brag.jpg Total Subscribed Irish Wolfhounds: 41
Aotearoa Bad Wolf's Eris CuCaiseal No.
Ch Eirinn's Aodhan Of Kaelyn JC No.
CH Eirinn's Liam Of Limerick No.
Ch Eirinn's Or Of Kaelyn JC No.
CH Eirinn's Padraig Of Carroy No.
CH Eirinn's Rafiki Of Limerick No.
CH Mt Carmel's Jasmine Yes
CH Mt Carmel's Shay O'Brien Yes
Ch. O'Lugh Milbrose Dare To Be Different Yes
Ch. Okira vom Luchemer Bruckchen Yes
Ch. Rumor Has It By Irish Star Dust CGC No.
Ch. Steppin'Wolf's Gossamer Wing Yes
CH Steppin'wolf Unbreakable Charm JC Yes
Ch. Taryn All That Jazz Yes
Ch. Tomahawke's Cedar of Shanachie No.
CH. Trampas Chantilly Lace Yes
Carroy Eirinn O'Noll JC No.
Celtic Ode's Lord Lio Of Gromit Yes
Cushla Of Nutstown Yes
Eirinn's Castle Of Sir Lancelot No.
Eirinn's Seamr'og Of Sir Lancelot No.
Eirinn's Suffolk Of Lancelot No.
Eirinn's Tryfan Of Sir Lancelot No.
G.Ch Kaelyn's Willem O' Dashiells Den CGC Yes
GCH. Bainbridge Frank Sinatra Yes
GCH CH Black Kaviar Of Shantamon Yes
GCH Carnasserie Dancing Embers Of Greycastle Yes
GCh Kaelyn' S Dashiell O'Barra Gwynn CGC THD Yes
Greer's Finnegan Chase No.
Iron Duke Of Wilder Yes
Kaelyn's Kismet O'Dashiells Den CGC Yes
Kelpie's Celtic Ode's Lady Rose CGC, BN, RN, SC Yes
Malachy Of Glencairn Yes
Marblehead's Kiss Of The Jumbie Yes
Marblehead's Limin' On Maho Yes
Marshgrove Casey Yes
Nightwing's D'Mystic Illusion at Claddagh No.
Quilmes De Sudestada Yes
Redtops Brackynwood Tiarnan No.
Tintern's Ciste Of Fleetwind No.
Trampas Gatewy Sonoma Yes

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