brag.jpg Total Subscribed Cane Corsos: 88
Alcor's Asgardian Avenger Yes
Basilicata's Chicago My Kind Of Town Yes
Black Pearl Chai No.
Black Pearl Chimera Ravenhund Yes
Black Pearl Caiden Yes
Black Pearl Ceeya In The Ring Yes
Blue Ridge's Judge and Jury No.
Boca Grande Giovanni Falcone No.
Bravado's Next Big Thing Of Chatham Yes
CH Avalanche's Avianna Di San Rocco Yes
CH Avalanche's Ennio Di San Rocco Yes
CH Basilicata's High Tea At The Drake CGC Yes
CH Black Pearl Brianna Noblesse Oblige Gerassi Corso CGC Yes
CH Black Pearl Crembo CGC Yes
CH Chatham's All Shook Up Yes
CH Chatham's Meet Me N The Grotto Yes
CH Casa Reale's Dangerous Liaisons No.
CH Cerberus' Garrafeira Freyja Of Garritani Yes
CH. Mad Rivers Blue Spruce Yes
CH Maximo's Jack TT CAL1 Yes
CH Numenor's Tar-Telperien Yes
Ch Queen City's Elros Tar-Minyatur Of Numenor Yes
CH Roman Of Garritani Yes
CH Sleeping Giants Vittoria Yes
Chatham's Back In Black Yes
Chatham's Princess Aurora Yes
Chatham's Right To Bear Arms Yes
Casa Reale's Lamborghini Yes
Casa Reale's Shock And Awe No.
Corso di'Orthus Cleared Hot Yes
Dei Volsci's Giada di Pirate's Den Yes
GCH Roman's Beren of Numenor Yes
GCH Apex's Time To Face The Truth Yes
GCH Avalanche's Bassolina Yes
GCH Ballard's Atom Bomb Yes
GCH Bubba Del' Agreste And Tarheel At Chatham Yes
GCH CH Angel Gerassi Corso Black Pearl CGC Yes
GCH CH Black Pearl Bibiana Kissed By An Angel Mar E Sol Yes
GCH CH Costa Bel Fenice Miracolosa TT Yes
GCH CH Dolcetto Dionysus Of Garritani CGC Yes
GCH CH Garritani Gabriella Ragazza, CGC Yes
GCH CH Garritani's Bella Amore', CGC Yes
GCH CH Impero Russo Cleo di Costa Bel TT Yes
GCH CH Lionheart Buona Karma di Costa Bel TT Yes
GCh Ch Mar E Sol's Lucretia Della Legion Yes
GCH CH Mar e Sol Orso di Costa Bel CGC TDI RN TT Yes
GCH CH Zarina Queen Israel Yes
GCH CH Zeus Gerassi Corso CGC Yes
GCH Chatham's Lady Sophia Yes
GCH Casa Real's Carolina Dreams CGC Yes
GCH Casa Reale's Chief Bullshoe Yes
GCH Leandro di Bravado Yes
GCh Legion's Ashirah Yes
GCH Lionheart's La Nostra Stella Brillante Yes
GCH Mar E Sol's Allora At Black Pearl Yes
GCH Mar E Sol's Tesla Della Legion Yes
GCH Numenor's Tar-Anaclime Yes
GCH Red Rock Cayon's Pretty Boy Floyd Yes
GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore Yes
GCH StoneCroft Prince Xerxes Nel Palazzo Yes
GCH. StoneCroft Prince Xerxes nel Palazzo Yes
GCH Timoniere Zolee Yes
Garritani's I Love Lucy No.
Gator Country Amarie Bel Monte Yes
Gator Country Jumpin Jack Black No.
Gator Country Rama Yes
Gator Country SortaSassy Yes
Gerassi Corso Talos Magen-Olam At Black Pearl Yes
Guardiano Degli Angeli Talullah TT No.
Gulf Coast's Zoe Yes
Ivy League Gerassi Corso CGC Yes
Lighthouse's Burnin It Down No.
Luca Brasi Arimento No.
Maximo Martialis Wasson Of Garritani Yes
Mt View Sargent At Arms Yes
Numenor's Varda Elentari' Yes
Pirate's Den Bad Boy Yes
Pirates Den Black Betty No.
Pirates Den Captain Henry Morgan Yes
Pirates Den Edward Teach I'M Blackbeard Yes
Queen City's Lady Altariel Of Numenor Yes
Scandifio's Capo Yes
Scandifios Mondo Di Pirates Den Yes
Stonecroft Bellissima Bella Yes
Winona Del Corsoclub Yes
Yacob Custodi Nos No.

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