brag.jpg Total Subscribed Portuguese Podengo Pequenos: 31
BISS CH Broken Road's Mega Jackpot CM Yes
BISS GCH CH Broken Road Tequila Sunrise CM Yes
Bramblewood's You Just Have To Believe Yes
Broken Road It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere CM Yes
Broken Road Marco Polo of Prestige No.
Broken Road Never Give Up No.
Broken Road Never Lose Faith No.
Broken Road Never Surrender No.
Broken Road Star Gazer No.
Broken Road's Ann T Up No.
Brookmont Dama Da Noite No.
CH Bramblewood's Macho Pico No.
CH Broken Road Bet On Me CM Yes
CH Broken Road Double Trouble Yes
CH Broken Road Last Man Standing CM Yes
CH Broken Road's Space Cadet No.
CH Esperanca Da Casa De Maio CM Yes
CH. Ketka's Benchmark Pendragon No.
CH Ketka's Rumrunner Yes
CH Margarida Da Casa De Maio CM Yes
CH Miguel Da Casa De Maio CM Yes
CH Mioamor's Traveling Man No.
CH Pevide De Viamonte Yes
Eleonora Da Casa De Maio CM Yes
GCH CH Broken Road Double Dare Yes
GCH CH Broken Road Midnight Margaritas No.
GCH Houla's Blue Bonnet Pw CM Yes
Multi BISS Silver GCH Houla's Border Patrol PW CM2 Yes
Oscar Do Vale Negro Yes
Pioneer's Carolina Yes
Tahtitaivaan David Yes

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