brag.jpg Total Subscribed Dachshunds (Smooth): 152
Alpheratz Fandango Yes
Alpheratz Fandango Yes
Am,Pr,Mex,Ch of Ams.&Int. Ch. Lilac LN Reva at Schumdachs Yes
BIS Ch Passport What Did You Say SS Yes
BISS, Multi Grp Winning Bronze GCh. Passport Prelude To A Kiss SS Yes
BISS, RBIS Bronze GCH Passport Boy You're One Of My Kind SS Yes
BOSS Ch Passport Eat Pray Love SS Yes
Beachside Dox Ace V Leoralees No.
Bloom's Action Jackson Yes
Brazillion Ch Summerhill Rustic Ridge SS Yes
Brokmor Summerhill Catch The Rainbow Yes
Bronze GCH CH DachRolls Traveling Man Yes
CH Aviance's Windstorm SS Yes
Ch Son Of A Son Of A Sayler MS No.
CH Apollo Von Raab MS Yes
Ch Beachside Dox Conky Tonkin Watson @ Kleindox MS No.
Ch Beachside Dox Mr High Flyer No.
Ch Beachside Dox One Singular Sensation No.
CH Dachrolls Buckeye Boone Yes
Ch Diagram Gunslinger SS Yes
CH Dufailloux Summerhill Mon Amie Yes
Ch. Fleming's Fourstar Class Act Yes
CH Grandgables Ms Kiss My Cookies Yes
CH Grandgables Wee Capt Marvelous Yes
CH Hildisvin Wurdig DR True Grit SS No.
Ch. Hiswill Passport Lil' Kikuyama Yes
CH Kephart's Kaw-Liga II Yes
CH Kephart's Orange Blossom Special Yes
CH. Kephart's Zinfandel MS Yes
CH Laddland Bonfire On SummerHill Yes
CH Laddland Puff Pastry Yes
Ch Leoralee's King Of Somewhere Hot V Beachside Dox No.
Ch Leoralees Blks Girl Of Texas MS No.
CH Lucene's Bentley of Landmark Yes
CH Lucene's DR Charlie's Angel SS Yes
Ch. Passport Christian Louboutin SS Yes
Ch. Passport Kiss N Tell VomSee SS Yes
Ch. Passport Say It Ain't So SS Jemma Yes
Ch. Peachtree's Primetime Brotherly Love Yes
Ch Seacrest Barbra Streisand SS Yes
CH. Seacrest Grand Masterpiece SS Yes
CH Seacrest Red Masterpiece SS Yes
Ch Storybook Brownwood One Fish Two Fish No.
CH Summerhill Our Lives Our Fortunes SS Yes
CH Summerhill Stairway To Heaven SS Yes
CH Summerhill Sunrise Splendor SS Yes
Ch. Suwannee The Devil Wears Prada Yes
CH Usonia's Daniela V Favio of Lowdown Yes
CH Wheeler's Irresistible Black Pearl MS Yes
CH Wheeler's Just Jack MS Yes
CH Wheeler's Mighty Beatstriken MS Yes
CH Wheeler's Mighty Fancy Black Diamond MS Yes
CH Wheeler's Mighty Flashy Elecktra MS Yes
CH Wheeler's Mighty Lethal Weapon MS No.
CH Wheeler's Miss Mighty Red Diamond MS Yes
CH Wheelers Black Satin Nights MS Yes
CH Wheelers Coppertone Suntan Diva MS Yes
CH Wheelers Dues Bigalo A Gigalo MS Yes
CH Wheelers Fiery Red Dragon MS Yes
CH Wheelers Gr8t Grand Mighty Mouth MS Yes
CH Wheelers Grand Mighty Mouth MS Yes
CH Wheelers Hi D Ho Neighbor MS Yes
CH Wheelers Mighty Aphrodite MS Yes
CH Wheelers Mighty Fearless MS Yes
Ch Wheelers Mighty Mouth MS Yes
Ch Wheelers Mighty Muse Of Wittsend MS Yes
CH Wheelers Mighty Venus Outa This World MS Yes
CH Wheelers Simply Irresistable MS Yes
Ch Wheelers'sTropical Smoothie v Nightwind MS Yes
Ch Wittsend's Happy Happy Happy MS Yes
Ch Wittsend's Hey That's A Fact Jack MS Yes
Ch Wittsend's Mighty Duck Dynasty MS Yes
DC Wheelers Lil Red Riding Hood At Faethful MS Yes
DCA AOM, Group Winning Ch. Passport I Say To You At Sunrise-Xo SS Yes
DachRolls Blaze of Glory Yes
Dachrolls Jaeger's Favorite Jelly Bean SS No.
Dachrolls Joanne's Cinnamon Kiss SS No.
Formula Uspeha Casanova Yes
GCH Beachside Dox Island Fever V Leoralees Yes
GCH Brodny Schoolhouse Dixie Yes
GCH CH Beachside Dox Havana Daydreaming V Leoralees Yes
GCH Ch Leoralee's Barstool Boogie MS Yes
GCH DC Deister-Summerhill Mr. Sunshine Kid Yes
GCH DC Stardox When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' Yes
GCh Grandgables Lil Ms Red Nettles Yes
GCH Grandgables Ms Tantalize Me Yes
GCh Grandgables Ms Vaguely Rippled Yes
GCH Grandgables Wee Mr Red Thorn Yes
GCH Keenose Cinnamon Rolls Yes
GCH Lorindol Air Force One Over Summerhill SS Yes
GCh Peachtree's Albert Fonzenelli Yes
GCh Peachtree's Mister Chadwick, RE,JE Yes
GCH RHill's Total Knockout MS RN Yes
GCH SummerHill Whispering Breeze SS Yes
GCH Summerhill Freedom SS Yes
GCH Summerhill Music Of The Night SS Yes
GCH Wheeler's Mighty Eros at Oakley MS Yes
GCH Wheeler's Mighty Helena MS Yes
GCH Wheeler's Miss Congeniality MS Yes
GCH Wheeler's Miss Mighty Elegant MS Yes
GCH Wheelers Mighty Athena MS Yes
GCh Wittsend's Janis Joplin MS Yes
GCh Wittsend's Jumpin' Jack Flash MS Yes
GCh.Peachtree's Liberty Bell Yes
Georgia Dachs Brianna Janene No.
Grandgables Ms Dimple Effect No.
Grandgables Ms Melodramatic Yes
Grandgables Ms Melodramatic Yes
Grandgables Wee Mr Smartly Does It Yes
Grandgables Wee Tasty Tidbit Yes
Grandgables Wee Tasty Tidbit Yes
Hialeah's-Magesil's Sir Henrich Yes
Kochana's Forever Young Of Hacienda Yes
Kochana's Moment In Time At Hacienda Yes
Leoralee Dont Chu Know V Brownwood No.
Leoralees Changing Channels @ Emmdox No.
Lindmont's An Affair to Remember SS No.
Lindmont's Pennys From Heaven Yes
Little Miss T. Von Raab MS Yes
Lucene's Magesil's Naishali My Majesty Yes
MBISS Ch Seacrest Double Delight SS ROMX Yes
MY/AM CH Hacienda Divine Virtue No.
Mex. CH Summerhill All That Jazz V Koyoakan Yes
Moms Its A Helluva Ride At Cinjays SS No.
Pandoradox Grandgables Figaro Yes
Passport Do What You Say SS Yes
Pipers Sage No.
RHill's Ms Grandgables Sprinkled With Sugar Yes
RHill's Out Of The Ashes MS Yes
Sandar's Ole King Coal MS Yes
Seacrest Behold Lucene SS Yes
Seacrest Double Date With Saddlehill Yes
Seacrest Double Trouble SS Yes
Seacrest Guns N' Roses For Sunrise-XO SS Yes
Summerhill Liberty SS Yes
Summerhill Winter's Rose Yes
Suwannee Passport I Feel Lucky Yes
Wheeler's Cupid Draw Back Your Bow MS Yes
Wheeler's Heartbreaker Dream Maker MS No.
Wheeler's Hearts A Fire MS Yes
Wheeler's Li'l Ace Chrissy MS Yes
Wheeler's Mighty Apollo MS Yes
Wheeler's Mighty Maxx MS Yes
Wheelers Black Licorice MS Yes
Wheelers Elegant Charmer No.
Wheelers Grand Annie Oakley MS No.
Wheelers Honey Bunch Of Oats MS Yes
Wheelers I'm A Lulu At Nightwind MS Yes
Wheelers My Li'l Boomerang MS Yes
Wheelers Wild Red Daredevil MS Yes

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