Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc. - Saturday 03/31/07 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. R. William Taylor (RESIGNED)
B/G1/BIS 9 CH PEQUEST PERSUASIVE. TR 45182701. 07-12-05
By Ch Yakee If Only - Pequest Tilly Tooter. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff & D Fitzpatrick., Cats Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: David Fitzpatrick & J Hoke.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G2 11 CH SANBAR'S CALL WHEN READI. SR 00280508. 02-18-02
(Amy Rodrigues, Agent).
By Ch AFC Sanbar's Call Collect MH - Ch Sanbar's Indian Penny. Brittanys. Dog.
Owner: Polly West & Robert D West., Reno, NV 89502. Breeder: Polly West.
B/G4 10 CH BEACHCLIFF CELINE DION. SN 76953308. 08-03-00
By Ch Rainbow's Autumn Classic - Ch Beachcliff's Demi Wants Moore. Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Bitch.
Owner: Deborah A Edwards & Carrie Ryberg & Angela Lloyd., LaPorte, TX 77571. Breeder: Deborah A Edwards & Mari Rendich-Galvin.
B/G1 30 ANNECY'S SUMMITS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT. SR 28379915. 07-18-05
By Ch Summits Mr Bojangles - Ch Merrygold Turn Down The Music Com. Retrievers (Golden). Bitch.
Owner: Beth Johnson & David & Carrie Noble., Murrieta, CA 92562. Breeder: David & Carrie Noble.
B/G3 30 CH SZIKRA'S HARICOT VERT. SR 23500705. 12-09-04
By Ch Mar-Ed's He Knoz The Web NA NAJ - Ch Szikra Takes The Cake. Vizslas. Bitch.
Owner: Sosanna & Alessandra & Patricia Folz., Woodstock, CT 06281. Breeder: Sosanna & Alessandra & Patricia Folz.
JUDGE: Mr. Lester R. Mapes
B/G3 10 CH ROIRDAN'S MEANT TO BE. HP 16454102. 02-25-05
(Michael Szabo, Agent).
By Ch Lanbur Carson City - Ch Roidan's Porshe'. Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In.. Bitch.
Owner: Erin Nesbitt & Sue Ann Mason & Carol Herr., Perryopolis, PA 15473. Breeder: Carol Herr & Janis Manger & Leigh McBride DVM.
B/G2 15 CH FRIEDOX FALLING FOR YOU MW . HP 13186601. 11-16-04
(Angela L Lloyd, Agent).
By Ch Drakesleat Spaghetti Junction - Ch Friedox Kick Upon A Star MW. Dachshunds (Wirehaired). Dog.
Owner: Irene Jamieson & Barbara J Friedman., Goochland, VA 23063. Breeder: Barbara J Friedman.
B/G1 11 CH KIARRY'S REFLECTIONS OF THE SUN. HP 06340201. 05-18-03
(Lisa A Miller, Agent).
By Ch Kiarry's Sun Boy - Ch Kiarry's Dream On @ Kelly MT. American Foxhounds Old. Dog.
Owner: Les Millman & Donna Millman & H Miller & L Miller., Damascus, MD 20872. Breeder: Lisa Miller & Donna Millman & Les Millman & Ann.
B/G4 7 DC MIA'S MAKE MY DAY SC. HP 00788004. 05-10-02
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By DC Shema's Mia Dax Of The Netherlands SC - Ch Mia's Summer Song SC. Pharaoh Hounds. Dog.
Owner: Jane Hodnett., Keller, TX 762488702. Breeder: Pam Haig & T A Haig DVM.
JUDGE: Mrs. Janet Lobb
(Tim Zeitz, Agent).
By Bully Boy's O'Tay Spanky - Valentine's Bully Boy Emerson. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Kim Koberna., Chardon, OH 44024. Breeder: Clarence E Valentine & Linda Valentine.
B/G3 9 CH IMPYRIAL'S LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE. WR 05871701. 12-08-01
By Ch Impyrial's Shot Thru T'Heart - Ch Impyrial's All American Girl. Great Pyrenees. Dog.
Owner: Amy Kiell-Green & F & C Mascuch & K Justin & V Coffman., Westtown, NY 10998. Breeder: Karen Justin & Victoria & Donna & Carolyn Coffman.
B/G4 11 CH SEADOG'S SMUGGLERS COVE. WS 16467701. 02-05-06
By Ch Seadog's Sneakin Into Harbor - Ch Polar Mist Sea Breeze. Samoyeds. Dog.
Owner: John & Kathleen Ronald., Myersville, MD 21773. Breeder: John & Kathleen Ronald & L. Blue.
1/W/B/BW 10 KONTOKI'S EVERYDAY ITALIAN. WS 15772001. 11-12-05
/G1By Ch Kontoki's The Wizard Of Ahhhs! - Kontoki's Truly Yours. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Tom Oelschlager & Marlene DePalma., Finleyville, PA 15332. Breeder: Owner.
JUDGE: Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
B/G1 11 CH EVERMAY'S HIGH PERFORMANCE. RN 02502901. 05-23-03
(Wood Wornall, Agent).
By Ch Timberwyck Maximum Overdrive - Ch Moraine Terydale HK Exchange. Airedale Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Richard Berg & Samantha Curran., Arroyo Grande, CA 934205974. Breeder: Richard Berg & Samantha Curran.
B/G3 8 CH ACTION CHAOS AND CHARISMA. RN 04916004. 03-20-05
(Kathy Kirk, Agent).
By Elfming Agrippa At Kaleco - Ch Action Constant Chaos. Bull Terriers (White). Bitch.
Owner: Renee Idone & Franne Berez., Roxbury, CT 06783. Breeder: Karen Cooke.
B/G2 9 CH BROXDEN DRESS FOR SUCCESS. RN 07206202. 11-20-04
By Ch Broxden Rio Oso Best Dressed - Ch Raybills Irish Crystal. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: Howard & Sandra Hoffen & Heidi Gervais & Amy Rodrigues., Fowlerville, MI 48836. Breeder: Stacy Turner & Amy Rodrigues.
1/W/B/G4 7 DONOSTI LUNA. RN 09232401. 12-26-03
(Michael R Kemp, Agent).
By Chelines De Infarto - Aquilonian Army Luna. Lakeland Terriers.
Owner: Sheri Smith., Waynesboro, VA 229800695. Breeder: Hector Luna.
JUDGE: Mrs. Joan G. Alexander
B/G3 7 CH HILLTOP'S THE GREAT HOUDINI. TP 31053602. 05-08-02
(Wood Wornall, Agent).
By Ch Hilltop's Special Zinger - Ch Hilltop's Delta Dawn. Brussels Griffons. Dog.
Owner: Felicia Cashin & Carole Ross & Ron Ross., San Luis Obispo, CA 934051017. Breeder: Ron & Carole Ross.
B/G1/BIS 9 CH PEQUEST PERSUASIVE. TR 45182701. 07-12-05
By Ch Yakee If Only - Pequest Tilly Tooter. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff & D Fitzpatrick., Cats Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: David Fitzpatrick & J Hoke.
B/G2 21 CH EAGLE CREEK'S HAMIN' IT UP. TR 40797301. 06-15-05
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By Ch Stolanne's Back Talk - Heartland's A Flash From Heavn. Pomeranians. Dog.
Owner: Kathryn J Norem., Knox, IN 46534. Breeder: Kathy Norem.
B/G4 11 CH WENRICK'S MUSIC OF THE NIGHT. TR 53769501. 09-11-05
By Ch Symarun's Stevie Wonderful - Ch Wenrick's Hollywood Affair. Shih Tzu. Dog.
Owner: Jody & Wendy & Richard Paquette., Henryville, IN 47126. Breeder: Wendy & Richard & Jody Paquette.
JUDGE: Dr. Robert J. Berndt
1/W/B/BW 16 BIBELOT'S PURPLE HEART O'MINE . NP 12161004. 11-14-05
/G2By Ch Risgae's Wild Bill - Ch Bibelot's Poise'N Ivy. Bichons Frises.
Owner: Matt Abbott & Paula Abbott & Paula Hendricks., Murrysville, PA 15668. Breeder: Hendricks & Dennis & Carlton&Letsche & Hamilton &Bettis.
(Laurin Howard, Agent).
By Ch Katbird's Outa This World - Ch Katbird's Dance Til Dawn. Boston Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Kathryn T Graves., Georgetown, KY 40324. Breeder: Owner.
B/G1 9 CH NUSTAR'S RAIN TREE COUNTY. NM 91520401. 09-22-01
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By Ch NuStar's Flash Dance Elite - Ch Thunder Moon Just Like The Rain. Chinese Shar-Pei. Dog.
Owner: Deborah & Robert Cooper., Porter, IN 46304. Breeder: Deborah & Robert Cooper & Colleen Kehe.
B/G4 26 CH J'PIER'S PEARL. NP 05430602. 12-07-03
(Mike Szabo, Agent).
By Ch Briarpatch's Sam I Am - Ch LeBulls Norma Jean. French Bulldogs. Bitch.
Owner: Cheryl Smith & Jean Pierce., Carleton, MI 48117. Breeder: Jean Pierce & Betty Littschwager.
JUDGE: Mr. Robert J. Moore (RESIGNED)
B/G3 8 CH KILTIE'S PEACH PARFAIT. DN 09169303. 07-21-04
(Tara Krieger Hartman, Agent).
By Ch PattiShawl Causin Applause - Ch Pandemonium Kiltie's Kismet. Bearded Collies. Bitch.
Owner: Joan Kutoloski., Coopersburg, PA 18036. Breeder: Mary Ann Pflum.
B/G4 8 CH BROADCREEK'S STORM'S A' BREWIN. DN 13681001. 11-16-05
By Ch Broadcreek's Mark Anthony - Ch Broadcreek's Fancy Lace. Belgian Malinois. Bitch.
Owner: Patti & Doug Cross & Susan Legg., Westminster, MD 21158. Breeder: S Brendal & Larry Legg & Dr & Mrs Kornfeld.
B/G1 18 CH IMP-CEN ROWLAND'S TOUGH LOVE. DN 08304406. 09-25-04
By Ch Rowland's Cezanne Of Imp-Cen - Ch Imp-Cen's Andromeda. German Shepherd Dogs. Bitch.
Owner: Christina Halliday & Connie Halliday & Betsy Geishen-S., Waynesburg, PA 15370. Breeder: Christina M Halliday.
1/W/B/BW 23 BELAIRE'S KINGDA KA. DN 14584701. 04-12-06
(Ferebe Simons, Agent).
/G2By Ch Cinonnie Rigel - Ch Hallmark Belaire Full O' Fun. Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Owner: Gloria Hansen & Ken Hansen., Jeannette, PA 15640. Breeder: Gloria Hansen & Ken Hansen & Midge Ruscak.

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