brag.jpg Total Subscribed Dachshunds (Longhaired): 90
BIS CH JT's V Islandach Blazing Embers Of Kilauea ML Yes
BISS GCH Sweetgrass Johann Tipper Yes
BISS Islandach's Aka Ichiban Brew ML Yes
Blue Rose Hawk Eye of Blue Moon No.
Brownwood's Georgia Dachs Karun Kaye SL No.
Burdachs Last Time ML No.
Ch Brownwood Royall T's City Of Angels SL Yes
CH Cream Ridge Sunderman's Once Upon A Dream ML Yes
Ch Dikerdachs Follow Your Dreams of Our Gang ML Yes
Ch. H'Myst-Orion's Making Waves Yes
Ch. Hiswill Royal Diplomat ML Yes
Ch Islandach's Presidential Legacy ML No.
Ch Jarbsy's Let The Crazy Out Yes
Ch Jarbsy's Mama Mia Yes
CH Karuns Ga-Dach Remember SL, RN, CGC Yes
CH Kenmar's Passport To Scanpoint Yes
CH Kenmar's Stands With A Fist Yes
CH Kenmar's Wind In His Hair Yes
CH MardiGras' Magnum Opus-ML Yes
CH McRobs It's Not Easy Going Green CGC Yes
Ch Our Gang's Dare To Dream ML Yes
CH Our Gang's On The Wings Of Love ML Yes
Ch Our Gang's Salute To Rose Farm ML THD Yes
Ch Our Gang's Star Billing ML Yes
Ch. Our Gang's Star Quality ML Yes
Ch Our Gang's Sweet Dreams ML Yes
Ch. Our Gang's Wish Upon A Star ML ROMX Yes
CH Poulstead's Moonbeam Shining Yes
Ch Poulstead's Moonwalker Pioneer No.
CH Poulsteads Moonlight Serenade Yes
Ch. Rose Farm's All A Glitter ML ROM Yes
Ch. Rose Farm's Did You See Santa Sam ML Yes
Ch Rose Farm's Dikerdachs Clifford Yes
Ch Rose Farm's Saving Grace ML Yes
Ch Rose Farm's Violet All Abuzz ML Yes
Ch. Schumdachs' Hadselhus La Blake No.
CH UCD Rabows Shrinky Dinks ML, RA NAP NJP CGC Yes
Ch.Hadselhus' Kyle L Yes
Ch.Han-Jo's Aries V Schumdachs Yes
Ch.Han-Jo's Artemis V Schumdachs Yes
Ch.Han-Jo's Schumdach Frederick SL Yes
Ch.Schumdach's Adonis J Han-Jo L No.
Ch.Schumdach's Alexandra SL Yes
CH.Schumdach's Aphrodite V Han-Jo's No.
Ch.Schumdachs' Hadselhus Annie L No.
Cinjays-Guzzunders Hit The Jackpot L No.
DC Leoralees Chances Are SL JE Yes
Deedachs Stealers Charmed One V Klein Teckel ML Yes
Diggerdachs Night Moves El PBR SL No.
GC Ch Georgia Dachs Tanya V Karun SL Yes
GCh BISS Leoralees True Grit At Heardachs No.
GCH Ch Laurjosh's Prince Palatine Of Poulstead Yes
GCH MardiGras' Royal Patriot- MLC Yes
GCH McRobs Oscar The Grouch Yes
GCH Poulsteads Moon Shadow-Faithful Light Yes
GCH Scanpoint's Rocking Rudolph at Kenmar Yes
GCH Vongays Gift Wrapped For Insight ROMX Yes
GCH Walmar-Solo's IOU, SL Yes
GOLD GCH Brownwood Royall T's Wingsinger CA Yes
Han-Jo's Schumdachs Nola SL No.
Han-Jo's Wilva's Surprize SL No.
Islandach Beaujolais Nouveau ML Yes
Islandach's H.A.S.R. ML Yes
Jarbsy's Stray Cat Strut Yes
Jarbsy's Tu Tu Tango Yes
Karun's GA-Dach Dora SL Yes
Karuns Ga-Dach Deva SL No.
Karuns Ga-Dach Dixie SL No.
Katydox It's A Wonderful Life @ Dackelsieg MLC Yes
Katydox Keepsake ML Yes
Kenmars Charismatic From Scanpoint Yes
Klein Teckel Lil T N T ML No.
Kochana's Hacienda Confection at Rabows SL No.
Lashunds Mizz Mischief ML No.
Poulstead's Moon River And Me Yes
Pramada's Zelda At Cinjays SL No.
Pramada's Zoey At Cinjays SL Yes
Rabows 3G Android ML No.
Rabows 3G Blackberry ML No.
Rabows 3G Samsung ML No.
Rabows Royal Envoy of Mardigras' MLC No.
Rivercity Wyvern V Wingover ML Yes
Teckelwood Abracadabra V Wyndox ML No.
Telkel Maybe She's The One SL JE Yes
Triniti's Man About Town ML No.
UAG II Southwinds Take A Look MLD, RA, OAP, NJP,THD, CGC Yes
UAGI Southwinds Miss Congeniality ML, RN, CGC Yes
WD's Candy Man Can @ Karma's Yes
Wittsend Toddydachs Karmen Miranda ML Yes

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