brag.jpg Total Subscribed Spinoni Italiani: 30
BISS Bronze GCH CH Darby Canyons Dantes Inferno CD RN CGC Yes
BISS GCH Bellaebravo Bruno SH No.
BISS GCH CH Couchfields Fare Salti Di Gioia (Gioia) Yes
BISS GCH CH Grand Bays Gianna Peicolo Nocche JH Yes
Ch Barba Bagnata Compimento Del Sogno BN RN JH Yes
Ch Bella Cane San Giacomo Amoroso JHA RNBN Yes
Ch Bella Lucianna Di Morghengo MH Yes
Ch Bella Margherita Di Morghengo Yes
CH Bellaebravo Dicianna No.
Ch Bellaebravo Diva Of Sussex Yes
Ch. Couchfields At Quietwoods JH CGC (Piccola) Yes
Ch. Couchfields Devildog Delight JH CGC (Marco) Yes
Ch Couchfields OneNightStand D'Assisi JH Yes
Ch Kyjo's Cappuccino No.
Ch Kyjo's Marco No.
Ch Kyjo's Penne For Your Thoughts Yes
Ch. Kyjo's Pisa Work Yes
Ch Kyjo's Sophia No.
Ch Kyjo's You Cannoli Imagine Yes
Ch. Mals-About Burden Of Proof Yes
Ch. Mals-About Wired For Success Yes
Ch.Kyjo's Baci Yes
Epithelium Rugiada No.
GCH Camkota Life Isn't Like in the Movies Yes
GCH Couchfields When In Rome (Trevi) Yes
GCH Nacimiento's Lladro Luigi CGC No.
Illumination Del Subasio No.
Island's Blaze Of Glory From Ravencreek No.
Kyjo's Bella Luna No.
PureImagination Trekker Of Hootwire RN CGC Yes

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