brag.jpg Total Subscribed Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay): 95
Am/Can Ch. Silvercreek Chesabar Happy Days Yes
Am/Can Ch Silvercreek Wheel Of Fortune JH Yes
BIS CH Silvercreek Remington Steele JH WD Yes
BISS Ch. Chesabar's Copper Mine Yes
Blucollars Absolute Ambition JH, CD Yes
Brimstone Kiss Me...I Might Be A Prince No.
CH Blucollars Hocus Pocus UD, RAE, SH, TDI Yes
Ch Chesabar's Two Coot For You Yes
CH Claddagh's Eye Of The Wind, THD Yes
CH Duchess Darla Of Savanna Oaks Yes
CH Kelin's Hide the Rum Yes
Ch. Kelin's No Quarter Given Yes
Ch. Kelin's Wicked Siren Yes
CH Pond Hollow Blue Ridge Rebel Yes
CH Quail Ridge Yippy I Cheyenne Yes
CH Quail Ridge's Harley Thyme Yes
CH QuailRidge's Baileyana Firepeak Yes
CH QuailRidge's Bombs Away! Yes
CH QuailRidge's Bramblin' Briar Blest Yes
CH QuailRidge's Brown Sugar Yes
CH QuailRidge's CA Galeforce Wind Yes
CH QuailRidge's Colt Forty Five of Carob Yes
CH QuailRidge's Crown Jewel Yes
CH QuailRidge's Crystal Pistol Yes
CH QuailRidge's Doc Norman Yes
CH QuailRidge's Femme Fatale Yes
Ch QuailRidge's Ghirardelli Goose Yes
CH QuailRidge's Just Bad E Nov Yes
CH QuailRidge's Kodiak Attack Yes
Ch QuailRidge's Laetitia Yes
CH QuailRidge's Loose Cannon Yes
CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger Yes
CH QuailRidge's San Francisco Yes
CH QuailRidge's Sausalito Yes
CH QuailRidge's Tecumseh Sherman Yes
Ch QuailRidge's Tobin James Yes
CH QuailRidge's Topaz Talisman Yes
CH QuailRidges's Hooper High Water Yes
CH Quailridge's Cry Me A River Yes
CH Quailridge's Crystal Bay Yes
CH Quailridge's I Emma Moose Yes
Ch Quailridge's Justin Thyme Yes
Ch. Quailridge's Maritime Madness Yes
Ch. Quailridge-Spinnaker's Hurricane Yes
Ch Sandy Oak Starlite Starbrite CGC Yes
Ch. Sandy Oak Starlite Wishes CD RN TT CGC Yes
Ch. Sandy Oak Wish Upon A Star RN CGC Yes
CH Sandy Oak's Oh Henry! Yes
Ch. SandyOak Webfoot Hearts Afire CGC Yes
CH Silverbar's Lighthouse At Brimstone Yes
CH Silvercreek All In The Family Yes
Ch Silvercreek Casbar's Cheers Yes
Ch Silvercreek Gingerbr Becker JH Yes
Ch Silvercreek's Kokoleka Nalu CGC TT Yes
CH Von Hausman's Bundaberg TT Yes
Ch Whispering Oaks Lunar Eclipse Of The Heart Yes
Chesabar's Along For The Ride No.
Chesabar's Charge And Return No.
Chesabar's Copper Alloy Yes
Chesagrove Starry Knight At SandyOak Yes
Chesavieda Eastern Waters Saranac Special Yes
Chesavieda Sergeant B Gunner Yes
Chesmate's Crave The Wave Yes
Chesmate's Gale Warning Yes
Chesmate's Storm Warning No.
Chesmate's Surfer Girl No.
Eastern Waters Chesmate Kipling No.
GCH (Gold) Mudcreek Red Moose RN THD Yes
GCH CH Claddagh's Rusty Bucket THD Yes
GCH CH QuailRidge's Goose CGCA, WD, RN, CD, BN Yes
GCH CH QuailRidge's Mighty Casey Yes
GCH QuailRidge Harrison's Dakota JH Yes
GCH QuailRidge Sierra Gold Of Grey Goose Yes
GCH QuailRidge's Against The Wind Yes
GRCH (Bronze) Quail Ridge's Dakota Yes
GRCH (Bronze) QuailRidge's Take It To The Limit Yes
GRCH (Bronze) QuailRidge's Windy River Yes
GRCH (Gold) Quail Ridge's Top Dee O Gee Maxamilian Yes
GRCH (Silver) QuailRidge's Coupe de Ville Yes
Int CH Am GCH Rippling Waters Autumn Mist JH Yes
Irish's Summer Spectacular No.
Longmeadow Down Home Daisy Mae No.
QuailRidge's Anak Krakatau Yes
QuailRidge's Fearless Freedom Yes
QuailRidge's Hot To Trot! Yes
QuailRidge's Justin Case of Trouble Yes
QuailRidge's Kiss Me Kate Yes
QuailRidge's Montana Jewel No.
QuailRidge's Odin Of Valhalla Yes
QuailRidge's Sierra Sioux-Nami Yes
Sandy Oak's Earth Wind & Fire Yes
Whispering Oak Hang Em High Yes
Whispering Oak Wandering Ivy No.
Wildfowlers Blucollar Ranger CD, JH Yes

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