brag.jpg Total Subscribed Weimaraners: 78
Adelgrau's Boo! Yes
Adelgrau's E Equals Mc2 Yes
BIS mBISS AmGCH/CanCH Doc's Seven Ships Of Acadia, BROM Yes
BISS GCh Doc's Crosswind Star-ry Eyed Jewel of Acadia No.
BISS GCH Nani's Crosswinds First Look No.
Blue Moon Misty Moon Yes
Ch Adelgrau's Ghost Story Yes
Ch Adelgrau's Lucky 13 Yes
Ch Ashcrof's River To Sea No.
CH Blue Moon Silvery Moon Yes
Ch Blue Moon Strawberry Moon No.
Ch Bowbent Carousels Perfect World Yes
CH Breica's Cowboy Casanova Yes
Ch Crosswind Acadia Pay AT-TEN-TION Doc No.
Ch Doc's Crosswinds Living The Dream A-New In Acadia No.
Ch Doc's Crosswinds Ninja Star From Acadia No.
Ch Doc's Star Light, Star Bright Of Acadia No.
Ch. Foxfire's Frankly My Dear Yes
Ch. Foxfire's Wild Little Bling'd Thing Yes
Ch Green Acres Copy Of Lace N Gus Yes
Ch Hibourne's Her-A-Caine Yes
Ch Rockville's Gold Run JH NAJ NA RN NRD NSD V Yes
CH Rockvilles Dollars & Diamonds JH RN SD CGC Yes
Ch Rokvills Illusion Of Diamonds JH NRD V Yes
CH Rokvils Firey Opal JH TD RN NRD VX Yes
Ch Rokvils Reflections N'Silver JH OAJ NA SD RD VX Yes
CH Rokvils Silver Firestorm SH RA CD NAJ NF SD NRD VX Yes
Ch Sagenhaft's Perfect Dynasty Yes
Ch. Silhouette's Every Breath You Take Yes
CH Silversmith Catch The Hunting Trophy Yes
Ch Silversmith Catch The Nightwatch Yes
Camelot's Whispering Wind Of Blue Moon No.
Colsidex Seabreeze All Four One Yes
Colsidex Seabreeze Down Lincoln Road CGC Yes
Crosswinds Acadia My New Obsession No.
Crosswinds Acadia News Flash No.
Doc's Crosswinds New Beginning In Acadia No.
Doc's Crosswinds Shining Star Of Acadia No.
Doc's Dark Star Traveler Of Acadia No.
Edgefield N' Grayceland's Love Her Madly No.
GCh Adelgrau's Trick Or Treat Yes
GCH BISS Kolata's Moving Violation, JH No.
GCH CH Hibourne RickMar's Born to Run Yes
GCh Camelot's Gidget Is The One For Me Yes
GCH Camelot's Stairway To Heaven II Yes
GCh Doc's Crosswinds Starry Night In Acadia No.
GCH Elite Win'Weim's The Spruce Goose RN CGC Yes
GCH Frost Oak N Quantrels Git R Done Yes
GCH. Grayceland's Gonna Be A Rock Star JH, CGC,NRD, V Yes
GCH Northwoods Send Money Honey Yes
GCH Northwoods Set Fire To The Rain Yes
GCH Poets Bossa Nova Baby Yes
GCH Rissana Hillwood's Perfect Crime Yes
GCH Silhouettes Fast Enough No.
GCH Silhouettes Lifeinthefastlane Yes
GCH SilverOaks SurfCity Shades Of Grey No.
GCH Starwood's Reinhard V Dietz Yes
GCh Trifar's Earth's Shelters Of Moonstone JH Yes
GCH Trifar's Princess J. Granda Of Heaven And Earth Yes
Gracy Mae Noonan No.
Grand CH. CH. Silhouette's All Revved Up Yes
GrandCh Moonstone Earth's Angel Yes
Grayceland's Bella Blue Yes
Graysong's Southern Rock No.
Harmony's Haunt N' Melody Yes
HiBournes Double Vision CGC Yes
MBISS Gold GCH Graysong N Silhouette's HeyJude Yes
RBIS,BISS GCH Doc's Greyborn North Star Of Acadia Yes
Rokvils Granite Slab Blitz JH Yes
Siegfried Easy Von Poelker CD, CGC Yes
Silhouette Shining Star of Blue Moon No.
Silhouette's Full Throttle Of Blue Moon No.
Silhouette's Not Just Play'n Around Yes
Silversmith Strike Across Starry Sky No.
Sindar Lovely Agnes Wickfield Yes
Smokey Topaz N Monterras Impression JH Yes
mBISS GCh Doc's Crosswinds Absolut Ten Of Acadia Yes

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