Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc. - Sunday 01/11/09 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. Robert J. Moore (RESIGNED)
(Michael E Scott, Agent).
By Ch Bee Serious Lord Jim JH - Ch Cookieland's Liffe Of Leisure. Pointers. Bitch.
Owner: Sean McCarthy & Tammy McCarthy & Helyne Medeiros., New York, NY 10013. Breeder: Cheryl Laduc & A & A Cantor.
JUDGE: Mrs. Lee Canalizo
(Michael E Scott, Agent).
By Ch Bee Serious Lord Jim JH - Ch Cookieland's Liffe Of Leisure. Pointers. Bitch.
Owner: Sean McCarthy & Tammy McCarthy & Helyne Medeiros., New York, NY 10013. Breeder: Cheryl Laduc & A & A Cantor.
B/G3 21 CH PETERSFIELD FAMOUS AMOS. SR 16921410. 03-05-04
(Angela L Lloyd, Agent).
By Ch Beacon's Sergeant Pepper SH - Ch Petersfield Waterhouse Blues. Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Dog.
Owner: Susan & Samantha Stilwell & Pat Debree & Deborah Edward., Windsor, CT 060951353. Breeder: Pat Debree.
B/G4 47 CH CASBAR'S HART TO HART. SR 29575001. 09-12-05
(Joy Quallenberg, Agent).
By Ch Casbar's Mister Debonaire RN - Princess Annabelle Ravine. Retrievers (Labrador). Dog.
Owner: Diane Ammerman., Mahwah, NJ 07430. Breeder: D Mahoney.
B/G2 24 CH MILITZA'S STARRY STARRY NITE. SR 20216103. 07-28-04
By Ch Militza's Honor Thy Mother - Ch Quailfield Celebration. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: Tracy McNeal & R McNeal & Ken Wall & J Fisher DVM., Glen Allen, VA 230601904. Breeder: T McNeal & R McNeal & J Fisher DVM & Ken Wall.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 11 CH REVEILLE PUSH BUTTON. HP 21546903. 04-20-06
(Jane Lodge, Agent).
By Ch C'Quest Just Push Play - Ch Reveille Accord. Basenjis. Dog.
Owner: Damara Bolte., Leesburg, VA 201766024. Breeder: Damara Bolte.
B/G3 18 CH TORQUAY MIDNIGHT CONFESSION . HP 27320802. 06-14-07
By Ch Torquay Central Station - Ch Wishingwell's Speak No Evil. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In.. Bitch.
Owner: Marcello Chegas & M F & Alessandra Botelho., Macungie, PA 18062. Breeder: Marcello Chages & M F & Alessandra Botelho.
B/G1 7 CH DOWNHOME FAMILY TRADITION. HP 14976702. 02-13-05
(Kimberly A Pastella-Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Amblin's Kingsbury Armageddon - Ch Bluehills Harmony In Two Parts. Harriers. Dog.
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Susan Stacy Lowder., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Barbara & Jeff Fox & Linda Johnston & Susan Lowder.
B/G2 31 CH ADILI'S AMERICAN IDOL. HP 21210102. 04-15-06
(Frank J Murphy, Agent).
By Ch Kimani's Gazeley Of Tahari - DC Adili's Serengeti Starlight SC. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Dog.
Owner: Kiki Courtelis & Tammy Lynch & Karen LaFleur., Paris, KY 40361. Breeder: Tammy Lynch & N Vaccarino & P Lia & K LaFleur.
JUDGE: Mr. Stephen J. Hubbell
B/G4 7 CH WICCA'S-CR LETHAL WEAPON. WS 11153404. 10-16-04
(Timothy Thomas, Agent).
By Ch Komaru The Gold Standard At Wicca - Regalia's Eagle Talon At CR. Akitas. Dog.
Owner: Barbara Cook., Dumfries, VA 220253122. Breeder: Carla Burke & Jo Ann Charnik.
B/G3 31 CH ADESA THE HEAT IS ON. WR 07171501. 08-01-02
By Ch Sojourn Bathberno Beartracks CD - Ch Adesa Honkey Tonk Woman. Bernese Mountain Dogs. Dog.
Owner: R Harrison & K Meredith & B Blewett., Miller Place, NY 11764. Breeder: B Kinley Blewett & Bill Blewett & C Bergman.
B/G1 10 CH HI-TECH'S SOUTHERN BELLE . WS 21214501. 11-12-06
(Kim Pastella-Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Hi-Tech's Basic Edition - Ch Brookwood's Autumn Reflection. Boxers. Bitch.
Owner: Jeri Poller & Tina Truesdale & Gail Alix., Boca Raton, FL 334963504. Breeder: G Alix & T Alix & Zoila Truesdale & Dr W Truesdale.
B/G2 11 CH BLACKROCKS KAZANOVA. WS 18306702. 07-07-06
(Michelle Scott, Agent).
By Ch Cammcastle's Valentino V QR - Silverhill Xena Of Blackrock. Rottweilers. Dog.
Owner: Grace McGlynn & Peggy Maher & Jeff & Millie Kestner., West Columbia, SC 291694737. Breeder: Robert McGlynn & Joanne Francisco & Grace M McGlynn.
JUDGE: Mr. Stephen J. Hubbell
B/G1 15 CH STIRLING COOL HAND LUKE. RN 08898604. 05-04-05
(Ernesto Lara, Agent).
By Ch Devonshires Celtic Pride - Ch Stirling Fire And Glory. Airedale Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Frank Pulice., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301. Breeder: Shirley R Good & Susan S Rodgers.
B/G4 8 CH SANHERPINC AREPA. RN 11935504. 07-17-06
(Santiago Pinto, Agent).
By Ch Wyrlake Wicked Game - Ch Sanherpinc Serena. Fox Terriers (Wire). Bitch.
Owner: Victor Malzoni., Medina, OH 442569739. Breeder: Santiago Pinto.
B/G3 7 CH DONOSTI LUNA. RN 09232401. 12-26-03
(Michael R Kemp, Agent).
By Chelines De Infarto - Aquilonian Army Luna. Lakeland Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Sheri Smith., Waynesboro, VA 229800695. Breeder: Hector Luna.
B/G2 7 CH THUNDER HILL SOUL JOURNEY . RN 14197504. 06-26-07
(Michael Scott, Agent).
By Ch Rednock Never A Saint - Ch Thunder Hill Moon Shadow. Parson Russell Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Jane Gardner., Newtown Square, PA 190732608. Breeder: Donna Motter & Judith R Slater.
JUDGE: Mr. Chuck Winslow (DECEASED)
B/G3 14 CH HONORES LILY-BELLE. TR 52200902. 04-07-06
(Greg O Strong, Agent).
By Ch Anthony's Justa Red Dog - Honores Exotica. Italian Greyhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Denise & Jerry Milko., Ocean City, MD 21841. Breeder: Carol Smith.
B/G4 15 CH KIMRO'S SOLDIER BOY. TR 62868901. 01-10-07
(Kimberly A Pastella-Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Kimro's Toy Soldier - Ch Kimro's Made In Manhattan. Miniature Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: L Stark & R J Stark & K Pastella Calvacca., Conifer, CO 804338126. Breeder: Kim & Anthony Calvacca & R Greenslade & H Schwell.
B/G1 9 CH PEQUEST MATCH POINT. TR 55018801. 04-16-06
By Ch Yakee If Only - Pequest Georgette. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Sascha M Rockefeller., New York, NY 10022. Breeder: David Fitzpatrick.
B/G2 15 CH SMASH JP MOON WALK. PR 10352201. 10-03-06
(Handler: Kaz Hosaka PHA/CPH).
By Ch Smash JP Talk About - Smash JP Jubilant. Poodles (Toy). Dog.
Owner: Ron Scott & Debbie Burke., Dillsberg, PA 170198900. Breeder: Yukiko Omura.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 24 CH DIVA'S FOREIGN AFFAIR. NP 18176601. 08-30-07
(Jodi Longmire, Agent).
By Ch Night And Day L'amour Brando Du Champagne - Ch Shann's Legally Blonde. French Bulldogs. Bitch.
Owner: Patricia Hearst Shaw., Arnold, MD 21012. Breeder: Owner.
B/G1 24 CH MY THAI TA SEN HALLELUIAH CHORUS. NP 13888203. 04-29-06
By Ch Ta Sen Victory Peyote - Ch My Thai's Amazing Grace JB. Lhasa Apsos. Bitch.
Owner: Susan S Giles & Mary P Vaden., Manakin Sabot, VA 231032134. Breeder: Mary P Vaden.
B/G3 10 CH SURREY SWEET SPICE. PR 08308302. 02-15-06
(Handler: Kaz Hosaka PHA/CPH).
By Ch Random Wind In Your Dreams - Ch Surrey Spice Girl. Poodles (Miniature). Bitch.
Owner: Ron Scott & Debbie J Burke., Dillsberg, PA 170198900. Breeder: Kaz Hosaka.
B/G2 27 CH FLOLIN TELSOMEONE. NP 17814502. 06-10-07
By Ch Toreana TeCee Skamar - Ch Flolin Winsome For Kokonor. Tibetan Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Linda C Foiles., Boston, VA 22713. Breeder: Pat Silberman & Linda Foiles.
JUDGE: Mrs. Terry M. DePietro
B/G2 7 CH LA NEIGE'S A KODAK MOMENT. DN 03529101. 05-06-03
(Lisa A Miller, Agent).
By Ch Liket's Please Remember Me - Ch La Neige's Dare To Dream. Belgian Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Timothy V Jasinski & Constance L Jasinski., Purcellville, VA 201329011. Breeder: Mindy K Gibson & Patricia J Snow.
B/G4 9 CH BORDERFAME SIGNATURE. DN 10633702. 12-09-04
(Reggie Moorehead, Agent).
By Ch Borderfame Touch O Light - Ch Borderfame Mystic Fame. Border Collies. Dog.
Owner: Dan Black & Dionne E Butt., Haw River, NC 272580336. Breeder: Helena Fitzgerald.
B/G3 9 CH FAIRYTALE'S BALTHAZAR LE SAGE. DN 16178006. 10-31-06
(Greg Strong, Agent).
By Ch Rebelle Des Monts D'en Crauzille - Ch Theodora De Bejaune. Briards. Dog.
Owner: Odile Smith & Timothy Smith., Macungie, PA 180628504. Breeder: Odile Smith & Timothy Smith.
B/G1 7 CH STONE RIDGE WHOL STOP T RAIN . DN 03440301. 05-16-03
(Sue Rayner Reed, Agent).
By Ch Stone Ridge Thunder Island - West Oaks' Nicki Girl. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Lisa Webb., Hagerstown, MD 217401748. Breeder: Lisa Webb.

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