brag.jpg Total Subscribed Borzois: 145
AM BIF GCH DC Horse And Hound Bretagne At Scheremetjew, SC Yes
AM GCH Scheremetjew Porsche Targa SC CGC FCH Yes
AM GRCh. Golightly Valinor's Beau Monde JC Yes
Akanni Afanasii Burnished Blackbird No.
Akanni Afanasii Lighthearted Lutra No.
Akanni's Atargatis On Sirenuse No.
Akanni's Gryllus On Aeaea No.
Akanni's Ipso Facto Akasha SC No.
Akanni's Res Ipsa Loquitur SC No.
Allante' Crimson Dynamo Yes
Allante' Tokyo Rose Yes
Am CH Wild Hunt Crème De La Crème At Scheremetjew SC, CGC, FCH Yes
Am GCH/Can CH Kishniga's Special Assignment Yes
Am. CH Radost La Vida Dulce Yes
Am. CH Radost Ravenswood Del Viento JC Yes
Am. CH Radost White Rock Yes
Am/Can CH Allante' Secret Agent Man Yes
Am/Can CH Kishniga's Casta Diva Yes
Am/Can/UKC/Ch.Dibar Hit Man From Brinson TT,SC Yes
Am/Can/UKC/Ch.Dibar Lucky Luciano Brinson TT,SC Yes
Am/Can/UKC/Ch.Dibar's Kiss Of Death TT,SC Yes
Arktis Scharlesta Jp's Ambrosia Yes
BIF DC Highgarden Teine K-C Viking Voyage SC, FCh Yes
Blue Moon's Bjorn Supremacy Yes
C'lestial All That Glitters No.
Ch Blue Moon's Breakfast At Tiffany's Yes
Ch Carowynd's Oksana Of Tamarzi Yes
CH Dechenonceau Belizna Zarita Yes
Ch Dibar Married The K-C Mob JC Yes
CH Gladki Veter Porsche Carrera Yes
Ch. Golightly Brolin Ooma Franka Yes
Ch. Golightly Lereau Muirne Fionn SC No.
Ch Golightly RH Double Delight SC Yes
Ch Greyhaven Wizard's Crystal Yes
Ch. Highgarden Teine K-C King Of Sparta SC Yes
CH Highgarden Teine Simply Faberge JC Yes
Ch Jantar Indigo Moon At Karlyn Yes
CH Jihad-Akanni Absolutely Fabulous JC No.
Ch KC Windsheer'N Vorel Boogie Fever Yes
Ch Kirov Zhelannyje Crimson Sage Yes
CH Kishniga's Alexandrite At Hi Tor Yes
Ch. Krasivi Charodeika Yes
CH Laureate Bella Luna Fly Me To The Moon JC CD RN Yes
Ch Laureate Einsteinian Relativity At BNW Yes
CH Laureate Perchance To Dream At Islehaven Yes
Ch Maskova's Matinee JC Yes
CH Nickolai Olovo Nurvureem JC Yes
Ch. Perchotin's Ivor JC No.
Ch Phaedra Kovu No.
CH Russian Batteries Not Included Yes
Ch Russian Laika Platina JC SC JOR ORC Yes
CH Russian Laika Spirit In The Sky Yes
CH Russian Moon River At Twin Acres JC JOR ORC Yes
Ch. Sylvan Metallic Minx Yes
CH. Timeless One Of These Nights Yes
CH Vento Danza Infinity No.
Ch. WindSheer K-C Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Yes
Ch Zooropa Laureate Distant Rain Yes
Ch Zooropa Laureate If You Believe Yes
Ch.Maskova's Gilitter In The Air Yes
Ch.Maskova's Silver Bells Yes
Ch.Maskova's Silver Christmas Yes
Ch.Raynbo's Cracklin Rose Yes
Ch.Vondi Darkside Of The Brinson Moon No.
Can CH Allante' Mata Hari Yes
DC Baruschka's Krassiwaja SC Yes
DC Brolin's Golightly Hurricane SC No.
DC Golightly Glacis Lereau SC Yes
DC Silkenswift Blaze Of Chaos CD SC LCM2 SORC GRC Yes
DC Teine Nicolaus Copernicus SC Yes
DC Windrift Easy Lover JC SC JOR FCh Yes
FC Akanni's Ultra Vires FCH SC No.
G.CH. Phaedra MiG Volschebnivitch Yes
GCH Aashtoria Wildhunt 4 Your I's Only RN Yes
GCh DC Greyhaven Eclipse Of The Moon SC ORC FCh VFCh CGC Yes
GCH DC K-C WindSheer Stayin' Alive RN CD, RN, SC, FCH, CGC, TDI Yes
GCH Kansai'Z Windsheer K-C Xbox Yes
GCh Laureate Adrienne Executive Decision At Mystique Yes
GCh Laureate Adrienne K-C's Easy Lover JC Yes
GCH Laureate Higgs Boson Yes
GCh Majenkir Jersey Girl Tolstoy Raynbo Yes
GCh Mascha's AAscaneas Yes
GCh Maskova's Zilver Strand Mystere Yes
GCh Raynbo's Moonstone Rose At Maskova Yes
GCH Raynbo's Regal Rose Yes
GCH Raynbo's Run For The Roses Yes
GCH Sylvan Silver Springbok Yes
GCH Sylvan Vitrina Finian's Rainbow JC, FCh Yes
GCh Teine Rhyolite At Tiassa SC Yes
GCH Vento Danza Versachi Of The Wild Hunt Yes
GCh Zooropa Laureate Adrienne Picture This Yes
HighGarden-Teine Sophie Of Woodacres RN BN CD CGC CGCA No.
Highgarden Teine Compelled By Egypt No.
Highgarden Teine Llyfr Taliesin SC No.
Highgarden Teine Septimus Severus SC No.
Highgarden Teine Terra Cotta Statue No.
Horse And Hound Sarzana Radost Yes
K-C WindSheer Peek-A-Boo Yes
K-C Windsheer Dockside Dolls Yes
K-C Windsheer Makin' Whoopee Yes
K-C Windsheer Mandolin's Pop Muzik Yes
Kansai'z Virtute Et Armis MC FCh Yes
Kansai'z Windsheer K-C Playstation Yes
Kishniga's From Russia With Love Yes
Laureate Drake Equation Yes
Laureate Hutton Unconformity Yes
Laureate Pacific Rim Yes
Laureate Party of Two Yes
Laureate Persistence Of Memory Yes
Laureate Personal Ensign Yes
Laureate Pitch Black Yes
MBIF DC Scheremetjew Porsche Cayenne SC CGC FCH Yes
MBIF FC Windsheer K-C Red Light Special SC, FCh Yes
MBIS GRCh Golightly's Big Day Yes
Multi-BIS Gold GCH Greyhaven This Rough Magic JC SC FCh CGC Yes
Nickolai Khurik Mystral Wind At Highgarden Yes
Pickle Hill's Fern's Legacy SC FCH No.
Pjotr Of Bibikov Yes
Radost Dance The Night Away, JC Yes
Radost Genoa Del Viento At OZ JC Yes
Radost Kinobi Dancing With The Stars Yes
Radost Mr. Bojangles Dance Yes
Rajalinjan Ake No.
Russian Indigo Illusion At Greyhaven Yes
Russian Timberwolf Caught In The Zipper Yes
Russian Windridge Always In Style Yes
Scheremetjew Lyra's Vega, SC Yes
Secret Garden Way Of Love Neverending No.
Starswift Lightning Quick Yes
Teine Highgarden Marcus Aurelius No.
Vento Danza Independence Day No.
Vento Danza Poseidon No.
Wild Hunt Par Excellence At Scheremetjew, SC, CGC, Yes
Windsheer K-C Anise Watermark No.
Windsheer K-C Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Yes
Zooropa Laureate Shades Of White Yes

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