Longshore-southport Kennel Club, Inc. - Sunday 06/12/05 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. R. William Taylor (RESIGNED)
B/G1/BIS 7 CH ROCKY TOPS SUNDANCE KID . RM 30817201. 04-08-00
(Kathy Kirk, Agent).
By Einstein The Joker - Ch Rocky Tops Ulster Annie. Bull Terriers (Colored). Dog.
Owner: B Bishop & N Shepherd & W & R Poole & D Cherry., Holmel, NJ 07733. Breeder: William & Rebecca Poole & R Long.
JUDGE: Mr. James M. Burns (RESIGNED)
B/G1 24 CH SHOMBERG'S SOME LIKE IT HOT. SN 73560605. 03-29-00
By Ch Shomberg's Browning Citori - Ch Starlite's Calamity Jane. Pointers (German Shorthaired). Bitch.
Owner: J Logan & M Fitzgerald DVM & S & S Dattilio & P Crowley., Hagertown, MD 21742. Breeder: Sharon & Stephen Dattilio & Patricia Williams.
(Deirdre Dunbar, Agent).
By Ch Agrebo's Hunter - Ch Quillquest Phen's Born To WIn JH CD. Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Dog.
Owner: Sharon McLean., Plantsville, CT 06479. Breeder: Gillian Impey.
B/G4 9 GOODTIME'S GONE COUNTRY. SR 00484301. 01-15-02
By Ch Chuckanut's Brasstime TD JH NA NAJ - Ch Goodtime's Glory Days. Retrievers (Golden). Dog.
Owner: Francine & Howard Hellman., Suffern, NY 10901. Breeder: Lisa Smith.
B/G3 7 CH TUSCANY'S TOP HAT N TAILS. SN 87021001. 09-23-01
(Stacy Snyder, Agent).
By Ch Sunnyside Skylark Playbyplay - Ch Milestone Protocol Hot Flash. Spaniels (English Cocker). Dog.
Owner: Donna & John O'Connell., Mashpee, MA 02649. Breeder: Donna & John O'Connell.
JUDGE: Mr. Kent H. Delaney
B/G3 7 CH JASIRI-SUKARI JOHN TRI-VOLTA. HP 03894803. 12-23-02
(Stacy Snyder, Agent).
By Ch Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N'Stuff - Ch Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup. Basenjis. Dog.
Owner: Katherine Toohey & Julie & Kathleen Jones., Somers, CT 06071. Breeder: Julie & Kathleen Jones.
B/G4 7 CH KAMARAJ MAS-REE P-TAH SAA JC. HP 04829302. 02-21-03
By Ch Kamaraj Azeem Mas-Ree Kalb JC - Ch Kamaraj Ahhi Mas-Re Zawba-Ca JC. Pharaoh Hounds. Dog.
Owner: James N Foley., Brockton, MA 02301. Breeder: Brenda & Warren Shattuck.
B/G2 15 CH KIMANI'S AIRES ABOVE THE GROUND JC. HP 06166601. 06-25-03
(Jan Hobson, Agent).
By DC Kimani's Flexible Flyer SC - DC Kimani's Wilds Of Africa MC. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Dog.
Owner: Alicia Hanna & Maureen Tauber & Theresa Lyons., Chester, NJ 07930. Breeder: Alicia Hanna & Dennis Vega.
1/W/B/BW 11 SHAMASAN HOUND HILL BODY & SOUL. HP 13352001. 11-26-04
/G1By Ch Hound Hill Classical Rag CD JC - Ch Shamasan Flame 'N Queen JC. Whippets.
Owner: Cora N Miller & Phoebe J Booth., Otis, MA 01253. Breeder: Phoebe J. Booth & Joan L. Fisher & Cora N. Miller.
JUDGE: Ms. Theresa L. Hundt
B/G2 39 CH HI-TECH'S BASIC EDITION. WP 97598101. 03-23-00
(Kimberly Pastella, Agent).
By Ch Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton - Ch Hi-Tech's Limited Edition. Boxers. Dog.
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Myrna R Kahlo., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Dr William & Zoila Truesdale & Kristy Hodolitz.
B/G4 23 CH ANTHRACITE'S MIGHTY MACHINE. WR 06973103. 07-04-02
(Heather Sue Bremmer, Agent).
By Ch Tru-Grit-Jaegar - Ch Anthracite's Mighty Aphrodite. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: David Gourley & Kathleen & Brian Moyer., Jonestown, PA 17038. Breeder: C & C Kistler & A Batchlor.
B/G1 17 CH DABNEY'S PHENOMENON. WS 03614714. 03-25-03
By Ch Eastwick's Meadow Monster - Ch Dabney's I Can't Wait!. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Linda C & John J Krukar., Easton, CT 06612. Breeder: Linda C & John J Krukar.
B/G3 20 CH DRIFTWOOD'S SCHEMING CALYPSO. WR 03232502. 05-17-01
(Donald Powell II, Agent).
By Ch Driftwood's Danger Zone CD - Ch Driftwood's Rising Phoenix. Portuguese Water Dogs. Bitch.
Owner: Vanessa B Gorman & Robert Gorman & Morgin Powell., Lincoln, NE 68510. Breeder: Morgin Quirin Powell.
JUDGE: Mr. Max Magder
B/G1/BIS 7 CH ROCKY TOPS SUNDANCE KID . RM 30817201. 04-08-00
(Kathy Kirk, Agent).
By Einstein The Joker - Ch Rocky Tops Ulster Annie. Bull Terriers (Colored). Dog.
Owner: B Bishop & N Shepherd & W & R Poole & D Cherry., Holmel, NJ 07733. Breeder: William & Rebecca Poole & R Long.
B/G2 19 CH BLUEBEARD'S THE ANSWER. RM 34632802. 05-10-01
By Ch Torum's Scarf Michael - Ch Bluebeard's The It Girl. Kerry Blue Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Lawrence J & Carol E Brown., Pipersville, PA 18947. Breeder: Lawrence J & Carol E Brown.
B/G3 8 CH EFBE'S MONEY BARKS. RM 03725201. 07-14-01
(Margery Good, Agent).
By Ch Goodspice Pass The Pepper - Ch Efbe's Charlotte Web. Sealyham Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: France Bergeron & Margery Good., Cochranville, PA 19330. Breeder: F Bergeron & G King.
B/G4 7 CH GLENGIDGE WATCH OUT WORLD. RM 29657701. 10-02-99
(Pamela Goldman, Agent).
By Ch Glengidge Blast From The Past - Ch Glengidge Katnip. West Highland White Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Helene & Seymour N Weiss & Aaron Brinkman., Bozrah, CT 06334. Breeder: Helene & Seymour Weiss.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 7 CH MAYFIELD'S VICTOR MATURE. TR 18237405. 09-24-03
(Karen Galipeault, Agent).
By Ch Turretbank Samson - Ch Mayfield's Stella Star. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Gilbert S Kahn., Newport, RI 02840. Breeder: Marilyn Mayfield.
B/G3 27 CH PAHLAVI VIA K-PAX. TR 07623801. 08-18-02
By Ch Woodlyn Moptop Night Music - Ch Pahlavi Little Miss Muffet. Chinese Cresteds. Dog.
Owner: Karen Wagner., York, PA 17404. Breeder: Wagner & Sussman & Wheeler.
B/G1 16 CH HEARSAY ALL ABOUT DHARMA. TR 10186401. 03-27-03
By Ch Bo Bett Windemere Dream On - Ch Sonata's Talk Of The Town. Italian Greyhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Timothy Lehman & Luis Cruz., Croton On Hudson, NY 10520. Breeder: Timothy Lehman & Luis Cruz & Sally Poole.
B/G2 10 CH KIMRO'S MAID IN MANHATTAN. TR 16010204. 06-20-03
By Ch Kimro's Rocket Man - Ch Edgewind's Wind And Fire. Miniature Pinschers. Bitch.
Owner: K Pastella & R Greenslade & H Schwell & Westover., Westbury, NY 11590. Breeder: K Pastella & R Greenslade & H Schwell & M Westover.
JUDGE: Mr. Max Magder
B/G1 9 CH MERRY GO ROUND MACH TEN. NM 89092102. 12-11-00
(Michael E Scott, Agent).
By Ch Tuckaway Augusta - Ch MGR's Merry Motion Maker. Dalmatians. Dog.
Owner: Richard & Linda Stark., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Breeder: Julie Bryant & Patti L Strand.
B/G2 8 CH DE LAMER'S BEACH BLANKET BABY. NP 00792301. 02-28-02
(Krista J Nuovo, Agent).
By Ch De Lamer's Catch The Wave - Ch De Lamer Beach Party. Schipperkes. Bitch.
Owner: Carol Gundel Falk., Lancaster, PA 176033106. Breeder: Krista J Nuovo.
B/G3 7 CH FREROSE GOOD WILL HUNTER. NM 94261301. 08-07-02
(Edward J Finnegan Jr, Agent).
By Ch Frerose Stoned Cold - Frerose Sophie. Shiba Inu. Dog.
Owner: Frederick O Duane., Manning, SC 29102. Breeder: F O Duane.
B/G4 17 CH BOOTIFF I'M A YANKEE JETER. NP 00846701. 07-02-02
(Mark Desrosiers, Agent).
By Ch Kham-Ra's Whisper In The Wind - Ch Bootiff's Country Girl. Tibetan Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Joyce Ayotte., Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Breeder: Owner.
JUDGE: Mr. James E. Noe
B/G3 9 CH ROSENDOG'S HE WHO MUST BE NAMED. DN 02946302. 03-26-03
(Handler: Kitty Burke).
By Ch Mad River Tahoe Zephyr - Ch Pleasant Hill Hinda M Rosendog CD. Canaan Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Judy March Rosenthal & Amanda M Pough., Stowe, VT 05672. Breeder: Judy March Rosenthal.
B/G2 8 CH WINDFALL DESTINY'S CHILD. DL 90966706. 05-09-02
(Brian R Still, Agent).
By Ch Valubal Sugarbush Intrigue - Ch Windfall Crown Jewel. Old English Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: A Pietrocola & S J Gompertz & K A Gompertz., New Milford, NJ 07646. Breeder: A Pietrocola & K A Gompertz & S J Gompertz.
B/G1 28 CH ROSMOOR RAPTURE. DN 01453401. 05-27-02
By Ch Akirene's Aramis Bi Barkley - Ch Rosmoor The Epiphany. Shetland Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: Jennie Hynes & Rose Tomlin., Wilton, CT 06897. Breeder: Jennie Hynes & Rose Tomlin & Sherry Wallace.
B/G4 23 CH ABERLEE STORM FORCE. DL 91412101. 07-21-01
By Aberlee Summer Storm - Vlandyn Star Romance. Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) OLD. Dog.
Owner: Dianne Connolly., Hancock, NH 03449. Breeder: Mrs G D Woodward.

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