brag.jpg Total Subscribed Ibizan Hounds: 38
Abbaio Dream With Your Eyes Open Yes
Abbaio Glitterati Yes
Abbaio High Society Yes
Abbaio I'm So Fancy at Enzo Yes
Abbaio It Girl Yes
Abbaio Jakona Dance Like a Fool Yes
Abbaio Starstruck Yes
Abbaio Upper Echelon Yes
Abbaio What Dreams Are Made Of Yes
Alfheim's Rainbow Dash At Khazad No.
BIF Bronze GCH DC Jakona's Swiss Miss SC CGC Yes
BIS CH Serandida Spirit Of Serqet Yes
Bunnyfield Chick Magnet Abbaio Yes
CH Abbaio Jakona Foolish Pleasure Yes
CH Abbaio Jakona Love Fool Yes
CH Abbaio Star Gazer Yes
CH Abbaio Written in the Stars Yes
CH HareHill's More Adventurous at Abbaio Yes
CH Jakona Abbaio Fool Me Not Yes
CH Jakona Abbaio I Pity the Fool Yes
CH Paradise Here Comes Trouble Yes
CH Serandida Abbaio La Tigre e La Neve Yes
CH Serandida Abbaio Sangiovese RA SC OA OAJ Yes
CH Serandida East Abbaio Armando JC Yes
Ch Serandida Spirit's Angelo Yes
CH Serandida's Cashmere of BigStar JC Yes
ChJEs ChGib Abbaio Jakona Fool's Paradise Imokam Yes
Can CH Serandida Abbaio Viva la Vita JC NC Yes
GCH Ahram You'Ve Got The Look Yes
GCH Serandida Abbaio alla Luna SC CGC Yes
GCH Serandida Shadow On The Moon Yes
GCH Serandida Spirit Oh My Darling Yes
Gryphon's Gypsy Moth Mecca B Yes
RBIS SilverGCH Serandida Abbaio La Contessa Scalza SC NAJ Yes
Serandida Abbaio Grande Amore Yes
U-Ch DaVinci's Haiku For Khazad, SC Yes
UCI-Int.UCI-Nat. JA U-Ch. Alfheim's The Far Side, SC Yes

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