Golden Gate Kennel Club - Sunday 01/30/05 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. James G. Reynolds
B/G1/BIS 5 CH HEATHERS KNOCK ON WOOD. HM 92601401. 04-08-00
By Ch Heathers Nimrod Stew Unplugged - Heathers Truly Raising Cain. Bloodhounds. Dog.
Owner: Lyn Sherman., Topanga, CA 90290. Breeder: Heather & Peter Whitcomb.
JUDGE: Mr. Eugene Blake
B/G1 6 CH SANBAR'S CURTAIN CALL JH. SN 60988701. 01-10-99
(Adam Wilkerson, Agent).
By AFC Ch Sanbar's Call Collect MH - Ch Millete's All Booked Up. Brittanys. Dog.
Owner: Ralph Fagan & Polly West & Barbara Scott & A Rodrigues., Riverside, CA 92506. Breeder: Polly West.
By Ch Pond Hollow's Bering sea - Ch Sand Bar's My Little Marker. Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay).
Owner: Kim & Dave Peckman., Acampo, CA 95220. Breeder: Steven & Channa Beth Butcher.
B/G2 28 CH CHES-SHORE'S SOL DEL CARIBE. SN 86278401. 09-04-01
By Ch Chestnut Hills Copper Solid - Ch Ches-Shore's Breezy Morning. Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay). Dog.
Owner: Franklin Zaydman & Alvaro., Wye Mills, MD 21679. Breeder: Gary Burgess & Loura Waid.
1/BP/BG1 37 SHALIMAR'S FINAL ILLUSION. SR 15686401. 03-08-04
By Ch Golden Pine Osprey Cuervo Gold - Ch Amberac Sumr Reign O'Shalimar. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Jocelyn & Tom Lewis., Dublin, CA 945682558. Breeder: Tom Lewis & Laurie Jordan-Fenner.
1/BP/PG2 78 CINDERHILL COURAGE. SR 16663014. 04-18-04
By Ch Delby's Anchor Steam JH - Ch Saddlehill Cinderhill Mercy JH. Retrievers (Labrador).
Owner: Karen Herigstad., Mountain View, CA 94041. Breeder: Jeanne Collier & Cindy Braley.
B/G4 5 CH STAGEDOOR ROCK IT MAN. SN 72640703. 03-26-00
(Amy Rodrigues, Agent).
By Ch Wyndswept's Reflexion - Ch Stagedoor 'N Mijean's Magic. Setters (English). Dog.
Owner: Sandra Kim Hoffen & Joan Savage., Riverside, CA 92506. Breeder: Joan Savage & Joann Holmberg.
1/BP/PG4 19 BURNISHED COPPER BRIGHT STAR. SR 17684701. 05-13-04
By Starbrite Marvel Bright Star JH - Kulana X Quizit Bright Star JH. Setters (Irish).
Owner: Wendy & Matt & Tracy Czarnecki., Petaluma, CA 94952. Breeder: Wendy & Tracy Czarnecki.
B/G3 5 CH K-LINE SMOKEY CITY N'STYLE. SN 80998802. 12-29-00
(Keith Pautz, Agent).
By Ch Echobars Forged In Fire - Ch Smokey City K-Line Tradewins. Weimaraners. Bitch.
Owner: Ronna Katzin & Tom Wilson., Las Vegas, NV 89121. Breeder: Ronna Katzin & Tom Wilson.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
1/W/B/BW 16 ALAMO'S MISS BLOSSOM. HP 10585601. 05-31-04
/BP/PG3By Ch Charbeau's Sweet Timmie Pooh - Charbeau's Fun In The Sun. Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In..
Owner: Phil J Baffert., Alamo, CA 94507. Breeder: Charlene Seybold.
B/G1/BIS 5 CH HEATHERS KNOCK ON WOOD. HM 92601401. 04-08-00
By Ch Heathers Nimrod Stew Unplugged - Heathers Truly Raising Cain. Bloodhounds. Dog.
Owner: Lyn Sherman., Topanga, CA 90290. Breeder: Heather & Peter Whitcomb.
B/G3 21 CH MT'S CONNECTICUT YANKEE. HM 99212601. 10-29-01
(Laurie Jordan Fenner, Agent).
By Ch Sleepy Hollow's Leader L - Ch Mt's Cascadian. Dachshunds (Longhaired). Dog.
Owner: Meredith M Taylor., Loomis, CA 95650. Breeder: Meredith M Taylor & Merritt Taylor.
1/BP/PG4 53 WISHES DU COME TRU MS. HP 11488701. 05-14-04
By Olsons Howdou Like Me Now MSD - Dakalhund Wish Upon A Star MS. Dachshunds (Smooth).
Owner: Denise Olson., Redwood City, CA 94062. Breeder: Denise Olson.
B/G2 23 CH OXMOON BROGAN OF LIMERICK. HM 95629901. 04-22-01
By Ch Urlimerick Of Kilmara - Ch Kaelyn Gabardine Of Limerick. Irish Wolfhounds. Dog.
Owner: Linda Souza & Jamie Souza., San Martin, CA 95046. Breeder: Owners.
By El Ubiad Cheddah - Sprinagar Manayu Durga. Salukis.
Owner: Lauren House., Auburn, CA 95603. Breeder: Sr Bruynder.
1/R/BP/PG2 10 COVE CREEK LE CHASSEUR. HP 10285415. 05-08-04
By DC Sportingfields Jazz Fest SC - Ch Cove Creek Oh Be Joyful. Whippets.
Owner: Pam Haig & Dennis Seiler., Gardnerville, NV 89410. Breeder: Dennis L Seiler.
B/G4 6 CH STARLINE'S MOSAIC. HM 97211402. 08-14-01
(Dan Silva, Agent).
By Ch Chelsea Made You Look Of Sage JC - Ch Starline's Singular Sensation. Whippets. Bitch.
Owner: Eric B Scott & Calvin R Robinson., Fairfield, CA 94585. Breeder: Eric B Scott & Lori Lawerence.
JUDGE: Mrs. Judy A. Doniere (RESIGNED)
1/W/BP/PG4 12 MOJO'S MOONLIGHT OVER MAUI. WS 08611003. 04-27-04
By Ch Crown Royals See'n Stars - K&M Lil' Miss Britches. Akitas.
Owner: Brett & Karen Hubbard & Stacey Borrmann., Martinez, CA 94553. Breeder: Paul & Stacey Borrmann.
1/R/BP/PG1 8 EIN-VON'S JUST A RUMOR. WS 08675801. 05-08-04
By Ch Ein-Von's Dock Of The Bay - Ein-Von's Hip Hop. Boxers.
Owner: Zwei Pierson., San Leandro, CA 94577. Breeder: Z Pierson & L Branam.
(Jeff Heim, Agent).
By Ch Noble Challenger O'Dreadnaught - Ch Wildwest Oneida O'Dreadnaught. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Karen Flores & Dennis Price & Jean Stacey., Davis, CA 95616. Breeder: Jean & Rick Stacey.
B/G3 12 CH CARYOLA'S KENDALL JACKSON. WP 94104901. 10-22-99
(Marjorie Brooks, Agent).
By Ch Lilly's Ode To Apollo - Ch Wingate Sensual Sin Intrigue. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Caryn Cooper., Ridgefield, WA 98642. Breeder: Caryn Cooper.
B/G1 18 CH SOUTHPORTS SHERMAN. WR 06552101. 04-09-02
(Pam Reid, Agent).
By Ch Sillars Southports Isaac - Ch Southports Northern Lights. Mastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Carla Sanchez & Nancy Cutter., Murrieta, CA 92562. Breeder: Joe & Carla Sanchez & A & M McGilvery.
1/BP/PG3 36 RUSTYCO BELA FLOR DO LEAO. WS 09206403. 05-10-04
By Del Surs Makin All The Right Moves - Ch Piedelai Ruby Jubilee De Joia. Portuguese Water Dogs.
Owner: Caroline Harrod & Julie Rust., Brentwood, CA 95204. Breeder: Julie & Ty Rust.
B/G4 29 CH SETE MARE'S JOAQUIN DE ALTOMARE. WS 04912014. 11-14-02
By Ch Sete Mares Viajante - Sete Mare Cameo. Portuguese Water Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Julie Conger & Lisa Hubbart & Lorraine Carver., Berkeley, CA 94705. Breeder: Lisa Hubbart & Lorraine Carver.
1/BP/PG2 9 MARLO'S BELLISIMA OF VICTOR. WS 09204803. 06-28-04
(Vickie Joy Stansberry, Agent).
By Ch Cammcastle Victor Merlov QR - Ch Marlos BElla Luna Angela. Rottweilers.
Owner: Robert Schulte & Cathy Schulte., San Diego, CA 92117. Breeder: Marlene Keene & Vickie Joy Stansberry.
JUDGE: Mrs. Keke Kahn
B/G4 36 CH RED HOT HAMMERHEAD. RN 02116101. 01-29-03
By Ch Timberlands Inland Emperor - Ch Ranger Red Hot Peaches N Cream. American Staffordshire Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Karen Herrold., North Plains, OR 97133. Breeder: Karen Herrold.
1/W/BP/PG4 5 KALLEHAN'S MAIL ORDER BRIDE. RN 04778703. 03-19-04
By Ch Starcastle Colors Of Patmore - Ch Patmore Miss Starcastle. Bedlington Terriers.
Owner: Nancy C Han & Michael Price., El Cerrito, CA 94530. Breeder: Nancy J Rappaport & Carol Rappaport & Norman Rappapport.
1/BP/PG2 10 UPS'N DOWNS HOT TODDY. RN 04440001. 02-09-04
By Ch Maustrappe's Sunday Driver - Ch Westwinn's Loyal Lady Margaret. Border Terriers.
Owner: Elaine Brown & Marjorie Stephenson., San Bruno, CA 94066. Breeder: Marjorie Stephenson & Robert Stephenson.
B/G3 11 CH BRISTLECONE H H. RN 03210306. 08-08-03
By Ch Morgansonne Park Pony - Ch Bristlecone Tomfox Wayto Aimhi. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: J W Smith & Edward Boyes., North Collins, NY 141110696. Breeder: Margarite F Burson.
1/W/B/BP 11 BANTRY BAY ABSOLUTELY SEAMUS. RN 05418501. 06-19-04
/PG1By Ch Donedaire The Happy Wanderer - Ch Begorra Aurora's Cassidy. Irish Terriers.
Owner: Cindy Flood-Pease & Michael Pease., Concord, CA 94521. Breeder: Cindy Flood-Pease & Michael Pease.
1/R/BP/PG3 6 BRIARDALES HOOVER POWER. RN 05944602. 06-23-04
By Ch Astro Briardale Major Decision - Ch Briardales Catus Flower. Norwich Terriers.
Owner: Patrick McKenzie & Carole Foucrault., Burlingame, CA 94010. Breeder: Carole Foucrault & Sharon Walters.
B/G2 5 CH FAIRWAYS CAT IN THE HAT. RM 35768004. 08-20-01
(Amy Rutherford, Agent).
By Ch Fairway's Sam I Am Sam - Skyscot's Daisy Miss Mayzie. Norwich Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Jean Bryant & Clyde W Bryant., Rancho Murieta, CA 95683. Breeder: Jean Bryant.
(Bill McFadden, Agent).
By Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate - Hi Ho Silver Lady. West Highland White Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Nancy Berger., San Francisco, CA 941321111. Breeder: Sue Thomson & Sandra Silcocks.
JUDGE: Mr. Fred C. Bassett
1/BP/PG4 27 BELL OSITO IT'S THE THING TO DO. TR 25508801. 03-18-04
By Ch Genbrook Footprints At Bell's - Bell's Mad Hadder Of BJ's. Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat).
Owner: Flo Bell & Jill Green & Ryan Hudson & Ginger Hudson., Concord, CA 945201822. Breeder: Flo Bell & Jill Green & Ryan Hudson & Ginger Hudson.
B/G2 15 CH CHERI A WINGO LORD MARQUE. TR 08828401. 09-18-02
By Ch Kingscourt Beau Jo Is Marchog - Ch Momo Of Country-Rose. English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles). Dog.
Owner: John R Wood Jr & Jerome Elliott & Wendy Goddyn., Salem, OR 97304. Breeder: J Wood Jr & J Elliott & W Goddyn.
B/G3 7 CH SALUTAIRE I'LL SHOW YOU. RM 34187801. 02-27-01
By Ch Salutaire Strike Up The Band - Ch Salutaire Show No Mercy. Manchester Terriers (Toy). Bitch.
Owner: Charlotte Fielder & Victoria Herbert., Soulsbyville, CA 95372. Breeder: Michael Heflin & Charlotte Fielder.
1/W/OS/BP 7 AI KOU THE CHALLENGER. TR 27561901. 03-12-04
/PG1By Ch Ai Kou Tracks Of Glory - Ch Ai Kou Katana. Pekingese.
Owner: Lois V Thomas., Wilton, CA 95693. Breeder: Lois V Thomas & Donald Thomas.
B/G1 5 CH STARFIRE'S WICKED MEAN-N-NASTY. TR 07737301. 10-19-02
(Bill McFadden, Agent).
By Ch Pufpride Sweet Dreams - Ch Starfire's Table Dancer. Pomeranians. Dog.
Owner: Capt Jean L Heath & W H Cosby Jr & J Cabera & F Arienti., Acampo, CA 95220. Breeder: Jose Cabrera & Fabian Arienti.
1/BP/PG3 19 COOL'S QUEEN OF HEARTS. TR 26448804. 06-05-04
By Topside's Mr Knightley - Ch Schoolhouse Peppermint Patty. Pugs.
Owner: Cynthia & Ronald Cool., Vacaville, CA 95688. Breeder: Cynthia & Ronald Cool.
B/G4 10 CH WINSOME ROLL N'THUNDER. TR 04731902. 07-10-02
(Amy Rodrigues, Agent).
By Ch Coral Bay's Power Ranger - Ch Winsome's Rock N'Rollo. Pugs. Dog.
Owner: Virginia Cox Flatley., Santa Ynez, CA 93460. Breeder: Virginia Cox Flatley.
1/W/BP/PG2 9 ELFINSILK'S COWBOY COOPER. TR 26701401. 06-03-04
By Ch SteLin The Limelite - Ch Elfinsilk's Suzie-Q. Silky Terriers.
Owner: Debra J Martin-Wojtek & G David Wojtek., San Jose, CA 95123. Breeder: Debra J Martin-Wojtek & G David Wojtek.
JUDGE: Mrs. Helen Lee James
1/W/BW/OS 12 PARAY'S PARAGON. NP 05922201. 03-12-04
(R Tray Pittman, Agent).
/BP/PG1By Ch Paray's Propaganda - Ch Paray's Paloma. Bichons Frises.
Owner: David & Dianne Anderson & T Pittman & P Flores., Mukilteo, WA 98275. Breeder: Tray Pittman & Paul Flores & M Nelson.
B/G1 15 CH PARAY'S PREMIER LEGACY. NP--01249402. 09-06-02
(R Tray Pittman, Agent).
By Ch Sterling Silver Mime - Ch Prancing Full Of Cuddles. Bichons Frises. Bitch.
Owner: Dr Karen Tormey & Dr Daniel Blue & Glenda Blue., Satellite Beach, FL 32937. Breeder: Tray Pittman & Paul Flores.
1/W/BW/BP 16 COOL BEYOND IMAGINATION. NP 06766404. 07-18-04
/PG4By Ch Motif's Mathew Quigley - Cool's Poetry In Motion. Boston Terriers.
Owner: Melany Anaya., Concord, CA 94518. Breeder: Melany Anaya.
/PG3By Ch Adamant Warlock - Silverspoon's Born Into The Lace. Bulldogs.
Owner: Mary Aiken & Rick Sturiza., Woodside, CA 94062. Breeder: Mary Aiken & Rick Sturiza.
B/G2 6 CH IMAGINE I LOVE JAZZ. NP 03416001. 04-15-03
By Ch Imagine The Best Of Jazz - Ch Imagine Linnchow's Lucille. Chow Chows. Dog.
Owner: George & Kathy Beliew., Redlands, CA 923737920. Breeder: George & Kathy Beliew.
1/R/BP/PG2 16 PROCTOR'S ELEGANT MONARCH. NP 06307808. 04-01-04
By Ch Troika Snow Hill As You Like It - Ch Snow Hill's Reigning Monarch. Dalmatians.
Owner: Eva E Berg & Lois Wilthew., Moraga, CA 945562127. Breeder: Betty Carroll & Susanne Hughes DVM.
B/G4 12 CH SUNNYOAKS SPICEN' IT UP. NM 93257908. 03-28-02
By Ch Satin's Clown'N Around CDX - Ch SunRunner Rambler Gwendalyn. Dalmatians. Bitch.
Owner: Tom & Michele Wrath., San Jose, CA 95120. Breeder: Tom & Michelle Wrath & Karen Rochin.
B/G3 20 CH OBSIDIAN MIDNIGHT SHADE. PP 67022205. 08-14-02
(Kim Russell, Agent).
By Ch King's Champagne Taste - Ch Todd's Blue Iris Of Antipon. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Brenda Anima., Fairfield, CA 94534. Breeder: Karen Csutoras.
JUDGE: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman
1/BP/PG4 44 WOODSTOCK'S BLAZIN' HOT AT NAVARRO. DN 07006204. 05-01-04
By Ch Woodstock's Hotter Than Blazes - Ch Woodstock's Patches 'N Pearls. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Erin True., Elk Grove, CA 95624. Breeder: Linda Buell.
By Ch Trumagik Toucho Scot - Ch Borderfame Forever Magic CD. Border Collies. Bitch.
Owner: Catherine Swain & AnneMarie Silverton., Goleta, CA 93117. Breeder: Anne Marie Silverton.
(Laurie L Jordan-Fenner, Agent).
/PG1/BPSBy Ch Blovett's Ready To Tye One On - Ch Terra's Go Baby Go. Bouviers des Flandres.
Owner: Dena & Drury Hayes., Sacramento, CA 958243904. Breeder: Larry & Laurie Fenner.
B/G3 19 CH ACE'S INDELIBLE MARK HT. DL 91292602. 09-10-02
(Larry L Fenner, Agent).
By DC Frontier Ace's Renegade HXA OA OAJ - Ch Avion X's And O's. Bouviers des Flandres. Dog.
Owner: Jill Lockhart & Debra Ragan & Dave & Lee Calhoun., Tracy, CA 95304. Breeder: Jill Lockhart & Brent Lockhart.
1/W/BP/PG3 5 LAMBLUV'S LOUIS VUITTON. DN 06910004. 03-18-04
By Ch Tumbleweed Lambluv Gala Affair - Ch Lambluv's Escada. Old English Sheepdogs.
Owner: Dawn Armstrong & Jere Marder., Fremont, CA 94536. Breeder: Sean-Denise Bass & Lynne Levine & Jere Marder.
B/G2 8 CH CATSUN COLUSA. DL 81443201. 01-28-99
By Ch Trumpkin Coriander O'Prydain - Rockisland Under Wraps At Catsun. Pulik. Bitch.
Owner: Susan McConnell & Patty Anspach & Barbara Edwards., Stanford, CA 94305. Breeder: Ian Crowther.
1/W/BW/BP 5 ALDERGATE-SHONLEH TUC'SON. DN 08288901. 07-16-04
/PG2By Garvins Blue Moom Of Kentuck - Shonleh Tri'd Again. Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) OLD.
Owner: J Steven Porter & Kelly E Porter., Arcata, CA 95521. Breeder: Renee Harris & Sharon Curry.
B/G1 7 FAERIE GLEN ALBANEE. DN 02399702. 12-21-02
By Ch Dwynella Take A Chance - Ch Faerie Glen Snickerdoodle. Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) OLD. Bitch.
Owner: Linda Munoz & Joyce Gotshcall., San Jose, CA 95131. Breeder: Linda Munoz & Joyce Gotschall.

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