Medina Kennel Club, Inc. - Friday 12/16/05 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Jean Fournier
B/G1/BIS 37 CH DABNEY'S PHENOMENON. WS 03614714. 03-25-03
By Ch Eastwick's Meadow Monster - Ch Dabney's I Can't Wait!. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Linda C & John J Krukar., Easton, CT 06612. Breeder: Linda C & John J Krukar.
JUDGE: Mr. James R. White
1/R/BBBE 119 LAKESYDE GNP'S I'D LIKE TO THANK. SR 22504410. 11-24-04
/BBEG3By Ch Golden Pine Osprey Cuervo Gold - Ch Gold'N'Point Misletoe WL. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Cortney & Julie Corral., Wellington, OH 44090. Breeder: Vonnie Peterson & Cortney Corral.
B/G2 102 CH SNOWSHOE'S KISS FOR LUCK. SR 17294503. 05-24-04
(Mary Clegg, Agent).
By Ch Snowshoe's Girl Crazy CD JH - Snowshoe's Best Policy. Retrievers (Golden). Bitch.
Owner: Steve & Susan Schnarr., Invergrove Hgts, MN 55077. Breeder: Steve & Sue Schnarr.
1/W/BW/BBBE 28 BLU'STAR'S CLEAN SWEEP HAZEL. SR 09377801. 06-13-03
/BBEG2By Ch Blu'star My Dear Watson - Ch Blu'star Princess Daphne. Setters (English).
Owner: Jan Flaherty & Karen Garr., Chicago, IL 60638. Breeder: Jan Flaherty & Karen Garr.
B/G4 16 CH BEAUBRIAR'S EXPOSE' OF KINLOCH. SN 89787307. 01-07-02
By Ch Saxony's Snow In August - Ch Kintyre's Diva Of Kinloch. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: Robert Wickes DVM & Phil Booth., Troy, MI 48098. Breeder: Patty Cowie.
1/W/BW/OS 24 CARNABY PROMISE ME. SR 24258202. 07-23-04
/BBBE/BBEG4By Ch Brasswinds Ego Trip - Carnaby Cover Girl. Spaniels (English Cocker).
Owner: Ernest, Shirley & Kerri Brangers., Markham, CN L3P 3J3. Breeder: Ernest, Shirley & Kerri Brangers.
B/G1 27 CH FELICITY'S DIAMOND JIM. SN 75321403. 06-08-00
(Kellie Fitzgerald, Agent).
By Ch Telltale Davey Jones - Ch Rendition Autumn Fire Poppy. Spaniels (English Springer). Dog.
Owner: Teresa Patton., Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Breeder: Teresa Patton & Ruth Dehmel.
B/G3 70 CH ELGIN'S CARIAD ANAZTAZIA. SN 91253402. 05-28-02
By Ch Koppertone's Cariad Baratom CDX - Elgin's Sarah Rhiannon. Vizslas. Bitch.
Owner: Meg Farmer & Mike Farmer & Edwin Foster JR., Henderson, KY 424203522. Breeder: Edwin Foster JR.
1/W/BW/BBBE 40 CAMELOT'S THEY CALL THE WIND. SR 08409101. 04-26-03
/BBEG1By Camelot's Go For The Gold - Camelot's Sadie Hawkins. Weimaraners.
Owner: Susan Thomas., Ashaway, RI 028042511. Breeder: Mary Ellen Blake & Susan Thomas.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G1 33 CH TOPSFIELD BEETHOVEN. HM 99731803. 03-22-02
(Bryan Martin, Agent).
By Ch Topsfield Orion - Ch Topsfield Jingle Bells. Basset Hounds. Dog.
Owner: Claudia Orlandi & Claire K Steidel., Essex Junction, VT 05453. Breeder: Claudia Orlandi.
1/W/BW/BBBE 25 EAGLE RIDGE ORIGINAL SIN. HP 14534001. 02-22-05
/BBEG3By Ch Kayseas Cadbury Sky-Watch - Ch Eagle Ridge Elfin Magic. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In..
Owner: Penny Kretchmer & L Lloyd & Thomas Cochran., Ballston Spa, NY 12020. Breeder: Linda Lloyd & Penny Kretchmer.
1/W/B/BW 33 AURORAL'S AJAX. HP 12088402. 10-07-04
/BBBE/BBEG1By Ch Kyrov's Ever After - Auroral's Alyeska. Borzois.
Owner: Jon & Jennifer Steele., Hemlock, MI 48626. Breeder: Owners.
B/G3 32 CH DACHSMITH LOVE EUPHROSYNE. HM 98454104. 04-23-01
(Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).
By Ch Dachssmith Love Dionysis - Ch Dachsmith Loves Hebe Tyche. Dachshunds (Smooth). Bitch.
Owner: Iris C Love., New York, NY 10021. Breeder: Owner.
1/W/BW/BBBE 24 DAYBREAK'S AWESOME BLOSSOM W. HP 10971601. 07-14-04
/BBEG4By Ch Raydachs Great Balls Of Fire - Ch Daybreak's Painted Daisy W. Dachshunds (Wirehaired).
Owner: Deborah Krieg., Raymond, OH 43067. Breeder: Deborah Krieg.
B/G4 25 CH CAMELOT'S CODE RED. HM 99167803. 01-01-02
(Mr Michael Szabo, Agent).
By Ch Kimani's Blue Chip Image JH - Ch Camelot's Follow The Sun. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Dog.
Owner: Don & Betty Lou Wood & Clayton Heathcock., Simpsonville, SC 29681. Breeder: Clayton Heathcock & Cheri Headley.
B/G2 8 CH THISTLEGLEN MARGOT. HM 99372601. 11-19-01
(Lesley Anne Potts, Agent).
By Ch Thistleglen Leeds - Ch Fernhill's Thistleglen Tenille. Scottish Deerhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Jeanne T Frye & Pennyworth Kennels., Chardon, OH 44024. Breeder: Jeanne T Frye.
1/BBBE/BBEG2 24 SANCTUARY SPELLBINDER. HP 14084101. 01-02-05
By Ch Sanctuary Roquefort O'Shojin - Sanctuary Point oF Honor. Whippets.
Owner: Ray & Dee Vayda & M Leachman & P Keckonen., Hudson, MI 49247. Breeder: Michael Leachman & Paul Keckonen.
JUDGE: Mr. Whitney J. Coombs
B/G4 33 CH MT JOY'S FEAR THIS. WP 98809104. 08-08-00
(Timothy Thomas, Agent).
By Ch Regalia's American Emblem - Ch Regalia's All That Glitters. Akitas. Dog.
Owner: Margaret Salkind & Patricia Ellis., Mt Alto, WV 25264. Breeder: Patricia Ellis.
1/GSW 29 SNOQUEST KING OF LANDWOOD. WS 13442801. 06-09-05
(Tammy Szabo, Agent).
By Ch Winds Fury Jacob Trailblazer - Ch SnoQuest Worthmor Then Gold. Alaskan Malamutes.
Owner: Denis Ciappara Jr., Sussex, WI 530891207. Breeder: Andrea Young.
1/R/BBBE 27 SNO KLASSIC COLOR ME GONE. WS 09583402. 07-26-04
/BBEG2By Ch Sno Klassic Above The Rim - Ch Sno Klassic Slow Wet Kisses. Alaskan Malamutes.
Owner: Martin E Peel Jr & Patricia A Peel., Lennon, MI 48449. Breeder: Patricia A Peel & Martin E Peel Jr.
B/G2 53 CH HI-TECH'S BASIC EDITION. WP 97598101. 03-23-00
(Kimberly A Pastella-Calvacca, Agent).
By Ch Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton - Ch Hi-Tech's Limited Edition. Boxers. Dog.
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Myrna Kahlo., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Dr William & Zoila Truesdale & Kristy Hodolitz.
B/G1/BIS 37 CH DABNEY'S PHENOMENON. WS 03614714. 03-25-03
By Ch Eastwick's Meadow Monster - Ch Dabney's I Can't Wait!. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Linda C & John J Krukar., Easton, CT 06612. Breeder: Linda C & John J Krukar.
1/W/B/BBBE 8 MAUNA KEA'S ESSENCE OF TIME. WS 07360701. 02-13-04
/BBEG3By Ch Mauna Kea's Limited Release - Ch Mauna-Ederra's Double Trouble. Kuvaszok.
Owner: R Karen Barnes & Sue Thomas., Midland, MI 486412191. Breeder: R Karen Barnes & Sue Thomas.
1/W/BBBE 34 VALKYRIE'S WIND CHIMES. WS 06193208. 09-21-03
/BBEG1By Ch Wind Dancer Luke Of Valkyrie - Ch Valkyrie's A Puff Of Wind. Portuguese Water Dogs.
Owner: Julie W Parker., Erie, PA 16506. Breeder: Dana Kellerman & Julie Parker.
1/BBBE/BBEG4 10 ULTIMA THULE'S IONA. WS 07811802. 03-22-04
By Ch High Chateau's Alarich - Ultima Thule's Faith. St Bernards.
Owner: Doug & Mary Fisher., Marion, NY 14505. Breeder: Doug & Mary Fisher.
B/G3 50 CH KOOBEAR KAILA JUBILEE. WR 06488001. 01-14-01
By Alcintas Rave Review Of Foxfire - Kailas Spice Girl KooBear. Siberian Huskies. Bitch.
Owner: P Price & B House., Auburn, CA 95603. Breeder: D Hartig.
JUDGE: Mr. William Bergum (DECEASED)
1/W/OS/BBBE 16 KEYSTONE'S UPSCALE. RN 00318301. 04-05-02
/BBEG2By Ch Timberwyck Maximum Overdrive - Ch Keystone Brisline Quest For Camelot. Airedale Terriers.
Owner: Joyce Cravens., Matteson, IL 60443. Breeder: Joyce Cravens.
(Adam Bernardin, Agent).
By Ch M J Traymar's Auspicious Occasion - Ch Penaire Dallas Star. Airedale Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Jay L Atwood & Joan Clarke & William Clarke., Orford, NH 03777. Breeder: Joan M Clarke & William A Clarke.
B/G1 7 CH KEYSTONE HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU. RM 24585501. 06-08-98
(Christian P Berg, Agent).
By Ch Benmar's Macho Of Roadhouse - Ch Fraja EC Season Ticket. American Staffordshire Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Nicholas DiPasquale & Evelyn M Heath., Philadelphia, PA 19111. Breeder: Wayne Webster & Pamela Goldman.
1/R/BBBE 12 KERRY MIST'S FLORIAN FOREVER. RN 03038601. 07-19-03
/BBEG4By Ch Kerrymist's Willoughby O'Kieffe - Northernmist Midnight Blaze. Kerry Blue Terriers.
Owner: Tracy Campanella & Chris Friscone., Tallmadge, OH 44278. Breeder: Tracy Campanella & Chris Friscone.
1/W/BW/BBBE 7 JANORAS WORD PLAY . RN 07684501. 03-18-05
/BBEG1By Ch Janoras The Word Is Out - Ch Janoras Simply Irresistible. Norwich Terriers.
Owner: Norma Braun., Brooklyn, MI 49230. Breeder: Norma Braun.
B/G4 9 CH DEANSLEIGH INTERCEPTOR. RN 05307501. 09-07-01
(Peter J Green, Agent).
By Ragus Name Your Poison - Deansleigh Gale's Honey. Norwich Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Mrs Knowlton Reynders & Mr Gilbert S Kahn., Bedford Hills, NY 105072512. Breeder: Miss S Freeman & Miss H Lamb.
B/G3 15 CH LYNDY'S SORCERERS APPRENTICE . RM 36697701. 07-12-02
(Allison Corn Sunderman, Agent).
By Ch Sun Oak Sorcerer Of Colwyn - Ch Shaireab's Sweet Dreams. Welsh Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Lynn D Persyn & Nancy Jurban., Sumpter, MI 48111. Breeder: Lynn D Persyn.
By Ferritails Bearly An Angel - Ch Dannyboy's Ferritails Ms Zoey. West Highland White Terriers.
Owner: Cheryl Ferri & Sharon Schneider & Cathy Blacklock., Ligonier, PA 15658. Breeder: Cheryl Ferri & Sharon Schneider & Cathy Blacklock.
JUDGE: Mrs. Sue-Ellyn Rempel
1/R/BBBE 14 SOFTAIL WHERE EAGLES SOAR. TR 38236905. 06-02-05
/BBEG2By Ch Nauset Screamin' Eagle NAJ - Ch Crestars E Z Attraction HL OA AXJ. Chinese Cresteds.
Owner: Cheryl Dibert., Cranberry Township, PA 16066. Breeder: Cheryl Dibert.
B/G1 7 CH BACKROADS MAN ABOUT TOWN. TN 98455201. 12-22-99
(Karen Mammano, Agent).
By Ch Darbey's Something Black - Ch Backroads Truly Treasure. English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles). Dog.
Owner: Richard LeBeau & Dr Michael White., Pittsburg, PA 15233. Breeder: Susan Plance.
1/BBBE/BBEG3 30 DIMARE'S A LITTLE SPLASH OF RUM. TR 38101302. 03-23-05
By Ch DiMare Rum Runner Littleluv - Ch Littleluv's All That Glitters. Italian Greyhounds.
Owner: Deborah A Pupo., Brook Park, OH 441423657. Breeder: Deborah A Pupo & KH Holmes.
1/BBBE/BBEG4 9 NI KOKORO IMEJI SUGATA . TR 38549702. 06-01-05
By Ch Cher's Fabulous Illusion - Odessa's Nuuyra At Ni Kokoro. Japanese Chin.
Owner: Carla Jo Ryan & Thomas Ryan , Jr., Snow Camp, NC 273499589. Breeder: Carla Jo & Julia Kohutiak.
B/G4 20 CH BROADBAY JUMP SHOT. PR 03179802. 11-24-02
(Adriano Rocha, Agent).
By Ch Broad Bay Bet The Farm - Ch Broad Bay Piece Of My Heart. Poodles (Toy). Bitch.
Owner: Edith Altmeyer & J Harris & D Bernsen., Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Breeder: J Harris & D Bernsen.
(Barry Clothier, Agent).
By Ch Kendoric's Tokin Ticket - Maggy M. Pugs. Dog.
Owner: Carolyn Koch., Chapel Hill, NC 27517. Breeder: Robert & Carol Maguire.
/BBEG1By Thaibok Be My Valentino - Kelta's Karma Of Shente. Shih Tzu.
Owner: Margaret Brown., Ontario, CN L2S 3H4. Breeder: Margaret Brown.
B/G3 14 CH HALLMARK JOLEI JEZEBELL. TR 17433302. 08-19-03
(Luke Ehricht, Agent).
By Ch Hallmark Jolei Dreamworks - Ch Hallmark Jolei Tinkerbell. Shih Tzu. Bitch.
Owner: Gilbert S Kahn., Monclova, OH 43542. Breeder: Diane Ehricht.
JUDGE: Mrs. Judy English Murray
By Ch Sunwoods Simon Sez - Ch Omega Annalee Summer Night. Boston Terriers.
Owner: E Steranka & V Prater & V Seiler & J Harner., Barberton, OH 44203. Breeder: E Steranka & V Prater & V Seiler & J Harner.
B/G2 49 CH CHEROKEE LEGEND ROCK . NP 08424501. 11-19-04
By Ch Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse - Ch Empires Cleopatra. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Cody T Sickle & Connie Chambers., Oyster Bay Cove, NY 11791. Breeder: Faye Richardson.
1/W/BW/OS 34 ZDARS SOUTHERN COMFORT. NP 08304403. 01-07-05
/BBBE/BBEG2By Ch Tng N Zdars Hit Man - Ch HArmony Je Ne Sais Quio Cale. Dalmatians.
Owner: Cindy Riggans & Shannon Riggans., North Canton, OH 44626. Breeder: Jessicia Kemp Cindy Riggans Jan Nelson.
B/G1 35 CH DAULOKKE'S NORDIQUE CROUTON. NP 03953201. 02-02-03
(Joe T Caton, Agent).
By Ch Robobull Fabelhaft Xcelsior - Leibolls Praline. French Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Donna Cron & Kathy Mantych & James Dalton., Dayton, OH 45432. Breeder: Tove & Jorgen Rasmussen.
B/G4 21 CH NORTHWIND AS GOOD AS IT GETS. NM 88606801. 10-29-00
By Ch Raffles Sir Lancelot Du Lac - Ch Northwind Up Tempo. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Cindy Butsic., Greenville, MI 48838. Breeder: Kathy Jabara & Cindy Butsic.
B/G3 17 CH BIHAR IVYTREE'N MARSHVU LOUIE. NM 93278701. 03-21-02
(Greg O Strong, Agent).
By Ch Lionheart Loyal V Ivytree CD - Reeberrich The Infanta. Lowchen. Dog.
Owner: Donald & Pat Coller., Bloomington, IN 47401. Breeder: Carol A Strong & Carolyn Marzano & Linda Marshall.
/BBEG1/BBESBy Ch Ale Kai Miki Moto On Fifth - Ch Dassin Love The Dance. Poodles (Standard).
Owner: Ellen Charles & Joseph Vergnetti., Washington, DC 20007. Breeder: Joseph Vergnetti & Janet Lange.
1/W/BBBE 15 SNO-STORM'S REIGN AT TIJI. NP 08792701. 10-20-04
/BBEG4By Ch Tomi No Hisamitsu Go Gold Typhoon JP - Fanfair Riegel Angel At Sno-Storm. Shiba Inu.
Owner: Jim Harbert& Mary & Deanna Rotkowski & Tina Harbert., Columbia Station, OH 44028. Breeder: Mary & Deanna Rotkowski & Laura Payton & C Dennie.
JUDGE: Mrs. Donna J. Francis
/BBEG4By Ch Briarbrooks Silversmith - Ch Sunnyrains Summer Solstice. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Heather Moyer., Raymond, OH 43067. Breeder: Heather Moyer.
B/G4 55 CH CAITLAND ISLE TAKE A CHANCE NA NAJ. DL 88315601. 08-14-00
(Larry L Fenner, Agent).
By Ch Blue Isle's Sure I'm Famous - Ch Caitland Duece's Wild. Australian Shepherds. Dog.
Owner: Nancy Resetar., Royal Oaks, CA 95076. Breeder: Cathy Bishop.
1/W/BW/BBBE 36 WIGGLESWORTH WALK THIS WAY. DN 08925501. 08-17-04
/BBEG2By Ch Ragtyme Mister Cool HT - Ch Wigglesworth Dot Com. Bearded Collies.
Owner: Diane Lipman & Sharon Ipser & Jeff Ipser., Auburn, OH 44023. Breeder: Sharon Ipser&Jeff Ipser&Linda Thunstrom.
1/R/BBBE 29 QUICHE'S DEMETRIUS. DN 11665701. 06-18-04
/BBEG1By Ch Quiche's Some Like It Hot - Ch Quiche's Zena Warrior Princess. Bouviers des Flandres.
Owner: Elaine Paquette & Louise Paquette., Maidstone, CN N0R1K0. Breeder: Owners.
B/G3 18 CH DEJA VU PURPLE PEOPLE EATER. DL 80967901. 09-05-99
(Regina Keiter, Agent).
By Ch Deja Vu Instant Success - Ch Apopos Deja Vu Moon Unit. Briards. Bitch.
Owner: Lynn & Steve Bernard & Terry Miller., Tannersville, PA 18372. Breeder: Terry Miller.
1/R/BBBE 25 OVERLAND DREAM MERCHANT. DN 10880601. 05-16-05
/BBEG3By Ch Overland Field of Dreams - Ch Overland Three Times A Lady. Collies (Rough).
Owner: Marcy & Mike Fine., Mantua, OH 44255. Breeder: Marcy & Mike Fine & Gwen Means.
(Julie Desy, Agent).
By Ch Macdega Sausalito - Sunblest Shannara Sensation. Shetland Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: Alexandra Luhrs., Benton, PA 17814. Breeder: B & T Nieman & A Luhrs.
B/G2 7 CH KINGSBURY'S I'M HARRY P. DL 83283301. 04-25-00
(Sherri Samel Hurst, Agent).
By Ch Larchmonts Bogus - Ch Kingsbury Mirror Image. Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) OLD. Dog.
Owner: Jacque Schatz-Glenn., Raymore, MO 64083. Breeder: Jacque Schatz.

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