Tampa Bay Kennel Club - Sunday 08/20/06 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Anitra Cuneo
1/W/B/G1 11 ARAKI FABULOUS WILLY. AB01943101E. 04-25-01
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
/BISBy Araki A Proper Birk - Araki Summer Rose. Tibetan Terriers.
Owner: John Shaw & Ken Sinclair., Ocala, FL 34482. Breeder: Ken Sinclair.
1/W/B/BW 9 GEMINI'S CHANTS TO XCEL. SN 24285201. 03-07-05
(Theresa Hahn, Agent).
/G2By Ch Crescent O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah! - Ch Gemini's Lone Star Belle CD MX MXJ. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Kathy Cudak & Cindi Metcalf., Coral Springs, FL 33071. Breeder: Cindi Metcalf & Candi Pearce.
B/G3 15 CH EDITIONS THE AVIATOR. SR 22440501. 11-17-04
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Baysides River Deep - Ch Editions American Beauty. Setters (English). Dog.
Owner: Lisa & Kenn Leavelle., Kernersville, NC 27284. Breeder: Karen & Greg Corey & Conny Helms.
B/G1 7 CH WILD CHERRY'S KING OF HEARTS. SR 17975504. 06-04-04
(John Haenszel, Agent).
By Ch Don's Breakfast At Tiffany's - Ch Wild Cherry's Glacier Mint TD. Spaniels (Clumber). Dog.
Owner: Eileen Heiple., Cortland, OH 44410. Breeder: Eileen & James Heiple.
B/G4 19 CH LAMAR'S LAREDO. SR 03139101. 07-24-02
By Ch LaMar's Montana - Oakmont Talk Is Cheap. Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.. Dog.
Owner: LaMar & Elaine E Mathis., Temple Terrace, FL 33617. Breeder: Ken Smith & James Knight.
JUDGE: Ms. Dorothy D. Nickles (RESIGNED)
1/W/B/BW 24 LLACUE'S MADAME BUTTERFLY. HP 01862902. 07-22-02
/G3By Ch Tantra's Some Like It Hot - DC Llacue's La Traviata SC. Afghan Hounds.
Owner: Jesus Llano & Michael Cuevas., Tampa, FL 336241530. Breeder: Jesus Llano & Michael Cuevas & M Trifiro & D Lake.
B/G4 7 CH BIRNAM'S KILLIAN OF KAIZEN. HP 07962201. 11-09-03
By Ch Baywind-Craigwood On Tap - Cherryvly Shades Of Gray. Basset Hounds. Dog.
Owner: Norman & Mary Ann Wigginton., Milton, FL 32570. Breeder: J Strauss & L Megli & N & M Wiginton.
B/G2 12 CH ROIRDAN'S CABERET. HP 04810602. 03-14-03
By Ch Lanbur One Man Show - Ch Roirdan Swanlake Joint Venture. Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In.. Bitch.
Owner: Linda Cranford & C Herr & L McBride., Hiddenite, NC 28636. Breeder: Carol Herr & Leigh McBride DVM.
(Frank Jewett, Agent).
By Ch Kingsbury Whirlaway - Kingsbury Synchronicity. Harriers. Dog.
Owner: Susan Rathbone & Renate Moore., Loxahatchee, FL 33470. Breeder: John E Auborn & Donna K Smiley Auborn.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 7 CH SKANSEN'S BLACK ICE AT RIA. WS 06777002. 09-24-03
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Skansen's Young Blood - Highstyle's Yoga. Giant Schnauzers. Dog.
Owner: Jim Brown & Nell J Brown., Bunnell, FL 32110. Breeder: Sylvia Hammarstrom.
B/G1 33 CH BRITO OD DRAGICEVICA. WS 03436401. 04-07-00
(Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Agent).
By Moral Vom Hause Marker - Hera Od Dragicevica. Rottweilers. Dog.
Owner: Jerome Sampson., Crystal River, FL 34429. Breeder: Jovan Dragicevic.
B/G3 23 CH SNOPACKS SNEAK ATTACK . WR 03084503. 05-06-01
(Dani Butler, Agent).
By Ch Wolf Rivers Diamond Dust - Ch Echos Lyin Eyes. Samoyeds. Dog.
Owner: Judy & Bill McDougall., Odessa, FL 33556. Breeder: Gary B Jones.
B/G2 14 CH INDIGO'S HILLTOP ISTATE. WS 12283201. 10-09-04
By Permafrost's Yankee Clipper - Topaz Anticipation. Siberian Huskies. Bitch.
Owner: Dr & Mrs David K Qualls., Jacksonville, FL 32218. Breeder: Charles Coomes & James & Lynn Dagan.
JUDGE: Mr. William deVilleneuve
B/G4 7 CH MICHL R JUSTIN TIME. RN 04963605. 04-15-04
By Ch Michlr American Flyer Icon - Ch Michl Rocket Red Glare. American Staffordshire Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Jeanette Perkins., St Petersburg, FL 33707. Breeder: Betty Michal.
B/G1 14 CH ROLLICK'S RIVERDANCE. RN 01831801. 07-07-00
By Shyloch Excalibur - Rollick's Diva. Kerry Blue Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: France Godbout & Lynne Lumsden & Del Clarkson., Anthony, FL 32617. Breeder: Charlotta Mellin.
B/G3 24 MYSTIQUE'S FANCY KNICKERS. RN 08125907. 03-08-05
(Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
By Ch Kalani's Knickers On The Green - Ch Bojangles Alpha Chic. Miniature Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Alyce McBride & Kathy Rohrer., Pfafftown, NC 27040. Breeder: Kathy Rohrer.
B/G2 10 CH CUHAVEN CALL MY VET. RM 36481402. 05-19-02
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Deblin's Street Talk - Ch Jospen Cuhaven Look Of Power. Scottish Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Pam & Mark Hendrickson., Palm Beach Garden, FL 33410. Breeder: Pam & Mark Hendrickson.
JUDGE: Mrs. Joan M. Zielinski
B/G3 34 SYLCREST'S I LOVE LUCY LUI. TR 34591303. 01-22-05
By Ch Row-Sandis Cassill My Dream - Kai's Crazy Ladies Mi Tao. Chinese Cresteds. Bitch.
Owner: Gloria Batchelor., Spring Hill, FL 34610. Breeder: Karen Therman.
B/G4 7 CH CLAYMORE THE CHESS MASTER. TP 25359301. 08-07-01
(Handler: Carol J Rice PHA).
By Ch Muhlin Monopoly - Ch Claymore Salvia. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Wynne S Ballinger., Palm Beach, FL 334804803. Breeder: Wynne S Ballinger.
B/G1 8 CH STARFIRE'S JOSEFINA IS NASTY. TR 24881001. 12-18-03
By Ch Starfire's Wicked Mean-N-Nasty - Starfire's Strawberry Mermelade. Pomeranians. Bitch.
Owner: Jose A Cabrera & Fabian Arienti., Miami, FL 33032. Breeder: Jose A Cabrera & Fabian Arienti.
B/G2 19 CH BENDILL WEE PRECIOUS PERRY. TP 26295201. 11-22-01
(Barbara Beissel, Agent).
By Ch Shalee's SSS Royal Blue Silk - Ch SSS Bendill Sweet Savannah. Silky Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Mark Benson & James Dillman., St Petersburg, FL 33704. Breeder: Mark Benson & James Dillman & Kevin Kirby.
JUDGE: Mrs. Peggy J. Hauck
B/G4 14 CH KC'S YOU WISH. NP 05950801. 02-25-04
(Judy King, Agent).
By Ch KC's Genteels AyeAye Captain - KC's Three Mules For Sister Sarah. Boston Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Karen Bogenholm., Flowery Branch, GA 30542. Breeder: Karen Bogenholm.
B/G3 11 CH TARA HUFF EDREY STARBUCK. NP 07670401. 10-14-04
By Ch Tara Huff Rufkins Frappuccino - Ch Tara Huff Elvira. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle., Orlando, FL 32837. Breeder: Peggy W Huffman & Edwin Valle.
B/G2 14 CH BRIGHTON THAT'S MY GIRL. PR 04835801. 06-20-04
(Kay L Palade, Agent).
By Ch Ale Kai Mikimoto On Fifth - Ch Brighton Calendar Girl. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Debra Ferguson Jones & Kaitlyn Jones., Renton, WA 980570146. Breeder: L'Dyne Brennan.
1/W/B/G1 11 ARAKI FABULOUS WILLY. AB01943101E. 04-25-01
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
/BISBy Araki A Proper Birk - Araki Summer Rose. Tibetan Terriers.
Owner: John Shaw & Ken Sinclair., Ocala, FL 34482. Breeder: Ken Sinclair.
JUDGE: Dr. Daniel W. Fleitas
B/G1 18 CH WINDYPINE WINTER WILLOW. DN 00563803. 04-26-02
(Pat Stout, Agent).
By Ch Broadways Blaze Of Glory - Ch Windypine Heaven Cent. Australian Shepherds. Bitch.
Owner: Carolyn Asquith., Miami, FL 33157. Breeder: Beverly Shaw & April Lessig.
B/G4 17 CH COFINO DONOVAN REEF THE DUKE. DN 00896503. 07-01-02
(Pio Renzulli, Agent).
By Ch Glenwood Angel Face Max HIC - Glenwood Precious As A Baby. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Lourdes Cofino., Miami, FL 33141. Breeder: Lourdes Cofino.
(Greg Myers, Agent).
By Ch Aberlee Storm Force - Ch Riverside Red Alert. Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Bitch.
Owner: Deb Shindle., Vero Beach, FL 32963. Breeder: Deb Shindle & F Daum & T Jordan.
B/G3 23 CH SUMMERLOVES ZAK ATTACK . DL 91068404. 06-12-02
(Linda Guihen, Agent).
By Daval Going My Way - Tikaa's Essence Of Starfall. Shetland Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Rita Von Pusch & April Dunford., St Petersburg, FL 33704. Breeder: April Dunford & Lorrie Reed.

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