brag.jpg Total Subscribed Pointers: 98
AM, PR, LA, FCI, International CH Kismet BiBa's Status Quo Yes
BIS GCh. Solivia's A Walk In The Clouds Yes
BiBa's Endeavor Yes
BiBa's English Accent Yes
Bittersweet's Amazed Bayou No.
Bittersweet's Amazing Adventure No.
Bittersweet's Amazing Grace No.
Ch BiBa's Edisto Elegance Yes
CH BiBa's Enchantress Yes
CH BiBa's Encore - BOB 2006 Westminster KC Yes
CH BiBa's English Garden Yes
CH BiBa's English Ivy Yes
CH BiBa's English Rose Yes
CH BiBa's English Sonnet Yes
Ch BiBa's Penny Lane Yes
Ch BiBa's Savannah Smiles Yes
CH Biba's Excapade Yes
Ch. Birdsboro's Einstein on the Beach Yes
Ch Cumbrian Bold Ruler Yes
Ch Cumbrian Flying Mist Yes
Ch Cumbrian Rags To Riches Yes
Ch Cumbrian Smokin Aces Yes
Ch Dawsik's Margaret Corbin JH No.
Ch Dawsik's Midnight Shadow JH No.
Ch Dawsik's Whiskey Girl JH No.
CH Destiny's BiBa's Orange Sherbet Yes
Ch. Earlylite Royal's Light Up The World Yes
Ch Evermore Aurora Borealis Yes
Ch Evermore Elfin Music JH Yes
CH Flints When Gun Powder Ignites Yes
CH Flints When Sparks Ignite Yes
CH Kismet BiBa's Speculation Yes
CH Kismet BiBa's Summer Solstice Yes
CH Kismet BiBa's Svelte Yes
Ch Kismet's Time Traveler Yes
CH Malmason Alydar Shiny New Shoes JH Yes
Ch. Marjetta Hallmark Yes
Ch. Marjetta In The Spotlight Yes
Ch. Marjetta Jack Bee Nimble Yes
Ch Penpoint Sharp Dressed Man No.
Ch Royales Tribute To Platinum No.
CH Sandpiper's First Wingman No.
Ch. Solivia's Gulf Breeze Yes
Ch Solivia's Red Rover, Red Rover Yes
CH Yakityak BittersweetCandyCane Yes
Crescendo Pawsup Everything and More No.
Cumbrian Gunpowder Rum Yes
Cumbrian Lady's Secret Yes
Cumbrian Requiem Yes
Cumbrian Rhiannon Yes
Cumbrian Slew O' Gold Yes
Cumbrian Surprise Yes
Dawsik's Real McCoy No.
Dawsik's Rockets Red Glare JH No.
Dawsik's Tea For Two No.
Dawsik's Tuxedo No. 2 JH No.
Dawsik's Whiskey Whisper Yes
Evermore Annabelle Yes
Evermore Cumbrian Clash Of The Titans Yes
Evermore Kashmir JH Yes
Evermore Oneiric Odyssey Yes
Evermore Oracle of Old Yes
Evermore Thunderstruck Yes
GCH Ch My Kyna Partner In Hope CD, RAE, OA, AXJ, OF Yes
GCH Ch Terrapointe All Made Up RA, NAP Yes
GCh Cumbrian Genuine Risk Yes
GCh Cumbrian Trinity Yes
GCh Dawsik's Wyatt Ziegler Yes
GCH. Freiheit Flint's Lock, Stock and Barrel Yes
GCH Marjetta In The Limelight JH Yes
GCH Marjetta Jersey Girl Yes
GCH Marjetta Rave Review JH Yes
GCh Solivia's Champagne Taste Yes
GCh Solivia's Fine Line at HiPoint JH Yes
GCh. Solivia's Kalahari Of Marsuz Yes
GCh. Solivia's Sonoran of Marsuz Yes
GCh. U-Ch. Pawsup Accustomed To Success,JH, RA, BN, CGC Yes
GCH,U-CH, UCD, URO1 Mi-Ti's Image Is Everything A/C CD RE CGC Yes
GR Ch Cumbrian Rainmaker Yes
Int/Am Ch Cumbrian Battle Of Evermore Yes
Int/Am Ch Evermore Algonquin Yes
Int/Am GCh Evermore Vicarious At Heidabrandt Yes
NBISS Ch. Solivia's Desiderata Yes
Sandpiper's Defying Gravity No.
Sandpiper's First In Flight No.
Sandpiper's I Believe I Can Fly No.
Sandpiper's Taken for a Ride No.
Sandpiper's Top Gun No.
Solivia's A Gallant Affair At Hipoint Yes
Solivia's RE's Hailo, JH, CA Yes
Southern Montblanc No.
Southern Vacheron Constantine No.
U-CD URO1 Mi-Ti's Last Call CDX RAE2 CGC TDI Can. CDX Yes
Valhalla's Surfer Girl of Solivia Yes

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