West Volusia Kennel Club - Sunday 09/30/07 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Jane G. Kay
B/G1/BIS 15 CH TARA HUFF EDREY STARBUCK. NP 07670401. 10-14-04
By Ch Tara Huff Rufkins Frappuccino - Ch Tara Huff Elvira. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle., Orlando, FL 32837. Breeder: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle.
JUDGE: Mr. LaMar Mathis
B/G4 19 CH CHILCOTE'S TALK ABOUT ME. SR 15206010. 03-03-04
By Ch Chilcote's Credit To Ceasar JH - Chilcote's Rhea Sunshine. Brittanys. Dog.
Owner: Shirley Chilcote & Mary Jessica Schulz., Weirsdale, FL 32195. Breeder: Deborah F Benz.
1/W/B/BW 7 MIRASOL NOSE NO BLARNEY JH. SR 16445601. 03-21-04
(Joan Cleary, Agent).
/G1By Ch Highmark Mirasol Once A Knight VCD3 UDX2 JH MX MXJ - Ch CT MACH Mirasol's Femme Fatale VCD2 NF. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Kathleen Flaherty., Altamonte Spgs, FL 32714. Breeder: Alison & Ray Desmarais.
B/G3 49 CH CHAMBRAYS OUT OF THE RUFF . SR 21352501. 08-04-04
By Ch Carmays Ruff Around The Edges - Danjacs Carissa. Retrievers (Labrador). Dog.
Owner: Rosie Feeley & Sandy Herzon., Lake Worth, FL 33467. Breeder: V Sandy Herzon.
B/G2 7 CH LYDGATE RISE N' SHINE. SR 23062901. 01-02-05
(Linda Pitts, Agent).
By Ch Overoak Rising Son - Ch Lydgate Look So Fine. Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.. Dog.
Owner: Jacquelyn Beaudoin & Mary Walker & Deborah Knight., Raleigh, NC 27606. Breeder: Deborah Knight.
JUDGE: Mr. Eugene Blake
B/G2 19 CH SINFUL'S UPTOWN BOY. HP 08874501. 01-13-04
(Gwendolyn M Wolforth, Agent).
By Ch Nyanga Signet Sweet William JC - Ch Sinful's Uptown Girl. Basenjis. Dog.
Owner: Elaine G McLoon., Douglas, GA 31533. Breeder: William V Sykes & Elaine Sykes.
B/G4 7 CH JACKPOT KINGSBURY BEAMER. HP 09634004. 02-24-04
(Linda M Whitney, Agent).
By Ch Kingsbury Talisman - Ch Vale Of Lune Miller CD. Harriers. Dog.
Owner: Lynne Lumsden & Dorothy Shettle., Riverview, FL 33569. Breeder: Kevin Shupenia & Donna Smiley-Auborn.
B/G1 21 ROKEENA CARTE BLANCHE. 3100110308AU. 12-15-02
(Handler: Jane Alston-Myers DHG).
By Ch Charlens Make Mine A Double - Ch Chouan Pret A Porter. Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens. Dog.
Owner: J Herrera & Y Herrera & C Herrera & R & R Wallis., Parkland, FL 33076. Breeder: Mrs RJ Wallis.
B/G3 11 CH KHIVA'S PROPHET OF BAHA CD RN SC. HM 96625601. 05-29-01
By Ch Batal Kirman Khyber CD - Ch Khiva's Athena. Salukis. Dog.
Owner: Dr Caroline Coile., Live Oak, FL 32060. Breeder: V Preston & B Hamilton.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G1 8 CH CAMBRIA'S BARRETINA. WS 17024304. 03-31-06
(Linda Whitney, Agent).
By Ch Cambria's Secret Desire - Ch Orion's Rasberry Beret. Doberman Pinschers. Bitch.
Owner: Lori Cornelius & Pamela Sarkel & Ann R White., Gainesville, FL 32641. Breeder: Ann R White.
By Ch V Graff Whobut Humphrey Grf'N - Ch Crekside's Turkish Delight. Great Danes. Dog.
Owner: Elaine Baldi & Jan Brungard., Bell, FL 32619. Breeder: Jan Brungard & Linda D Pincheck.
(Lara H Spears, Agent).
By Skipper's Emperior King Of Helluland - Thickish Newfoundland Keyofmyheart. Newfoundlands. Dog.
Owner: Marie & Steve Tumlin., McDonough, GA 30253. Breeder: Sandrine Laignel.
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Makitso N Pinehaven Ice Man - Ch Ferncliff Sea Dancer At Camlin. Portuguese Water Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Roy & Barbara Cawley., Williston, FL 32696. Breeder: Linda Campbell & Linda Hinkle.
JUDGE: Mr. Louis Auslander
B/G4 15 KELLY'S PERAZZI BULLET. RN 11784208. 06-17-06
By Ch Ruedesheim's Hustler - Ch Kelly's Tamar's Midas Touch. Miniature Schnauzers. Dog.
Owner: Robert Boyer & Geri Kelly., Naples, FL 341044414. Breeder: Vicki J Wagant & Geri Kelly & Linda Tamar.
B/G1 7 CH YARROW VENERIE JEAN VAL JEAN. RN 10893002. 02-01-06
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Cause A Comotion - Ch Yarrows Venerie Vesper. Norfolk Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Marcia Nanci., Pittsburgh, PA 15215. Breeder: Pamela Beale & John Beale & Beth Swergart.
B/G2 10 CH BAYSHORE'S SNEAK PREVIEW. RN 08552904. 12-01-04
(Handler: Jane Alston-Myers DHG).
By Ch Bayshore Windchase Blast Off - Ch Bayshore's Vita Veta Vega Min. Parson Russell Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Y Herrera & J Margeson & Dale & F Bayliss & Oldt., Thonotosassa, FL 33592. Breeder: J Frank Baylis & Chris Oldt.
B/G3 12 CH CAMDYN INDIA INK. RN 06236203. 08-20-04
(Handler: Sherri-Anne Kovach PHA).
By Ch Lomondview Butch Cassidy - Ch Camdyn Homecoming Queen. Scottish Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Anne Bower & Sheila-Faith Barry., Key Biscayne, FL 33149. Breeder: Sheila-Faith Barry.
JUDGE: Mrs. Elaine E. Mathis
B/G2 33 CH MONDRIAN V H LAMSLAG RE. TR 28972002. 09-22-03
By Pascavale Designed - Michelle V H Lamslag. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Janet York., New York, NY 10021. Breeder: J G A Boelaars.
B/G4 7 CH CLAYMORE RIP TIDE. TR 35766802. 11-18-04
(Handler: Carol J Rice PHA).
By Ch Claymore High Tide - Lionheart Sweet Carolina Blues. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Mrs Wynne S Ballinger., Palm Beach, FL 334804803. Breeder: Wynne S Ballinger.
B/G1 9 CH STARFIRE'S HERE COMES TROUBLE. TR 45497203. 07-02-05
By Ch Finch's Walkin After Midnite - Starfire's Strawberry Marmelade. Pomeranians. Dog.
Owner: Jose Cabrera & Fabian Arienti & Veronica Winter Natali., Mocksville, NC 27028. Breeder: Jose Cabrera & Fabian Arienti.
B/G3 7 CH MY ROYAL REBEL HANS SOLO. TR 40966101. 08-16-05
(Barbara J Beissel, Agent).
By Ch Shalee Tawnymist Royal Silk - Ch RMH's Rebel Maile. Silky Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Gary & Joan Schwartz., Carmel, CA 93923. Breeder: Gary & Joan Schwartz.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 11 CH WUNDERBULLS SIMPLY JR. NP 07689603. 09-09-04
By Ch Wunderbulls Simply Taz - Queen Magnolia May Bryant. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Byron L Quay., Royal Palm Beach, FL 334117808. Breeder: Tabitha Laney Bryant.
1/W/B/BW 15 KELIN'S THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE . NP 15900001. 10-02-06
/G2By Ch Kelin's Rumors Of A Legend - Ch Kelin's Bella Luna. Chow Chows.
Owner: Odalys & Kendra & Kelly Hayes., Miami, FL 33187. Breeder: Odalys & Kendra & Kelly Hayes.
B/G1/BIS 15 CH TARA HUFF EDREY STARBUCK. NP 07670401. 10-14-04
By Ch Tara Huff Rufkins Frappuccino - Ch Tara Huff Elvira. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle., Orlando, FL 32837. Breeder: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle.
B/G3 15 CH DEEJAYS PILGRIM'S PRIDE . NP 01592101. 11-06-02
By Ch Jadarr Baileys Irish Cream - Deejays Maple Rose. Tibetan Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Helene Gauzza., Venice, FL 34293. Breeder: Diane Snowden & Deejay Kennels.
JUDGE: Mr. Robert W. Greitzer (DECEASED)
B/G3 11 CH BENDIGO AMERICAN REBEL. DL 87846808. 05-16-01
(Laura L Coomes, Agent).
By Ch Briarmoors Bugel Boy - Ch Hilltops Ice Capade. Australian Cattle Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Cathie Watson., Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Breeder: Cathie Watson & Laura Coomes.
B/G1 19 CH RISTA'S COWBOY CADILLAC CODA. DN 01447205. 09-04-02
By Ch Rista's Sequel Tru Blu Cowboy NA - Ch Sirus Peaches N Cream. Australian Shepherds. Dog.
Owner: Cherry Norris & Tanner Norris., Dade City, FL 33523. Breeder: Stacy Pehlam & Leida Jones.
B/G2 20 CH RIVERSIDE WICKED WONDERFUL. DN 05816901. 11-15-03
(Handler: Greg Myers DHG).
By Ch Aberlee Storm Force - Ch Riverside Red Alert. Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Bitch.
Owner: Deb Shindle., Vero Beach, FL 32963. Breeder: Deb Shindle & F Daum & T Jordan.
B/G4 11 CH STARVON IN THE LIMELIGHT. DN 10469701. 05-13-03
(Arvind De Braganca, Agent).
By Starvon Fantastic Light - Starvon Tallinval Angalina. Swedish Vallhunds. Dog.
Owner: Dorie & Gary Michehl., Trenton, FL 36293. Breeder: Mr & Mrs West.

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