Cincinnati Kennel Club, Inc. - Monday 05/30/05 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Dr. Richard Meen
B/G1/BIS 9 CH YAKEE IF ONLY. TR 20446601. 01-13-02
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Yakee A Dangerous Liaison - Yakee Musical Girl. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff., Cat Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: A Easdon & P Martin.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
(Eileen Hackett, Agent).
By Ch Five Oakes Trabeiz Credence - Ch Trabeiz Premenition Of A Dream JH. Setters (English). Bitch.
Owner: Elizabeth Buege., Eaton Rapids, MI 48827. Breeder: J Hunter & J Rosser-Sabo.
B/G2 7 CH BRENTWOOD'S DIMPLED CHAD. SN 79249103. 10-30-00
(Eileen Hackett, Agent).
By Ch McAlder Upland Hunter - Brentwood's Solo Edition. Setters (Gordon). Dog.
Owner: Chuck & Pam Krothe., Pendleton, IN 46064. Breeder: Pam & Chuck Krothe.
B/G4 17 LINEA'S DEJA BLUE . SR 0143700. 04-23-02
By Ch Sunnyside Skylark Playbyplay - Ch Aurora's Daffodil. Spaniels (English Cocker). Dog.
Owner: Linda Scott., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. Breeder: Linda L Scott.
B/G3 7 CH NANI'S INDECENT EXPOSURE JH. SN 92630501. 08-27-02
By Ch Colsidex Nani Reprint JH - Ch Nani's Tattletail JH. Weimaraners. Dog.
Owner: Christine Grisell., Fairland, IN 461269519. Breeder: Christine Grisell.
JUDGE: Mr. Douglas Gaudin
B/G2 10 CH KLASSIC'S ROOTY TOOT TOOT. HM 93945906. 11-22-00
By Ch Jerlin's General Patton - Ch Klassic's Ima Rascal. Basenjis. Bitch.
Owner: Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie., Marion, OH 43302. Breeder: Sue Kite & Beth Redo.
B/G4 12 CH SOYARA'S BEAUTIFUL DREAMER. HM 89700504. 05-28-00
By Ch Soyara's Titan Of Blackmoor JC - Ch Soyara's Mystical Dream JC. Borzois. Bitch.
Owner: Prudence & Dr Gregory Hlatky., Morrow, OH 45152. Breeder: Prudence Hlatky & Karen Shepard & Mary Mazur.
1/W/B/BW 10 FAIRLANES LORRICBROOK LOLA. HP 10186603. 02-26-04
(Cynthia Kelly, Agent).
/G3By Ch My Christmas Camelot - Ch Eden's Calla Lily Of Gaia. Greyhounds.
Owner: Cathy I Stumbo., Columbus, OH 43223. Breeder: Angie Webb & Sue Le Mieux.
B/G1 22 CH SUMMIT DIVINE MISS M. HP 05311002. 04-04-03
(Barbara Wayne, Agent).
By Ch Summit Sorcerer's Apprentice - Ch Leyenda's Over The Rainbow. Whippets. Bitch.
Owner: Susan Vernon & Angie Diehl., Playa Del Rey, CA 90293. Breeder: Susan Vernon & Mark Lewis.
JUDGE: Mr. Jon R. Cole
B/G4 7 CH ROYAL'S WANNA BE A COWBOY. WR 04500101. 09-30-01
By Ch Royal's Heavy Artillery - Royal's The Last Dance. Akitas. Dog.
Owner: Pam Peterson., Moscow, OH 45153. Breeder: Pamela Peterson.
B/G2 8 CH AYEHLI'S WITCHY WOMAN. WS 02358403. 10-27-02
By Ch Prairiefire's It's Showtime - Ch Saljo's Tribute To Atlas. Bernese Mountain Dogs. Bitch.
Owner: Mary Kay Walsh & Fara Bushnell., New Carlisle, OH 45344. Breeder: Fara G Bushnell & Sally Walsh & Sarah Grace Conn.
B/G3 31 MILEAH'S EGYPTIAN BLUE. WP 78609808. 05-14-97
(Robert McAteer, Agent).
By Ch Gamegards Moonraker - Ch Mileah's Cinnamon Bear V Ursa CD. Rottweilers. Dog.
Owner: M Kay & V Stewart., Ocala, FL 34481. Breeder: Owners.
B/G1 11 CH SUTHANLITES LAW BREAKER. WS 09949401. 11-12-01
(Heidi A Spaeth, Agent).
By Suthanlites Wyatt Earp - Suthanlites T Ara. Siberian Huskies. Dog.
Owner: Cheryl LeCourt., Lima, OH 45801. Breeder: Cheryl LeCourt.
JUDGE: Dr. Alvin W. Krause
B/G1 16 CH AIMHI AVALON RENAISSANCE. RM 34811101. 08-21-00
(Daniel Alan Buchwald, Agent).
By Ch Aimhi Type Cast - Rapidan True Friend. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Bitch.
Owner: Norra L Hansen., Newton, NJ 07860. Breeder: Amy Rutherford.
B/G4 10 CH MAURED'S DARBY ROSE. RM 36356501. 03-07-02
By Ch Bloomsday Gorm Cuchulainn - Ch Sounds Greek To Me. Kerry Blue Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Robert & Barbara Beuter & Maureen Negrelli., Hamilton, OH 45011. Breeder: Robert & Barb Beuter & Maureen Negrelli.
B/G3 7 CH TRASLAFUENTE UNCAS. RN 07286901. 03-31-02
(Michael Flaugh, Agent).
By Ch Zedbees Zinatra - Ch Cala Figueira De Corcua. Miniature Bull Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Antonio Jesus De Carvalho., Indianapolis, IN 46214. Breeder: Rafael Camin.
B/G2 28 CH CHATTELANE'S ROUBI SLIPPERS . RN 01662507. 01-04-03
(Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
By Ch Destineez Running Brave - Ch Chattelane's Miss Farrar. Miniature Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Richard & Sharon Edwards & Errolyn Martin., Laytonsville, MD 20882. Breeder: Errolyn Martin & Maryanne & Jamison Farrar.
JUDGE: Mrs. Bettie L. Krause (DECEASED)
1/W/B/BW 14 CLADDAGH'S WYE BEE GOOD. TR 31155602. 12-01-03
/G2By Ch Grantilley Bee Gee - Ch Wye It's All About Me. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Owner: Patricia Doty & Roger Doty., Cincinnati, OH 45224. Breeder: Patricia Doty & Sally Bell.
By The Natural N'Co - Ch Black Laced Teddy N'Co. Chinese Cresteds.
Owner: Julie Howard & Jacqui Williams., Kokomo, IN 46902. Breeder: Jacqueline Williams.
B/G1/BIS 9 CH YAKEE IF ONLY. TR 20446601. 01-13-02
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Yakee A Dangerous Liaison - Yakee Musical Girl. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff., Cat Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: A Easdon & P Martin.
1/W/B/BW 15 DH CREW WIND ME UP AT THELDUN. TP 23643403. 07-17-01
/G3By Ch DH Crew Brand Of The Gator - Underwood's Rosie Posie. Pomeranians.
Owner: Betty Willis., Pataskala, OH 43062. Breeder: Hal E Webster.
JUDGE: Dr. Alvin W. Krause
B/G1 7 CH KC'S ARMED AND DANGEROUS. NP 01185601. 08-20-02
By Ch KC's Genteel's Aye Aye Captain - Ch KC's Pistol Packing Momma. Boston Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Susan & Ed Adams., Atlanta, GA 30327. Breeder: Karen Bogenholm.
B/G4 21 CH RLK MOOSE TRACKS T-TOWN CD. NM 87985001. 07-27-00
By Ch T-Town Boris's Gorgeous Gustav - RLK Holli Holly T-Town. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Lori & Ron Klopfenstein & Robert & Sandra Walter., Elida, OH 458071060. Breeder: Lori Klopfenstein & Ronald Klopfenstein.
B/G2 17 CH DAULOKKE'S NORDIQUE CROUTON. NP 03953201. 02-02-03
(Joe T. Caton, Agent).
By Ch Robobull Fabelhaft Xcelsior - Leibolls Praline. French Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Donna Cron & Kathy Mantych & James Dalton., Dayton, OH 45432. Breeder: Tove & Jorgen Rasmussen.
B/G3 17 CH SIGNET RIVERDANCE. PR 03199001. 12-22-01
(Ann Rairigh, Agent).
By Ch Aftermath It's About Time - Signet Status Symbol. Poodles (Standard). Dog.
Owner: Alice Giddy & Kevin Wood., Sambro, NSC, CN B3V 1E9. Breeder: Donna Wilson.
JUDGE: Mr. James E. Noe
B/G4 15 CH DEJA VU PURPLE HAZE. DL 82528303. 10-30-99
(Heidi A Spaeth, Agent).
By Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn - Ch Deja Vu Nine Inch Nails. Briards. Dog.
Owner: Diane Goldman., Alameda, CA 94502. Breeder: Terry Miller & Regina Keiter.
B/G3 11 CH THORNACRE STOLEN THUNDER. DL 88372001. 06-22-01
(Dona Williams, Agent).
By Wilshire Thornacre Showboat - Ch Overland Indian Summer. Collies (Rough). Dog.
Owner: Kim Stallings., Leitchfield, KY 42754. Breeder: Mary Ann Kunze.
B/G2 20 CH RAINBOW'S INSTANT KARMA. DL 86785306. 11-15-00
By Ch Capella's Midnight Blues - Westwend Rainbow Sprite. Collies (Smooth). Bitch.
Owner: Mary Doyle Pickett., Brazil, IN 47834. Breeder: Mary Doyle Pickett & Carol Fabeck.
By Ch Meridon Covewind Stock Broker - Oakcrest Integra Heaven Sent. Shetland Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Boyd W & Juanita E Smith., Elkhart, IN 46516. Breeder: Mark Lucas & Pamela Barnhart.

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