v. Ruster Yes
Ch. Ruster's Diva At Spicerack Yes
Ch Skansen's Lola Yes
CH Spicerack All That Glitters Yes
CH. Spicerack I Get Around Yes
CH. Spicerack Onyx And Jade Yes
CH. Spicerack Talkin Gator Yes
CH. Spicerack's Drake Achilles Yes
CH. Spicerack's Wildfire Yes
CoolHand's Turbulence No.
GCH CH Spicerack's The Fireman Yes
GCH Fanta C J's Bien Parado Yes
GCH Paynes Royal Velvet Yes
GCH Ramahill Absolutes I Am Legend Of RW Yes
GCH Skansen's Got Guinness? Yes
GCH Skansen's Havannah Yes
GCh Skansen's Jose Cuervo V. Eastwood Yes
GCH Spicerack's Whispering Sweet Nuthins Yes
Happy Trails Freebird No.
Happy Trails Legendary Flight Yes
Happy Trails On A Magical Knight Yes
Magna's Azure Kisses Yes
Magna's Billy Jean Yes
Magna's Love Boat Yes
Payne Mountain's Baron Von Rommell No.
Payne Mountain's Black Diamond No.
Ramahill's Absolute Bizzy Being Fabulous Of RW No.
Skansen's Bonita Blackjack Winner No.
Skyline Nothing Else Matters Yes
Spicerack's Hearts on Fire Yes
Stablemaster's Faidra Yes

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