Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club - Saturday 06/09/07 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G1/BIS 8 CH KENRO'S KEEPING TIME. WR 07061302. 07-22-02
(Phillip Booth, Agent).
By Ch Skansen's Van Driver - Ch Kenro's Tru Test Of Time. Giant Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Robin J & Kenneth R Greenslade & Karen & James Mancini., Mims, FL 32754. Breeder: Robin Greenslade.
JUDGE: Mr. Norman B. Kenney
B/G3 7 CH SANBAR'S CALL WHEN READI. SR 00280508. 02-18-02
(Amy Rodrigues, Agent).
By Ch AFC Sanbar's Call Collect MH - Ch Sanbar's Indian Penny. Brittanys. Dog.
Owner: Polly West & Robert D West., Reno, NV 89502. Breeder: Polly West.
B/G4 7 CH MAJESTY IT'S GOOD TO BE KING. SR 12701301. 12-02-03
By Ch Majesty The Patriot JH - Ch Bookstor Birches. Pointers. Dog.
Owner: Jean Smith & Daniel L Smith., S Rockwood, MI 48179. Breeder: Jean Smith & Dan Smith.
1/BP/PG1 19 HEARTHSIDE'S COSMIC EVENT. SR 38544402. 09-24-06
By Ch Harborview Just U Wait - Hearthside's Vegas Jackpot. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: David Karston., Kent City, MI 49330. Breeder: Pam Farrell & A Grundy.
B/G2 29 CH EASTHILL BROXDEN THE FIG IS UP. SR 09966306. 06-07-03
By Ch Newport's Get Off My Cloud - Ch Teran's Impeachable Offense. Retrievers (Golden). Dog.
Owner: Sandra Kim Hoffen & Alex & Joe Ovalle & Amy Rodrigues., Modesto, CA 95358. Breeder: Sandra Kim Hoffen & Amy Rodrigues.
B/G1 14 CH JEWELSET'S UP UP N AWAY. SR 04060211. 10-01-02
(Jeffrey Thomas Arch, Agent).
By Ch Saxonys Snow In August - Ch Jewelset's Special Attraction. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: Sharon Reilly & Lisa Summers., Mineral Ridge, OH 44440. Breeder: Sharon Reilly & Kim Velletri & Julie Waters.
1/BP/PG2 20 LYONESSE'S ELECTRIC STORM. SR 39181005. 12-05-06
By Schoolhouse's Majic Lesson - Ch Bear Majic's Cosmicmessenger. Spaniels (English Springer).
Owner: Teresa Miles., Bellaire, MI 49615. Breeder: Priscilla Ogata & Lynn Feller.
JUDGE: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
1/W/BP/PG3 10 TESOROS SEPTEMBER SONG. HP 23525101. 09-03-06
By Ch Kowtown's High Speed Chase - Tesoros Hide And Seek. Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In..
Owner: Tricia Till & Lawrence Till., New Haven, MI 480482313. Breeder: Mildred Austin.
1/BP/PG4 14 LAKILANNI AIN'T NO SUNSHINE. HP 24254501. 10-13-06
By DC Lakilanni Pretty Bad Boy SC - FC Lakilanni One Fine Morning. Greyhounds.
Owner: Laurie Soutar., Princeton ON, CN N0J 1V0. Breeder: Owner.
1/W/B/G4 7 HOUNDS OF HEAVEN FINIAN. HP 14977505. 02-18-05
By Ch Hounds Of Heaven Croi Liam - Tenderland Myrna Of Manasota. Irish Wolfhounds.
Owner: Deborah & William Drescher., Lansing, MI 48933. Breeder: Deborah & William Drescher.
1/R/BP/PG2 10 TROLAN'S OG HUTETU'S I'VE GOT A SECRET. HP 24094501. 11-22-06
By Trolan's What A Catch - Ch Trolan's Pure Platinum. Norwegian Elkhounds.
Owner: Phyllis A Anderson & Karen Corsair., Ovid, MI 48866. Breeder: Phyllis A Anderson.
B/G2 9 CH VIN-MELCA'S AIR MCNAIR. HP 08668101. 08-06-02
(Guy H Fisher, Agent).
By Ch Vin-Melca's Certified - Ch Vin-Melca's Moonbeam. Norwegian Elkhounds. Dog.
Owner: William R Strand & Robert Stecher., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. Breeder: Fred Archer.
1/W/B/BW 7 LAYLA COURAGE BRAVE AND BOLD. HP 11617904. 07-14-04
/G3By Ch Courage William R Dangerdog JC - Layla Muncy. Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Owner: James Robinson & Jane Gentzen., Phoenix, AZ 85021. Breeder: Cherokee Muncy.
B/G1 8 CH LEHIGH-DARKWYND CARAGH. HP 15246501. 02-05-05
By Ch Thistleglen Leeds - Ch Lehigh Yare Of Darkwynd. Scottish Deerhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Paula Pascoe & Pam Smithson., Freeland, MI 486239505. Breeder: Owners.
1/W/BP/PG1 15 WILDWOOD'S ONLY YOU. HP 21918402. 07-04-06
By Ch Andauer Am I Gonna Be A Star - Ch Vic's Wildwood Callista JC. Whippets.
Owner: Faith D Guest., Washington, MI 480941306. Breeder: Faith D Guest.
JUDGE: Mr. Norman B. Kenney
B/G4 7 CH WIND'S FURY JACOB TRAILBLAZER. WR 02499305. 05-02-01
(Kate Salvadore, Agent).
By Ch Storm Kloud's Llook At Me Now - Wind's Fury Wintersong. Alaskan Malamutes. Dog.
Owner: Nancy C Russell & B Salvadore & S Hjermstad & T Muldoo., Howell, MI 48843. Breeder: Donna & Edward Kolterman.
1/BP/PG4 10 CENTENNIAL'S CATEGORY FIVE. WS 19545205. 11-15-06
By Ch Centennial's Hurricane Force - Centennial's Morning Mist. Boxers.
Owner: Tammy Davison., Freeland, MI 48623. Breeder: Steve Webb & Matt Mitchell.
B/G2 9 CH PARAMOUNTS BOOGIE NIGHTS. WS 13557701. 06-11-05
(Guy H Fisher, Agent).
By Ch Burlwoods Loverboy - Ch Burlwoods Premiere At Paramount. Boxers. Dog.
Owner: William Strand & Robert Stecher & Eddie Zefuss., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. Breeder: R Nickels.
B/G1/BIS 8 CH KENRO'S KEEPING TIME. WR 07061302. 07-22-02
(Phillip Booth, Agent).
By Ch Skansen's Van Driver - Ch Kenro's Tru Test Of Time. Giant Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Robin J & Kenneth R Greenslade & Karen & James Mancini., Mims, FL 32754. Breeder: Robin Greenslade.
1/BP/PG4 41 WINDHAVEN'S TURN THE PAGE. WS 19822301. 09-12-06
By Ch Seabrook Beacon Of PouchCove - Windhaven's Got Milk. Newfoundlands.
Owner: Laura Vande Ven., De Pere, WI 54115. Breeder: Laura Vande Ven.
By Ch Pouch Cove's Goliath - French Fries King Of Helluland. Newfoundlands. Dog.
Owner: Laura Vande Ven & Peggy Helming., De Pere, WI 54115. Breeder: Bela Siklosi & Sona Krocko.
1/W/BP/PG2 9 WRIGHT'S ERAGON. WS 20370702. 11-01-06
By Ch Rottidox This Bud's For You - Castlerock's A Dream Come True. Rottweilers.
Owner: Linda & Kim Wright., Springport, MI 49284. Breeder: Linda Wright & Marie Grabowski.
1/W/B/BW 15 QUDOS HIGH SPEED CHASE. WS 19348601. 10-11-06
/BP/PG1By Highlander's Peeka-Boo Icu - Sibex's Which Witch Is Which. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Linda Quarterman., Concord, MI 492379747. Breeder: Linda Quarterman.
JUDGE: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
B/G4 7 CH BENAYR NESSUN DORMA. RN 00960501. 08-31-02
(Angela Smith-Humpert, Agent).
By Ch Ryba's Tom Foolery - Ch Benayr Rosie The Riveter. Australian Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Pamela C Levy., Aspen, CO 81612. Breeder: Susan M Bentley.
1/W/OS/BP 8 KAYLYNN'S GRAVEYS ON TOP. RN 12818205. 11-21-06
/PG2By Ch Sandon N' Oakhill Solo Salute - Ch Kaylynns Made In Manhatten. Bedlington Terriers.
Owner: Sheila Renee & Elyse Beutler., Mt Pleasant, MI 48858. Breeder: Sheila Renee & Elyse Beutler.
1/W/BP/PG1 7 LAKE EFFECT'S SLEEPY HOLLOW. RN 13029401. 10-31-06
(Allison B Sunderman, Agent).
By Ch Bluestone Odds On Favorite - Ch Tophats Color Me Red. Fox Terriers (Smooth).
Owner: Mark Ulrich & Laurie Ulrich., Three Oaks, MI 49128. Breeder: Mark Ulrich & Laurie Ulrich & Brittany McKeown.
B/G1 9 CH BROXDEN DRESS FOR SUCCESS. RN 07206202. 11-20-04
By Ch Broxden Rio Oso Best Dressed - Ch Raybills Irish Crystal. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: Howard & Sandra Hoffen & Heidi Gervais & Amy Rodrigues., Fowlerville, MI 48836. Breeder: Stacy Turner & Amy Rodrigues.
(Doug Belter, Agent).
By Ch Snowtaires Encore - Ch El-Rays Snowtaire Iceni Payback. Fox Terriers (Wire). Dog.
Owner: Dawne Deeley., Sidney BC, CN V8L 5M3. Breeder: Barbara A Decker & Lynne Myall.
1/W/B/BP 7 DEARG MADRA'S SOLSTICE. RN 13215002. 12-08-06
(Allison B Sunderman, Agent).
/PG4By Ch Merrymac Don't Blame Me - Ch Kalaney's Wyndsong. Irish Terriers.
Owner: Mark Ulrich & Laurie Ulrich & Allison Sunderman., Three Oaks, MI 49128. Breeder: Mark Ulrich & Laurie Ulrich & Judy Labash.
B/G3 8 CH MAYAPPLE SWEETART. RN 05261301. 03-16-04
By Ch Larkspur Liberator - Ch Mayapple Wild Cherry Tart. Lakeland Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Claire Atkins & Allison Sunderman., Hanover, MI 49241. Breeder: Owners.
1/W/BP/PG3 10 BLACK CREEK HOWIE'S GIRL. RN 12533801. 08-06-06
By Ch Cumbria's Here's How - Black Creek Kate. Scottish Terriers.
Owner: Frank Gyori., Muskegon, MI 49444. Breeder: Frank Gyori.
JUDGE: Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser
B/G3 7 CH LOUJON BACKROAD TRAVELER. TR 29412201. 05-15-04
(Cheri Schmitz, Agent).
By Ch Suruca's Dance Master - Backroad's Black Bird. English Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby). Dog.
Owner: Beth Ann Czapor., Franklin, MI 48025. Breeder: Karen Miller & Susan Plance.
1/BP/PG3 10 KASHMIR'S PERFECT DIAMOND. TR 58740401. 07-03-06
(Jeffrey Thomas Arch, Agent).
By Ch Lorenc's Rhinestone Cowboy - Ch Infiniti Pretty In Pink Kashmir. Italian Greyhounds.
Owner: Celia Weatherhead., Moreland Hills, OH 44022. Breeder: Celia Weatherhead.
1/W/B/BW 18 DONMAR TAX PENALTY ON PINERIDGE. TR 39311804. 04-15-05
/G4By Ch Carousel Dare To Be Ready - Ch Donmar's Tulipan. Italian Greyhounds.
Owner: Marilyn Heliker & Angela Leonard & Edwina Martin., Leslie, MI 49251. Breeder: Edwina Martin.
1/BP/PG4 16 ZELICAON PARTY PUMPKIN. TR 56040402. 06-29-06
By Monarch's Mighty Titus By Sandel - Zelicaon Mikado From Greg-Mar. Papillons.
Owner: Kathryn B Ainsworth & Forrest Johnson., Wyoming, MI 49509. Breeder: Forrest G Johnson.
1/R/BP/PG2 14 LON-DU SOPHISTICATED LADY. TR 58112102. 10-10-06
(Kathleen S. Knowles, Agent).
By Lon-Du Michael The Arch Angel - Lon-Du Madonna II. Pekingese.
Owner: Gary L Veach & Omar F Gonzalez., Port Huron, MI 48060. Breeder: Arlon Duit.
(Nadine Hersil, Agent).
/PG1By Kalo's Lionheart Of Lenette - Kalo's Two Cents Worth. Pomeranians.
Owner: Sandra L Johnson & Carolyn G Brandenburg., Holmen, WI 54636. Breeder: Carolyn G Brandenburg.
B/G2 17 CH LANA'S LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF. TR 14369303. 07-14-03
(Nadine Hersil, Agent).
By Ch Jan-Shars Dudly Doright - Dupre's Sparkling Gold Patina. Pomeranians. Dog.
Owner: Lana Price., Santa Ana, CA 92705. Breeder: Ownerana Price.
By Ch Shalee Tawny Mist Royal Silk - Ch Shalee's Bejewelled. Silky Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Marilyn Solvason & Angela Smith & Shauna Jones., Madera, CA 93638. Breeder: Angela Smith & Shauna L Jones.
JUDGE: Mrs. Clover Allen (RESIGNED)
1/R/BP/G4 10 BELLE CREEK'S SWEET NOTHINGS. NP 14710201. 08-08-06
By Ch Belle Creek's Funny Cide - Ch Belle Creek's Roseanna Dana. Bichons Frises.
Owner: Lorrie L Carlton & Lawrence A Letsche DVM., Plymouth, MI 48170. Breeder: Lorrie L Carlton & Lawrence Letsche DVM.
B/G3 8 CH MELVARD'S DOLL OF DESTINY. NP 12074001. 10-06-05
(Guy H Fisher, Agent).
By Jeber Veasna Cinco De Mayo - Ch Melvard's You Got The Right 1 Baby!. Chinese Shar-Pei. Bitch.
Owner: David & Kathy Melvard & Joe & Judy Medrano., Phoenix, AZ 85043. Breeder: David & Kathy Melvard & Joe & Judy Medrano.
1/R/BP/PG4 8 C AND D'S POP A TOP TOOTSIE POP. NP 14192801. 07-21-06
By Ch Buntins Bossy Doctor Mark - C And D's Miss Elizabeth. French Bulldogs.
Owner: Pat & Sherry Kurth., Whitmore Lake, MI 481899104. Breeder: Chuck & Dot West.
(Erin Garrity Olsen, Agent).
By Ch Keeshee's Lock Stock'Barrel - Ch Nightwind Itzza Kissed Bya Angel. Keeshonden. Dog.
Owner: Deborah R Hodges., Columbus, OH 432324600. Breeder: Patricia Den Boer & Deborah Hodges.
1/W/BP/PG3 8 FOX LANE'S SOUTHERN BELL. NP 15179706. 12-07-06
By Ch Fox Lane's Phoenix Rising - Ch Fox Lane's My Girl. Lowchen.
Owner: Mary C Billman., Ortonville, MI 48462. Breeder: Owner.
1/W/OS/BP 9 LOUWALK MIDNIGHT DREAMERS. PR 09055603. 07-08-06
(Patricia Murry, Agent).
/PG1By Ch Alias Just Give Me That Wink - Dreamers Queen Of The Gods. Poodles (Standard).
Owner: Rebecca Imbrunnone & Jill Smith & Mike Cobane., St Clair Shores, MI 48082. Breeder: Mike Cobane & Jill Smith.
1/W/B/BW 12 DREAMERS SKYE'S THE LIMIT. PR 05994701. 10-25-04
/G2By Ch Farleys D I Am Marcello - Ch Dreamers She's All That. Poodles (Standard).
Owner: Jill Smith & Debbie Boylan., Birch Run, MI 48415. Breeder: Jill R Smith & Debbie Boylan.
(Mark Peterson, Agent).
By Ch Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou - Haguro No Akanehime Go Chuuou Hagurosou. Shiba Inu.
Owner: Joan Morningstar & Debra Dirksing & Laura Payton., Stoutsville, OH 43154. Breeder: Joan Morningstar.
JUDGE: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
1/R/BP/PG2 35 INVERNESS HIGH FALUTIN'. DN 15201701. 07-11-06
By Ch Inverness In Demand - Ch Inverness Standing Ovation. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Erin Swain., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189. Breeder: Gail Sellers & Erin Swain.
B/G3 7 CH MEADOWS' WISE GUY. DN 00298102. 01-19-02
By Ch Windfiddler's Best Of Times - Ch Meadows' Nothing Simple. Bearded Collies. Dog.
Owner: Claudia McNulty., Ortronville, MI 48462. Breeder: Claudia McNulty.
(Norma Smith, Agent).
By Ch L'Heureux Beardsanbrow Nike - Ch Popsakadoo L'Etoile De Lebec. Briards. Dog.
Owner: Karen Aznavoorian & Janis Charbonneau., Fresno, CA 93704. Breeder: J Lorang.
1/W/BW/BP 7 TELLTAIL'S SPENCER. DN 16804601. 11-30-06
/PG1/BISBy Ch Roragyn's Tuff E Nuff - Ch Larchmonts Tickle Me. Cardigan Welsh Corgis.
Owner: Cheryl Kellerman & Carol Cooper D.O.., Lainsburg, MI 48848. Breeder: Paula O'Donnell & Georgene Davolis.
B/G1 8 CH LAMBLUV'S THE DEVINE MISS M. DN 05302401. 11-03-03
By Ch Lambluv's Desert Dancer - Ch Lambluv's Desdemona. Old English Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: Jere Marder & Gail Radke., Valparaiso, IN 46385. Breeder: Jere Marder & Lynne Levine.
1/W/OS/BP 7 PATRICIA'S N' DANNY'S ORANGE CRUSH. DN 15822706. 09-15-06
/PG3By Merry Mints Cal's Empire Maker - Pattys Lelo Bandits Honeyfox. Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Owner: Daniel J & Shirley J Belcher., Lainsburg, MI 48848. Breeder: Patricia Gordon.
1/BP/PG4 31 BREAKAWAY'S N'TER TWINE. DN 16491803. 07-18-06
(Julie Spayde, Agent).
By Breakaway's Nick Of Time - Blue Heavens Simply Stunning. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Priscilla Gardner., Laingsburg, MI 48848. Breeder: Priscilla Gardner.
B/G2 22 CH NORWOOD NENANA. DN 05946203. 01-23-04
(Julie Desy, Agent).
By Ch Rising Dragon Of Hitachi Farm - Ch Macdega Charismatic. Shetland Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: A Luhrs., Benton, PA 17618. Breeder: Owner.

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