brag.jpg Total Subscribed Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens: 30
Asterix des Ptits Bouts des Chouans No.
Ch Lacey's Hare Apparent Yes
Ch. Lacey's Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Yes
CH. Lacey's It's A Jungle Out There! Yes
Ch Lacey's Roger Rabbit Yes
Ch Lacey's Sweet Annie Yes
Ch Lacey's Thief Of My Heart Yes
Ch Mahogany's Power Of Love No.
Ch. Spellbound La Petite Coquette No.
Eden Trail Royal V Gnauche No.
Eden Trails Give It To Mike EE No.
Fodnote King of Swing Of Lacey Yes
GCH Gebeba's Black Swan Yes
GCH Gebeba's One Lump Or Two Yes
GCh Gebeba's Tic Toc Yes
GCH HiCotton Can'T Stop Rockin' Yes
GCH Lacey's Ain't No Sour Grapes Yes
GCH Lacey's Deck Plate Leader Yes
GCh Lacey's Hocus Pocus Yes
GCH Lacey's I Don't Give A Sit Yes
GCh Lacey's Kiss My Grits Yes
GCH Mirepoix's Figgy Pudding Yes
GCH Mirepoix's Son Of A Duck Yes
GCH. Monkham's Famous Grouse ROM Yes
Gebeba-Clancy Quality Is Job One Yes
Jus A Redd Hott Pepper No.
Lacey's Hare Of The Dog Yes
Mahogany's Webe-N-Ice-Breaker Yes
Mirepoix's Sid Vicious Yes
Polygor's Webe-Divine-Diva No.

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