brag.jpg Total Subscribed Rhodesian Ridgebacks: 294
AM GCH CH and CAN CH Dromkeen's Karma Yes
AM GCH/CAN CH Beaubijou's Westcoast Red SC ET Yes
AM GCH/CAN CH Umtali's Kaya Chinaza, CGC, TDI, TT Yes
AM/CAN CH Rambo's Montana Willow JC SC HIC Yes
Aariel's 21 Gunn Salute No.
Adwera's Aisha Of Dromkeen Yes
Akanni's Don'T Mess With Me JC CGC No.
Akanni's The Last Of The Belles CA TCP No.
Am DC & Can Ch Jendaya's Azikiwe Of Tumomak MC, LCM, TT, HIC Yes
Am./Can. Ch. Dimond's Lovi Shaka Zulu, JC, RN Yes
Am/Can CH Rambo's Montana Fallon JC SC HIC No.
Amadiki's Tarisai Dadirai No.
Artemis Pennyroyal Of Shabani Yes
Asadi Chigani of Camelot JC Yes
BBES CH Excaliber's Great Hunter In The Night Sky Yes
BIF DC Mystic Isle's Last Of The Mohicans, MC Yes
BIF FC Mwen-Yezi Roxie Girl MC RE HIC CGC TT Yes
BIF FC Terra Christa's Riffe Octavian SC Fch Yes
BIF GCH DC Aariel's Red Dawn Rising Over Springridge SC TT CGC Yes
BIS GCH CH Spring Valley's Always There Yes
BIS GCH Shabani's Johnnie Walker Blue Yes
BIS MRBIS GCH Bakari's Lor Vitra Caymus HIC CGC CA Yes
BISS Ch Gadico's Dances With Lions Yes
BISS CH Ruvanda's Lone Star Legacy Yes
BISS GCH Diablo's Back Alley Brawler CGC Yes
BISS GCH Diablo's Dark Knight's Nemesis Yes
BISS GCH Shakaridge Major League MVP Yes
BVIS AM GCH CH CAN CH Spring Valley's Shumba Hadzi MC RA CGC RATI Yes
BVIS Am/Can Ch Rocky Ridge Caught In The Xfire Yes
BinduraTolerton's Meera Of Course Yes
BinduraTolerton's Meera Of Course Yes
BinduraTolerton's Meera Of Course Yes
Ch Adili's Leilani Kona, CGC, JC Yes
Ch Adwera's Nadira Layla No.
CH Aegis Zandhele Aziza JC No.
CH Akanni's African Heir FCH SC CGC No.
CH Akanni's April Fool FCH SC No.
Ch Ancient Hill Whispering Kalaiah No.
CH Bandari's Mukhtaar Chigani Yes
CH Berkridge Luke Skywalker RN CGC No.
CH Cape Ridge's Hottentot Princess Of Ushamwari Yes
CH Couleeridges Runaway Red @ Aegis AXJ,OA,RN,SC Yes
Ch County Line's Thor's Echo Yes
CH Crestridge's Set Fire To The Rain Yes
CH Crosswick's Bohdi Hearts Disco Baby Of Khalfani Yes
CH Doubletakes Starlet Of Zanzibar No.
CH Dromkeen's In The Night Garden Yes
CH Excaliber Izzie's Heart Of Courage Yes
CH Excaliber Zorah Ellie's Angel Yes
CH Excaliber's Arcturus The Bear Guardian Of Aristos Yes
CH Excaliber's Calm After The Storm Yes
CH Excaliber's Home Is Where The Heart Is Yes
CH Excaliber's Moses Parts The Hudson No.
CH Excaliber's Walking In Victory Yes
CH. Firedance Sir Westin Of Shaka Yes
CH Hunter's Ridge Outer Limits RN CGC Yes
CH JafarRidge Mikuki of Spring Valley Yes
CH JafariRidge Copacabana Showgirl of Springvalley Yes
CH JafariRidge Ghost and the Darkness of SpringValley Yes
CH JafariRidge Kito of Spring Valley Yes
CH JafariRidge Shani of Spring Valley Yes
CH JafariRidge Xhabbo of Spring Valley Yes
CH Jafariridge Kamatz Of Spring Valley Yes
CH Jafarriridge Briseis Of Spring Valley Yes
CH Jesmyster's La Joie Belle At Desta, CGC STAR Yes
CH Jones' Adjamu-Two For CJ Yes
CH JusticeRidge First Edition, ROM, JC Yes
CH JusticeRidge Legacy Of Pierce Arrow Yes
CH JusticeRidge Majestic Mariner Of True Makani, SC Yes
CH JusticeRidge Moriah's Honor An Glory, JC Yes
CH JusticeRidge Tau Our Dayo Tayo, SC Yes
CH Justiceridge Diablo's Flying Tiger Yes
CH Kariba JusticeRidge AylaMichele, SC Yes
Ch Kengali's Dancing In The Rain No.
CH. Kengali's Leap Of Faith SC Yes
CH Kimani's African Aires At Windermere Yes
CH Kimani's Life In The Fast Lane Yes
Ch Kimani's Motion Picture II Yes
CH Kimani's Putting On Aires Yes
CH Kimani's Ring Of Fire Yes
CH Kimani's Something Spectacular JC Yes
CH Kimani's Take It To The Limit, NJP Yes
CH Kushindas Classic Supreme No.
CH Kushindas Quantam Lead WK, CGC, CD Yes
CH Kushindas Rahisi Kou-Zack No.
Ch Kushindas Rahisi Kubwa Benkim, JC, CGC/TDI No.
CH Kushindas Rahlua Daktari, JC, CGC/TDI Yes
CH Kuwinda's Silk Road FCH MC HIC CGC RA TT ET Yes
CH Lamarde Perro A Drop Of The Adriatic Yes
Ch Lionlamb's Crowning Glory Yes
Ch Lionlamb's Prodigal Son Yes
CH Lionlamb's Purple Heart, CGC Yes
CH MACH3 Mwen-Yezi Pistol Packin Mama JC XF CGC No.
CH Mystic Isle's Sneaky Pete Yes
CH Nashira's Cougar On The Loose Yes
Ch Noble Noah Of Nashira Yes
CH Pupukearidge Mea Lanakila Yes
CH Rambo's Can't Silence THIS Whisperer No.
CH Rambo's Sedona Memory No.
CH. Rambo's Star Sam I Am No.
CH Red Hot Line Adelia Fairy Diva Yes
CH Rimrock's Hot Fun In The Summertime RN JC CGC Yes
CH. Rivercity Primetime's Poetry In Motion Yes
Ch Rocky Ridge All Fired Up Yes
CH Rocky Ridge Clearwater Revival Yes
Ch Rocky Ridge Flirt'N With Fire Yes
Ch Rocky Ridge's Hi Caliber Shabani Yes
CH Rocky Ridge's Ice Crystal Yes
Ch Rocky Ridge's Once Ina Blu Moon Yes
Ch Rocky Ridge's Secret Weapon Yes
Ch Rocky Ridges Touch Of Ebony Yes
Ch Rokishoals Alpine Arlo's Ascent No.
Ch Rokishoals Rocket Man JC, CGC Yes
Ch Sengei's Wise Prophet Isaiah Yes
Ch Shabani's Candi Is Dandi Yes
Ch Shabani's Cape Cod Koa-Z Yes
Ch Shabani's God Of War Aries Yes
Ch Shabani's Meeka Of Tumomak Yes
CH Shakaridge Highlander's Paladin Yes
CH Spring Valley's Burlap To Cashmere Yes
CH Spring Valley's Cigar Girl of Jafari Ridge Yes
Ch Spring Valley's Not Just Another Pretty Face No.
CH Spring Valley's Scilla of Jafari Ridge Yes
Ch Spring Valley's Sophie Yes
CH Spring Valley's Voodoo Child No.
CH Spring Valley-Ridgehill I Wanna Talk About Me Yes
Ch Springvalley's Kiwi No.
Ch Sulawesi Sunstone Redheaded Stepchild Yes
Ch Sunstone's That Voodoo U Do JC Yes
Ch Sunstone's Witchy Woman Yes
CH Symetri's Big Drama Yes
CH Terra Christa's Piccola Bellezza Yes
CH Terra Christa's Sera Tempesta Yes
Ch Tifari's Lightning Strykes Twice JC RA BN NJP CGC HIC Yes
Ch Tumomaks Rudolph Valentino Greenhill Yes
CH Ujamaa Jet Yes
CH Umtali's Kamiflage JC, CGC, TDI, TT Yes
CH Ushamwari's Most Beautiful Yes
CH Ushamwari-Spring Valley's Always On The Run Yes
CH Ushamwari-SpringValley's Always On The Run Yes
CH. Venus' Tommy Gun 45 Yes
Ch Whirlaway's Adili Keilani, CGC Yes
Ch Zanzibars Proper Bostonian Yes
CH.Juba Lee N Shadowridge Speak EZ,SC Yes
Camelot's Paint The Town Red Yes
Can Ch GCh Tahari's Electric Dreamer CGC Yes
Can CH/AKC CH Kumani's Bad Habits FCH SC CGC Yes
County Line's Lion Man Of Kuluta Yes
Crosswicks Disco Baby Don't Be Tardy For My Party Yes
Cynara's Going Back To Jendaya Yes
DC Intribute's Sweet Confection, SC Yes
DC Jager Brilliant Chaos At Brookdale SC Yes
DC JusticeRidge Big Trouble In Little Kina Of Pupukea, SC Yes
DC Kushinda I-Motion Via K-Krus, MC, LCM2 Yes
DC Mystic Isle's Northern Light MC FCh Yes
DC Rocky Ridges I Love Lucy SC Yes
DC Tifari's Simply Sinful CDX OA OAJ NF NAP RE SC CGC Yes
Diablo Jedi Master Of JusticeRidge Yes
Diablo's Dark Knight Rises At JusticeRidge No.
Dromkeen's Chuwi No.
Dromkeen's Sweet Temptation No.
Excaliber's Krystal Edge JC Yes
FC Excaliber's Blink Of An Eye SC Yes
FC Jabalieupe Amaziah, MC, Fch Yes
FC Kushindas Archive Angle, JC, SC, FCh, LCM Yes
FC Kushindas Konfiguration King, JC, SC, FCh No.
FC Rambo's Angel Of Montana JC SC MC HIC Yes
FC Venus' Zoli Safari Express 12 SC Yes
GCH Aegis Electra Red Of Argos NAJ RN TD Yes
GCH Applegarth The Name's Bond Yes
GCH CH Applegarth's Wild Wind, SC, OA, NAJ, NF, CGC, ET, HIC Yes
GCH CH Bakari's Unobtainium Dream At Desta, RN HIC CGC AOM Yes
GCH CH Diablo's Windy Sky Princess JC RN CGC TDI Yes
GCH CH Excaliber's Tour De Force SC CGC Yes
GCH CH Excaliber's Vision In The Night SC CGC Yes
GCh Ch Juba Lee Desmond King Of Diamonds, SC CGC Yes
GCH CH Kengali's Mailani Of Adili, CGC Yes
GCH CH. Mahaba's The Bee Charmer Yes
GCH Ch Rambo's Gunfight At The Ok Corral JC Yes
GCH CH Rambo's Prince of Galina No.
GCH CH Regulus Speeding Bullet CGC Yes
GCH CH Rhapsody's Undisputed Opus No.
GCH CH Spring Valley's Great Vincero, ET CGC Yes
GCH CH Spring Valley's-Zambezi's Beauregard Of Mahana Yes
GCH CH Spring Valley-Zambezi's Shumba Inotamba JC Yes
GCH CH Terra Christa's Shock N Awesome Zane SC CGC Yes
GCH Camelot's Hazelnut Macchiato Yes
GCH Camelot's Red Hot Tamale Yes
GCH Camelot's Salsa Roja Yes
GCH Camelot's Ventura Adventure Yes
GCH DC Aegis Cardinal Riley SC NJP Yes
GCh DC Aslan's Great Defender MC LCX Yes
GCh DC Diamond Twisis Tempt'n MC, LCX2, FCh, LCM2, CGC, TDI Yes
GCh. DC. Regal Tolerton's Luminara Unduli For Bindura, Fch, MC Yes
GCH. DC. Toroa's Devil With The Blue Dress, SC Yes
GCH Incandescent's Kagan Kai O'Pupukearidge Yes
GCH JusticeRidge Lawman's Lady Yes
GCH JusticeRidge Starship Lionhunter Yes
GCh. Kimani's Aires Down Under Yes
GCH Kimani's Indelible Impression, JC Yes
GCH Kimani's Pride Of Windermere Yes
GCH Kimani's Rising Star At Windermere Yes
GCH Kimani's Time Honored Yes
GCH Kushinda Legend Of Count D'Artagnan Muskeeters Yes
GCh Lionlamb's Flashy Fantasy Yes
GCH Pupukearidge Surfari King CGC Yes
GCh Rimrock's Raindrops On Roses RN SC No.
GCH RoccRidge's Best Catch Marlin JC CGC Yes
GCH Saberidge Ruby Tuesday Yes
GCH Shabani's Athena Yes
GCH Shabani's Royal Fortune JC No.
GCH Spring Valley's Gatsby's Mojo Risin Of Erikson Yes
GCH Spring Valley's Rave Review O Lilly, CGC, ET Yes
GCH SpringValley's JoJo Yes
GCH Sunstone's Magic Man Yes
GCH Sunstone's Spellbound Yes
GCH Symetri Living In The Moment, CGC Yes
GCH Tahari's Intribute To The One Yes
GCH Tajamani's Changa Of Rifrug CGC Yes
GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me SC CGC HIC TT TDI Yes
GCH TuckerRidge Dugga Boy Simba Ridge Yes
GCH Zanzibars Shes Come Undone Yes
Glenaholm Beating Heart Of Cape Ridge No.
Heatheridgehighplainsdriftertocrusader Yes
Jabalieupe Gyasi Hank No.
JafariRidge Adana Lola Faradji of Spring Valley Yes
Juba Lee Papa Pinotage At Rimrock Yes
Juba Lee's Red HOT No.
JusticeRidge Dark Knight Of Courage At Diablo Yes
JusticeRidge Diablo Dangerous Liaison Yes
JusticeRidge Jedi Princess Of Diablo Yes
JusticeRidge Lord Sirus Vader Yes
Kinyemi Kilimanjaro K-Him Kisumu Yes
Kushinda I-Motion Nyota Veldt, JC, SC No.
Kushinda TT King Khou-Dee SC No.
Kushinda TT Lady Penachunga SC No.
Kushindas Akcess to the Top, JC, SC, FCh No.
Kushindas Crowd Pleaser, JC, SC, TDI No.
Kushindas First Impression No.
Kushindas I-Motion Nyota Roar JP, JC No.
Kushindas Kapalua Kiah, JC, SC No.
Kushindas Rahisi TikTok Jasri, JC, SC, FCh, CGC/TDI No.
Kushindas Sir Lancelot No.
LaFleur's Solar Sailer No.
Lionlamb's Fantastic Oona Yes
Lionlamb's Gunslinger Girl Yes
Lionlamb's Road To Glory Yes
MBIF FC Akanni's The Third Wish FCH SC CGC No.
MBIF FC Beaubijou's Playin' Cautious SC HIC ET No.
MBIF FC Mystic Isle's Red Cedar Rusty MC LCX LCM No.
MBIF FC Mystic Isle's Southern Cross MC LCX2 LCM3 V-FCh CGC Yes
MBIF FC Venus' Excalibur's Choice 50 SC, FCh Yes
Mwen-Yezi Devil's Tower HIC Yes
Northstar's Tucker's Pride SC BN RN CGC No.
Rambo's Dakota Of Montana No.
Rambo's John Dillinger No.
Rocky Ridge Chain Reaction Yes
Rocky Ridge For Sentimental Reasons No.
Rocky Ridge Red Skyes Afire No.
Rocky Ridge Sharp Dressed Man No.
Rocky Ridge Spin On Rojohari Yes
Rocky Ridge The Best Is Yet To Come Yes
Rocky Ridge The Red Witch Yes
Roosteridge Hounded By Love No.
Shabani's Ripple Effect Yes
Shadowridge Bella's Song Yes
Shadowridge Big Kahuna Yes
Shadowridge Catch A Wave At Karlea Yes
Shadowridge Pillar's Point To Karlea Yes
Spring Valley's Close Hold Yes
Spring Valley's Lona Pia Of Mahana Yes
Springvalley Worse Things I Could Do Yes
Sunstone's A Sky Full of Stars No.
Sunstone's The Highwayman No.
Symetri's Brass In Pocket SC Yes
Terra Christa's Red Sky At Night Of Springridge Yes
The Duchess Of Shabani Yes
Tifari's Fortune Favors The Bold CGC JC TT Yes
Tifari's Just A Little Sinful, JC RN BN CGCA HIC TT TDI Yes
Tifari's Sinful Stout Yes
Tifari's Where's Waldo Adventure, HIC TT Yes
Ushamwari's Bungle In The Jungle Yes
Ushamwari's Rafiki Yes
Ushamwari's Shoot To Thrill SC Yes
Yakuti Rafiki Of Jabalieupe CGC CD Yes
Zanzibars Sheikh Young Morgan Yes
Zanzibars Star Patriot No.

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