South Shore Kennel Club, Inc. - Saturday 09/15/07 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Keke Kahn
B/G1/BIS 7 CH BULLSEYE AMERICAN IDOL. RN 05473001. 05-29-04
(Kimberly Rudzik, Agent).
By Ch Catastrofe's Touch Of Heaven - Ch Bullseye Cresstock Celebrity. Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Zane Smith & Stacy Koren., Earlville, NY 13332. Breeder: Zane Smith & Bonnie Cresse.
JUDGE: Ms. Carolyn Cederman
(Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).
By Ch Happy HR Beauty In The Beast - Ch Highmark Weather Or Naught. Retrievers (Golden). Dog.
Owner: Melissa Goodman & Linda Willard & Maura Phelan., Sevierville, TN 37738. Breeder: Maura Phelan & Linda Willard.
B/G2 18 CH BEAUBRIARS PREMIERE EVENT. SR 14482401. 11-23-03
By Ch Saxonys Snow In August - Ch Beaubriars Electrifying JH. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: Michelle & Elaine DeChambeau., W Bridgewater, MA 02379. Breeder: Elaine & Michelle DeChambeau & Paulette Peckol.
B/G4 19 CH COLDRY'S SWEET SEDUCTION. SR 18259201. 06-15-04
By Ch Eighty Eights Black Jag - Ch Our Gang's Dark Victory. Spaniels (Cocker) Black. Dog.
Owner: Adrianna & Coy Grimes & Per Ingar Rismyhr., Justin, TX 76247. Breeder: Coy Grimes.
B/G1 11 CH CERISE KAY'N DEE RETURN OF THE KING. SR 12715204. 07-11-03
(Howard Huber Jr, Agent).
By Ch Salilyn's Condor - Ch Cerise Jubilee Royale. Spaniels (English Springer). Dog.
Owner: Dorothy Cherry & Rosemary Fugit & Deb Kirk., Louisville, KY 40205. Breeder: Rosemary Fugit.
JUDGE: Mr. Jon R. Cole
B/G2 7 CH DOWNHOME FAMILY TRADITION. HP 14976702. 02-13-05
(Kimberly A Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Amblin's Kingsbury Armageddon - Ch Bluehills Harmony In Two Parts. Harriers. Dog.
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Susan Stacy Lowder., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Barbara & Jeff Fox & Linda Johnston & Susan Lowder.
B/G3 7 CH SOMERRI DUNHARROW'S DEVIL RAY. HP 18136401. 09-10-05
By Ch Ruskar's And CK's Hy And Mighty - Ch Somerri Diamonds R Forever. Norwegian Elkhounds. Dog.
Owner: Judith Silker & Somerri Kennels., Winfield, PA 17889. Breeder: Edward Hall & Roland Masse & Laura Lewis.
B/G1 35 CH PADEN OF NASHIRA. HP 10764302. 05-16-04
By Ch Nashira's Excalibur Of Ridgelea - Ch Nashira's Samantha Of Sprvaly. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Dog.
Owner: Paula J Edris., Dover, PA 17315. Breeder: Concetta M Jez & Doris M Pio & Pasquale Pio.
B/G4 7 CH SAMARIN AVALON EXCALIBER. HN 00301601. 05-31-02
(Sabin Hamilton, Agent).
By Ch Shamar's Copy Cat - Ch Samarin Delilah. Salukis. Dog.
Owner: Tatiana S Partridge., Smyrna, DE 19977. Breeder: Tatiana S Partridge.
JUDGE: Mrs. Cheryl Myers-Egerton
B/G4 16 CH NAKODO'S BLUE MOON RISING . WS 10732004. 10-22-04
(Handler: Paul Levesque PHA).
By Ch Koti's Silver Eclipse Of Akiko - Ch Akiko's Chosen By Faith. Akitas. Bitch.
Owner: Keith Venezia., Candia, NH 03034. Breeder: Keith Venezia.
B/G1 25 CH DABNEY'S PHENOMENON. WS 03614714. 03-25-03
By Ch Eastwick's Meadow Monster - Ch Dabney's I Can't Wait!. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Linda & John Krukar., Easton, CT 06612. Breeder: Linda & John Krukar.
B/G2 17 CH MAITAU'S NO BONES ABOUT IT 'PAESAN'. WS 10839304. 10-23-04
By Ch Maitau's Never Better - Ch Maitau's Jamaican Me Nutz. Great Danes. Dog.
Owner: Karen Pacino & John Pacino., Roslindale, MA 02131. Breeder: Patricia A Ciampa & Tiffany Cross & Helen Cross.
1/W/B/BW 19 ESMONDS SEISMIC ACTIVITY RA. WS 16164303. 10-14-05
(Valerie McGraw, Agent).
/G3By Ch Neu-Rodes Gimme The Prize CDX RA - Ch Esmonds Iza One And Only CDX RE TDX. Rottweilers.
Owner: Lisa Byrd., West Haven, CT 06516. Breeder: Ann Feleske-Jackman.
JUDGE: Mr. William deVilleneuve
B/G2 7 CH BUON AIRES HOY PALOY. RN 09676001. 01-26-05
(R C Carusi, Agent).
By Ch Serendipity's Trailblazer - Ch Buonaires Tartan Dynaglide. Airedale Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Linda Buonauro., Park Ridge, NJ 07656. Breeder: Owner.
B/G3 16 CH WINFIELD MIS BEHAVIN @ FOXWATCH. RN 04870203. 10-28-03
By Ch Laurelton Now Take A Bow - Ch Winfield Double Dare. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Bitch.
Owner: Wendy Perry & Andrew Doyle & Whitney Perry., E Dennis, MA 02641. Breeder: Andrew Doyle & Phyllis Rimmer & Annebly Aroney.
1/W/B/BW 7 KELLY'S PERAZZI BULLET. RN 11784208. 06-17-06
/G4By Ch Ruedesheim's Hustler - Ch Kelly's Tamar's Midas Touch. Miniature Schnauzers.
Owner: Robert Boyer & Geri Kelly., Naples, FL 341044414. Breeder: Vicki J Wagant & Geri Kelly & Linda Tamar.
B/G1/BIS 7 CH BULLSEYE AMERICAN IDOL. RN 05473001. 05-29-04
(Kimberly Rudzik, Agent).
By Ch Catastrofe's Touch Of Heaven - Ch Bullseye Cresstock Celebrity. Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Zane Smith & Stacy Koren., Earlville, NY 13332. Breeder: Zane Smith & Bonnie Cresse.
JUDGE: Mrs. Gloria Geringer
B/G2 19 CH MONDRIAN V H LAMSLAG, RE. TR 28972002. 09-22-03
By Pascavale Designed - Michelle V H Lamslag. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Janet York., New York, NY 10021. Breeder: J G A Boelaars.
B/G3 12 CH WILL-CM PALOMA BLANCA. TR 55198705. 04-28-06
By Will-CM Just Playin' Skip-Bo - Will-CM Lady Ehlans O'Camelot. Chihuahuas (Long Coat). Bitch.
Owner: Ronald W Readmond & Erika Lanasa & K Saenz., Trappe, MD 21673. Breeder: Curtis Williams & D Wilson & M Dunnington.
B/G4 7 CH DECO'S LOOK NO MORE. TR 15950101. 06-03-03
By Tosaho Pale Rider - Deco's Alarmingly Charming. Japanese Chin. Dog.
Owner: Joel D Fisher DVM & K R Wall DVM & M A Burr & J Burr., Wake Forest, NC 27587. Breeder: Mary Burr & Joseph Burr.
B/G1 11 CH KIMRO'S TOY SOLDIER. TR 34510801. 01-31-05
(Kimberly A Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Kimro's Space Cowboy V Edgewind - Ch Edgewinds Electric Avenue. Miniature Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Robin Greenslade & Howard Schwell & Kim Pastella., Mims, FL 32754. Breeder: K & A Calvacca & H Schwell & M Curtin & R Greenslade.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 22 CH LUCKYSTARS RHEA 395. NP 10964701. 08-15-05
By Ch Luckystars Jupiter - L'Sprites Luckystar. Boston Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Charlotte & Frederick Comstock & Ollie Firuski., Waterford, CT 06385. Breeder: Charlotte & Frederick Comstock.
B/G1 33 CH CHEROKEE LEGEND ROCK . NP 08424501. 11-19-04
By Ch Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse - Ch Empires Cleopatra. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Cody T Sickle & Connie Chambers., Oyster Bay Cove, NY 11791. Breeder: Faye Richardson.
1/W/B/BW 16 PLANETT'S THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN. NP 14207404. 08-18-06
/G3By Ch Erin N Mt Views Full Of Fun - Ch Planett's Tupelo Honey. Dalmatians.
Owner: Barbara Kaplan-Barrett & Dr Ed Barrett., Milltown, NJ 08850. Breeder: Barbara Kaplan-Barrett & Dr Ed Barrett.
B/G2 14 CH MY THAI'S GIRL FRIDAY. NP 09545301. 03-25-05
(Susan S Giles, Agent).
By Ch Ta Sen Victory Peyote - Ch My Thai's Amazing Grace JB. Lhasa Apsos. Bitch.
Owner: Mary P Vaden & William J Albert., San Antonio, TX 78217. Breeder: Mary P Vaden.
JUDGE: Mr. Robert W. Greitzer (DECEASED)
B/G4 8 CH GUNAYDIN'S EDEN'S TEMPTRESS. DN 10002602. 02-06-05
By Ch Maplefield's Ruckus - Ch Gunaydin's Amazing Grace. Bouviers des Flandres. Bitch.
Owner: Joseph Bobek., Chicopee, MA 01013. Breeder: Joseph Bobek.
1/W/B/G2 7 COUNTRYVIEW BACK TO BROADWAY. DN 13380001. 12-16-05
(Annette Rawlings, Agent).
By Countryview Trade Secrets - Countryview Party All Night. Collies (Rough).
Owner: Dan Cardoza & Michael Espinosa., Rehoboth, MA 027692501. Breeder: Dan Cardoza & Pati Cox.
B/G1 19 CH LAXFIELDS HIT MAN. DN 06276104. 12-30-03
(Philip Moore, Agent).
By Ch Kismets Sight For Sore Eyes - Red Rocks Champagne Kisses. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: John & Donata Restuccia & Countess C A DeTigny., Yarmouthport, MA 02675. Breeder: John & Donata Restuccia.
B/G3 11 CH VOGUE TAKE-OUT . DN 03306701. 04-25-03
By Ch Mainstay Graffiti - Vogue Black Bikini. Shetland Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Lori Underwood., Sterling, MA 01564. Breeder: Lori Underwood.

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